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Collection of Works (composition) of
Hiroki Niibori, CD = "Beautiful, Short Pieces
of Music", and N-Orch.'s International
Friendship Public Performance 2007 in Vienna, DVD, were put on sale!

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Beautiful, Short Pieces of Music CD
Precious CD and DVD were put on sale in this summer!
The first one is CD "Beautiful, Short Pieces of Music" composed by Hiroki Niibori.
This is a collection of short pieces of music for guitar solo and duet composed by Dr. Hiroki Niibori. Works in early stage were composed in about 40 years ago. At that time, there was almost no method, textbook, collection of pieces, instrument for children in Japanese guitar society. Then Dr. Niibori started to compose educational etudes (short pieces), possible to be played by children and beginners, enable to learn Segovia's way to play to get thick sound, the root of Niibori Method, high leveled musical expression with beautiful various kinds of tone and agogic, respecting traditional theme, even for short pieces. And those pieces were carried in several musical collections for many years. Those pieces were collected in this CD, "Beautiful, Short Pieces of Music".
Concerning to Dr. Niibori's composition, afterwards, for children's education, "Collection of Short Concerts (6 pieces in total)" assuming as children for soloists was completed, and those pieces were performed by many children, since Dr. Niibori's 3rd daughter was 5 years old, of course she also performed.
Also NRM composed for rhythm training pieces developed to player's opera = PLERA considering Japanese traditional arts and visual effects, and relatively early work "Song in Praise of SYAKA (NRM18-01)", and "NRM Symphonic Poem THE GOD OF SAI", said as compilation of NRM & PLERA, performed in overseas and praised highly.
Now the sound of N-Orch. is fully harmonized with additional instruments for guitars, however, Dr. Niibori says he never forget the original sound and his will to look for beautiful sound longing for maestro Segovia when he established Niibori Guitar Music School in 51 years ago. (1957)
Last year, a leading disciple of Segovia = Barbara, severe critic, heard N-Orch. public performance in Munich and instinctively shouted loudly from audience seat "Bravo! Bravo!", and she said "hearing Segovia's tone after a long time-----" to fill Dr. Niibori's heart with deep emotion.
This CD will be said to be containing the sound of origin of big success.
Mr. Mitsuaki Kubota wrote recommendation for this CD and an excerpt is shown below.

From the recommendation sentence for CD"Beautiful, Short Pieces of Music"
Bureau Chief of NKG (Nihon Kyouiku Guitar League) Mitsuaki Kubota
Inventor of "Niibori Method (abbr. N-Method)", loved in 27 countries in the world, said to be a Japanese born culture, Dr. Hiroki Niibori (Doctor of Arts, Ph.D.) composed and extremely useful for all people to learn N-Method, an epoch-making CD was released. And almost all piece of music being carried in text books occupying central position of educational curriculum of Niibori Guitar Music School such as "Collection of Alto Guitar Pieces by N-Method 1", "Joyful Guitar Text", "Book to produce Beautiful Sound" (epoch-making book showing the heart of sound with red arrow), "Collection of 50 Pieces of Music for Guitar Solo 1&2".
~ an omission (written about success of N-Orch. in Europe, 2007)~
Soprano Guitar with small lovely body having charming sound like orgel is very popular among ladies and children. Alto Guitar firmly established in the world sounding in to one's heart to heal with warm natural sound for everyone. Double stringed Cembalo Guitar having delicate sound but ensemble of them will show magnificent sound echoing in big church. Bass Guitar having manly sound like cero enables to play vibrato easily and suitable to bring up poetic mind. The most important feature of "Niibori-Method" is making everyone to perform these guitars immediately at will in solo and ensemble.
So, the class room applying this method will be bright and full of enthusiasm, and pieces of music to enjoy will be greatly widened. Then you will see orthodox sound of traditional Niibori Guitar Orchestra praised in the world. This CD will be an entrance to this wonderful impressive world.
Another feature is that all of recorded works are performed by selected teachers in Niibori Guitar Orchestra under the supervision of Dr. Hiroki Niibori, musical director.
And they were recorded with severe consideration to musical contents, of course, and every component of sounds. You will be able to enjoy beautiful mellow sound generated by playing method of apoyando and al aire with traditional touch = touch of finger tip tilted slantwise to left. And exquisite agogic (rhythm, tempo and expression supported by musical breathing) will give precious suggestions for leaders. These are invisible but they are great values of this CD.
It is quite natural that guitars sound most beautifully because these pieces of music was composed by Dr. Niibori, parent of N-Sound and founder of N-Method.
Among these pieces of music, some pieces performed with Prime guitar but you will find many of them sound beautifully when performed with Alto guitar, Soprano guitar, and Cembalo guitar. Even for duet with Alto guitar + Bass guitar, it will sound well with Double stringed alto cembalo guitar + Double stringed bass cembalo guitar, or Soprano guitar + Prime guitar. There are almost infinite combinations with thinking this way. Examples recorded in this CD are not absolute ones and you will be able to challenge many different way referring CD. Why don't you challenge new-sound-making, cooperating with teachers and students?
Many years ago when I was giving lessons in a class, I arranged "Little Thought", composed for Alto guitar, to Guitarron solo for a boy, 5th grade in primary school. The boy had the audacity to perform it at recital and Dr. Niibori praised it, I remember. Thus, the possibility will be infinite. The works of Dr. Niibori have simple melody-line and material of motif, and it is possible to arrange for each personality of student. This will be the most important matter at the actual spot of education, and entirely different educational effect will be obtained comparing to ordinal pieces performed as it is. You will be able to discover many wonderful combinations with fully utilizing all kinds of N-Method guitars. It is strongly recommended to use this CD with above mentioned text books and collection of pieces to present educational arrangements. The impressive world of N-Sound will surely spread.

CD "Beautiful, Short Pieces of Music" composed by Hiroki Niibori
Price 2,100 (with tax) separate freight

N-Orch.'s International Friendship Public Performance 2007 in Vienna DVD
Fans waited for eagerly! DVD, N-Orch.'s (Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra) public performance in Vienna in last year, was put on sale! The hall was, as reported before, sanctuary of music = Golden Hall in Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien! All 16 pieces of music such as works of Strauss with guitar orchestra conducted by Hiroki Niibori (Overture from Die Fledermaus, Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald), of course, NRM "GOJOU OOHASHI", not performed in Japan at N-Orch.'s 50th anniversary concert, Concert "The 3rd movement from Canzone di chiusura for guitar and strings" (S.Bodorova) and "Tango en Skai" (concert version)(R.Dyens), both performed with guest performer Mr. Masayuki Kato invited from Germany, and other jewelry pieces praised at 50th anniversary concert in Japan, and encore (Spanish Coffee, Recuerdos de la Alhambla, Radetzky Marsch) are recorded.

Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra 2007
Friendship Public Performance in Vienna DVD
Price 3,150 (with tax) separate freight

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