From the Greetings of President Niibori sent to N-School Graduation Concert

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

N-School is specially featured in this issue. N-School is a generic name of vocational colleges of guitar, and all of them were established by Dr. Hiroki Niibori (Ph.D), working as the president for all of them. N-School is consisted of Educational Foundation•Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu- School=S-School), Educational Foundation•International Niibori Guitar Music Academy Fujisawa Campus (F-School) and Foundation•International Niibori Guitar Music Academy Tokyo Campus (T-School). The generic name for all is N-School.
Special Course corresponding to college, High School Course corresponding to high school and Night School Course = 2nd department are provided.
N-School has been introduced for many times in Harmony and new readers will be suggested to visit the home page of Niibori Guitar = Niibori Guitar World (English page is also available).
"Evening of Concerts by New Faces" is the graduation concert of N-School. Performing solo or ensemble is needed for High School graduates and solo in concert is needed for Special Course graduates.
"Presented Words" written by President Niibori for graduation concert is introduced here for this time.

<From "Presented Words" of President Hiroki Niibori for 2008 N-School Graduates>
4 treasures
I am going to give 4 irreplaceable treasures to you starting into angry waves of life. Yes, I already gave you. You should make sure of them again.
The treasures are "power of highest quality in the world", admitted with all standing ovation by peoples in the city of music.
The 1st one is "capability of memorizing musical scores". That is not to memorize musical notes with left brain and it means the capability of sensing heart of musical piece = life (rhythm) with right brain.
The 2nd one is "colorful expression". The members of Niibori Guitar Orchestra sometimes wear Japanese racial clothing as HAORI-HAKAMA (Japanese KIMONO with long pleated skirt) and FURISODE (Japanese long sleeved KIMONO for girls) to express Japanese traditional music, and in other cases, they perform pre-classical music gorgeously with ensemble using cembalo guitars of each sound range, men's sextet expresses energetic sharpness, ladies' ensemble expresses romantic feeling, and big organization with 130 members performs wide variety of pieces such as original modern pieces, traditional (classical) pieces and Strauss, singing delight of life, with wide variety of conductors coming up on stage, thus the all program is joyful and not to be tired of.
The 3rd one is "NRM" (Niibori Rhythm Method), indigenous to us. Wide variety of rhythm originated by tapping the body of 27 kinds of guitar, sized small, medium to big, using 10 fingers exquisitely is very important field. All of you are very lucky musicians approved to play this peculiar performance.
You will be surely able to attract audience by using this method.
The 4th one is "capability of upbringing". Niibori Guitar Orchestra = N-Method, receiving standing ovation form audience in the world, is showing maximum power of capability to bring up successors. It will become possible to realize utopia of "world-wide family", cooperating with peoples in the world who learned N-Method.
I hope you, starting vigorously this evening, continuously cultivate peaceful mind, every day, fully utilizing these "treasures". I, representing all members sending you out, will give you supreme treasures surely, again.
Congratulations on graduation!

"Presented Words" of President Niibori is described above.
Now, "treasures", being proud of in the world, are written above, and there are continuations, as written on "view point" by Dr. Niibori in issues of last and this month. There are 18 items in total. Brief introduction is shown below.
<Splendid fields (treasures), N-Group is proud of in the world 5th to 18th>
Highly advanced "Academic field". N-Method was awarded grand prix from World Scientific Council.
"Vocational Colleges" of educational foundation are established. Nationally approved vocational college specialized in guitar is very rare in Japan. (Perhaps only one in classical guitar school----)
"Number of guitar class rooms" Class rooms of N-Method guitar are opened in Japan and overseas, and total number will be the most.
"Number of conductors" & "Number of ensembles" All teachers of N-Method learnt conducting orchestra and almost all teachers have ensemble (ensemble and orchestra) conducted by himself (herself). That will be the most.
"Number of students" Each class room of N-Method has many students and it is possible to organize ensembles by volunteers. And there are many classrooms of such scale.
"Number and quality of classical guitars" Niibori-Group is a team managed by guitarists = professionals in guitar. Having many students, many instruments in high quality are necessary and judgment (incoming inspection) becomes more severe, thus world's famous selected instruments come together.
"Number of technical books for guitar" More than 60 kinds of technical books has been published as collections of pieces of music and text books only in N-Method, special scientific books and essays, including Guitar Orchestra, Ensemble with guitars of each sound range, NRM collections, Alto Guitar Text, and so on.
"Originality" All of the fields such as Guitars of each sound range (27 kinds), compositions and arranging, notation, NRM, stage directions, programming, and others, are full of originality. The organization itself is unique.
"Exclusive event salons, studios and halls" Fujisawa campus of N-School, as an example, have many studio and live house. Each campus has original studios and salons. Many district class rooms of Niibori Guitar have concert salons.
"Number of professional ensemble" Niibori-Group is a group of musicians. Many specialists in music, guitar as central point, are gathered. Therefore, it is possible to organize and perform in many kinds of group such as guitar orchestra in big organization, ensemble, band, and many kinds of unit.
"Team managed by musicians in all aspects" All of following aspects such as vocational colleges in educational foundation, Niibori Guitar Academy Co.Ltd., Niibori Guitar Music Schools, Niibori Musical Instruments (manufacture, sales, export, import), Publication, Planning, Management, CD&DVD manufacturing, accounting, and reception, is managed by musicians.
"Power of brand" in guitar Niibori brand obtained many reliance in domestic and overseas area and peoples seeking name of "Niibori brand" are increasing.
"Having Big Dream beyond the Performance in full of impression" Guitar orchestra in full of harmony brings up "peaceful mind". We are acting toward the dream of "World-wide family".

Above items are described in detail.

Now, the affairs of N-School Graduation Concert = "Evening of Concerts by New Faces" and Graduation Ceremony of N-School are described with snap shots after page 10.
Many concerts for this time in concerts with solos of prime guitar, of course, guitars of each sound range in N-Method, electric guitars, vocals, and drums were presented.
Special feature articles reporting each campus are recommended to read.
N-School is recruiting foreign students also. There are some limitations for foreign students. Japanese language is used in lessons and "certification of Japanese language school record" or "qualification above 2nd grade certification of official Japanese language" is necessary. They should have "visa for foreign student". Please ask us for details.

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