Guide to Niibori Guitar Ensemble <NE> Public Performance

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Niibori Guitar Ensemble = NE became to be talked much about in the guitar society in the world attaining big success with all standing ovation for guest performance at overseas' guitar festivals such as U.S.A. in 2005, Singapore in 2006, and Seoul, Korea in Niibori's 50th anniversary, 2007.
Moreover in last year, NE, actively working in domestic and overseas, performed in Munich and Musikferein•Golden Hall in Vienna and we are going to have NE recital on July 2 (Wed.) this year at "Minato-Mirai Hall" in Yokohama.
The first of all is for the conductor. 3 conductors from the member of NE played active part until last year, but for this time, only 1 conductor, Mr. Kazuyuki Terada, resulted wonderful achievements also in overseas public performances, will play. This is recommended & guaranteed by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, musical director & conductor of N-Orchestra! Having Mr. Masayuki Kato, performed with NE in Munich and Vienna in last year, as a guest performer and costarring in overseas public performance will be reenacted. Furthermore, concerts with flute, xylophone and guitarron, and new piece of music•new arrangement will be presented. All pieces of music is enjoyable and it will be joyful concert for NE fans of course, music•guitar lovers and first comers.
Almost all pieces of music could be performed by orthodox organization of guitar ensemble in N-Method and this concert will not to be missed by guitar ensemble players! Pieces of music are introduced below.
[Program of NE Public Performance]
1. The 2nd movement from Divertissements K.137
(composed by Mozart, arranged by NE)
Concert will be opened with refreshing piece by Mozart, after few years' interval. Please enjoy sound of pure guitar ensemble. NE left excellent performance for this also in the past as repertoire of NE. Technique of 1st alto guitar, of course, and 2nd alto guitar is worth seeing.
2. Concert for 2 flutes and thoroughbass, C-major
(comp. Vivaldi, arr. Hiroki Niibori)

Flute solo: Yuko Koshibe (solo.1) , Miki Yamamoto (solo.2)
This piece of music will be performable only by performers of 2 marvelous flutists and thoroughbass = bass guitar and cembalo guitar performers. You will be able to fully enjoy beautiful sound of 2nd movement especially performed with only flutes and thoroughbass. Flutists are Yuko Koshibe and Miki Yamamoto, costarred last year for Doppler's piece. Solo by perfect pair will be heard for this time also.
3. 12 variations on "Ah! vous dirai-je, Maman'' K.265 (comp. Mozart, arr. Yasuko Kuroda)
Performer : Cembalo Guitar Ensemble
This will be the first piece of music composed by Mozart for this ensemble usually performed pieces by Bach in the past. The theme of this variation is a French piece, popular in late 1700 in Europe, meaning "Daughter confiding her worry about love to her mother". Now, this piece of music became familiar also for children as piece of "Twinkling stars". Theme is familiar but many techniques, especially in Mozart's piece, will be worth seeing and variations heard next to next will be charming.
4. Tyrolean Gallop (Tyrolean folk song, arr. Mitsuaki Kubota & Hiroki Niibori)
Xylophone solo: Aya Ohtomo

This piece of music is joyful music of Tyrol district = Innsbruck. Members of NE are guitarists but many of them play other instruments very well and xylophone plays important part in this piece of music. Xylophone player is Aya Ohtomo, performed "Sakura variations" as a soloist with wonderful guitar technique at the last year's public performance in Europe. It is talked much about with expectations as "Same level as for guitar or exceeding?"
5. Guitarron Concert
From Nutcracker "March & Trepak" (comp. Tchaikovsky, arr. Naoto Shibayama)
Guitarron solo: Shigetsugu Tanaka

This concert fully utilizes guitarron, having somewhat funny sound, in spite of low musical interval instrument. Soloist is outstanding joyful performer in NE, Shigetsugu Tanaka, most popular performer at the last year's public performance in Korea! Please enjoy it.
6.Tango en Skai with ensemble (comp. Dyens, arr. NE)
Prime guitar solo: Masayuki Kato

2 pieces of music from here will be performed costarring with Mr. Masayuki Kato, reenacting the last year's public performance in Europe. This piece of music brought the name of R. Dyens very famous with that one work, and many people heard the piece as the piece of guitar solo. This time, the arrangement will not be the same as performed at last year's NE recital, and original "Tango en Skai" with string part arranged for guitar ensemble will be performed. Although it is short piece of music, you can enjoy full charms of guitar, not elegant and delicate, somewhat cowed and gloomy dance music.
7. The 3rd movement from Canzone di chiusura for guitars and strings (comp. Sylvie Bodoroba, arr. NE)
Prime guitar solo: Masayuki Kato

This piece of music was composed by Sylvie Bodoroba, composer, born in Czech in 1954.
Bodoroba won international composer contest in Manheim, Czech Broadcast Station etc. She won high reputation and counted 1 in 4 composers in Czech, composing and publishing requested pieces of music from numerous famous music festivals in Germany, Czech, France, America and so on. This piece of music was performed with Masayuki Kato and Czech Virtuosi Orchestra in 2000 Czech Music Festival and 2004 concert tour in Germany. This piece is a musical masterpiece with noble styled, vivid irregular time, and full of poetic feeling.
8. Les Jambes from Suite Contatosu (comp. P. Bellinati, arr. Tetsurou Ihara & DANROKU)
Performer : DANROKU (Niibori Guitar Men's Sextet)

Fully rhythmic, sharp DANROKU is a very popular group. Bellinati's works = "Jongo", "Baiao de Gude", arranged from guitar solo pieces, performed by them won high reputation and the piece of music, fans waited for eagerly, will be performed for this year!
9. Au Bord de la Riviere~A Comme Amour (comp. Seneville & Toussaint, arr. Hideaki Kobayashi)
Performer : Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet

It has been long time since 1993 regular members of ladies' quartet perform at big public performance. This piece has beautiful sound & arrangement and you will feel the strength of women's emotion in elegant sound. Arranger is Mr. Hideaki Kobayashi familiar arranger for ladies' quartet. It is said to be a little bit renewed as 2008 issue for this time.
10. Escualo (comp. Piazzolla, arr. Masatoshi Taruishi & NE)
This piece was performed at the public performance in Poland, 2002, and obtained good reputation. This piece is a work of maestro Astor Piazzolla combining, it can be said, hard rhythm of tango with classical•contemporary music. Piazzolla is said to be having hobby of shark fishing-----. It is powerful, eccentric, and charming only by flute & NE.
11. Pastoral ~ Sky, Cloud & Wind~ (comp. Kengo Momose)
This is an original piece by Mr. Kengo Momose. This piece of work is possibly accomplished only in Japan making you think of sound of Japanese KOTO at introduction and last part of the piece. As a whole, this piece of music has distressed, warm and tender impression, and it will make you think of imaging beautiful nature you see in daily life and recall memory in your childhood. This piece won top prize in Composing Department of All Japan Guitar Concours (Musical score was described in Harmony, April issue of this year) and it will be premiere performance as NE version with partly revised by composer.

And, encore for NE Public Performance ----. Please look forward on the day.

[NE Public Performance]
July 2 (Wed.) curtain rise: 19:00 at Yokohama Minato-Mirai Hall (small)
Conductor: Mr. Kazuyuki Terada , Guest performer: Mr. Masayuki Kato
All seat reserved S seat 4,500yen , A seat 3,500yen

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