The 40th All Japan Guitar Concours, 2009

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

The 40th All Japan Guitar Concours were held from Aug.2 to Oct. 12, 2009 and that is specially featured in this issue. This concours is sponsored by Nippon Kyouiku Guitar Remmei <NKG> and International Guitar Orchestra Association <IGOA> (President: Hiroki Niibori), and this is a world’s exceptional, synthetic competition (11 departments in total) organized with solo, ensemble, guitar orchestra, conducting, arrangement, composition, education, guitar & mandolin, guitar manufacturing, key board guitar (Taisho-goto) and electric guitar.
Here, for this time, “Greetings” and “Finishing the judgments for this concours”, written by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, chairman of judge for this concours, will be briefly introduced. Studying method for music, now practiced in Niibori group, is written. We will be very happy when it was useful for your reference.

From the greetings of President Niibori carried on the program of The 40th All Japan Guitar Concours
Fulfilling my wish to continue this biggest concours, spreading over 11 departments, with supreme judges, in guitar society in the world, for 40 years, I would like to say thank you from bottom of my heart to all relating persons.
Hundreds of staffs for pre-selection festival ~ final selection, charming performers called overflowing audience, great numbers of high leveled teachers bringing them up, composers and arrangers writing original pieces for our concours for tens of years, workers continuing to record them for future generations,etc.
It will be only because of existence of big group continued to love and cultivate music and guitar that the miracle in 20th and 21st centuries exists.
Many people departed from here, and academic method completed here was recognized as “bringing up peaceful mind” in many countries to be awarded by NGO (The International Parliament for Peace Settlement) authorized by United Nations Committee on Disarmament and other countries.
The Orchestra of Niibori Method with full of harmony by “high pitched”, “medium” and “low” sound range has been continuing to attain success with all standing ovation in many countries in Europe, U.S.A.,South East Asia,etc. And all of students of middle and high school, and also general public practiced the most advanced learning method has been awarded higher prizes.
Then, how you can obtain such a level of performance in short period as to get all standing ovation at the international stages will be described here.
Conclusion became clear and it is “thoroughly study with right brain” = “thoroughly study with full use of DVD”.
Not beginning study first with musical scores (left brain), that is the study method starting first with image and sound = DVD (sense = right brain).
Practically using right brain, it is the best to understand the heart of composer, but following care must be necessary.
The decisive factor is selection of piece of music. Fully researched musical scores already reached hundreds of numbers. Selected DVD with level of performance worth the model of performance. Each one should see DVD first and memorize drama of superb performance to right brain before looking the musical score.
Any one, especially, beginner or having no experience of receiving higher prize, should avoid the loss as many people repeated mistakes by suddenly trying “done by no one yet” or “new trial”. It will be better entering level to enjoy music with all one’s heart utilizing effective learning method.
Then, following condition should be kept when you are replaying DVD.
Screen size should be more than 50 inches, and speakers should be set at left, right and back sides to closely resembling sound in a hall and to resound to whole body (especially for back bone). Thus, it will easily, comfortably enter into right brain.
“Beautiful sound”, of course it is beautiful for picking up only one, but “beautiful sound moving to tears (body becomes trembling)” is closely related to “sound to whole body in well balanced”. “Low pitched sound” will affect on waist, “medium” on back, and “high” on neck, thus, prime guitar for waist, alto guitar for back and N-Method Full Harmony with cembalo guitars and sopranino will sound up to neck with sound of up to 4000Hz. That is the sound giving great peace of mind. Peoples of many countries said “spring out peaceful mind”. That brought continuous winning prize of recognition in the world.
Today is the concours of people proceeding toward there. I am dreaming birth of great number of messengers after this concert in the age of mind, 21st century, with music.
I hope success of performances from bottom of my heart.

From the writing <Finishing the concours>
Summarizing “Advise for the next year”, I can firmly declare as “Study eye contacts”.
It can be clearly said by the fact of all higher prize winner groups having good “eye contact”.
To finish eye contact skillfully, the important factors are large number of performers, firmly unified for each part, left and right arm of conductor moving separately for sending signals and eye contacts going ahead. Fresh starting of each phrase will be decisive factor. Therefore, selecting musical score, the important point is to select a piece of music, pause being dealt carefully.
Next, the aim of composer,the outline = drama should be firmly sensed, and conductor for especially should understand it previously. Practically use the DVD.
The results will surely be obtained earlier.
To understand the drama of the pieces of music, as the same way for sentence, it is necessary to study first the punctuations of music = phrases, phrasing with singing, and understand the feeling of climax.
Finishing phrasing with singing (with abundant breathing), setting of tone (finishing organization of instruments) will be finished soon. Being aware of outline of drama, eye contacts from conductor will become sparkling. Sending back eye contact from performer being aware of it, the impression of audience seeing and feeling it will be deepened. That is the same for solo. Performing with thinking as conductor will be the way. More details will be explained at seminar and in this magazine. “Warm eye contact” will warmly “Harmonize” all and surely bring up “Peaceful mind”.

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