Regular concert transcending wall of genre
N-Schools' Spring Anniversary Concert 2008

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

The vocational colleges in guitar (music), Dr. Hiroki Niibori is the president, = Educational Foundation Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu campus), Educational Foundation International Niibori Music Academy (Fujisawa campus), and Foundation International Niibori Music Academy (Tokyo campus), all of these 3 campuses are called as N-School in generic name.

In Fujisawa and Izu campuses (Niibori Educational Institution), having professional course, corresponding to college, and high school course, many students are trying for professionals in music. Also these campuses have night schools = the 2nd department and many kinds of students, some of them are working in daytime and some others are students of other schools, are learning.

These 3 schools have each feature and selected students from these schools (many times of audition were held since autumn of previous year) perform solo, ensemble, guitar orchestra of each school and joint orchestra at the regular concert held in every spring.

The concert for this year was held at Kamakura Geijutukan, in Kanagawa prefecture, on Feb. 9 (Sat.).

The hall was filled to the capacity and strictly selected 25 pieces of music were performed at the concert taking more than 3 hours.

Now, N-School has departments of classical guitar, electric guitar, piano, flute, vocal music, drum, manufacturing musical instruments and others. Originally, department of classical guitar was the center of the school and solo,ensemble with classical guitars (although, not only for prime guitar but also fully utilizing N-Method guitars of each sound range) and guitar orchestras were presented at the regular concert. But, now, many new resources and ideas of students, next by next, such as performing electric guitars, of course, (including Niibori's original alto electric guitars and bass electric guitars), wind instruments, many kinds of percussions and tap dance are being presented at the concert.

All students are learning classical guitar and it is unchanged. This will be very rare case in musical colleges in the world.

This time, the affairs of the regular concert are introduced on and after page 8 in this issue, and here, "Greetings" of Dr. Niibori, president, on this concert is introduced.

<From "Greetings" on the program of N-School's regular concert by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, president>
More than 90% of the member of our Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.), led the most high leveled audience to all standing ovation at Wien Musikfereinsaal•golden hall in the most prominent city in music, are teachers learned fully at the educational foundation•Niibori Educational Institution (N-School), trained to have capability to perform showing what they could do at the international stages.

There will be no other musical college in the world producing simultaneously so many high leveled musicians and I have been hit by barrage of questions as "how did you bring up?" at every place in the world.

Not only professional teachers but also performance by students in Stuttgart, Germany, Bach played an active part, in Esslingen, in Feuerbach, in Schwabisch-Gmund resulted in great success with all standing ovation.

Especially for public performances by N-Orch. in Munich and Vienna, N-Orch. was praised as "it will be equal to world's best orchestra including Wien Philharmonic Orchestra or it will be better!"

Wien Phil. is said to be "No. 1 in the world in capability to memorize scores". We exceeded them. Next, sharp DANROKU dressed in black, Ladies' Quartet expressing romantic dream, and men wearing HAORI-HAKAMA (Japanese KIMONO with long pleated skirt), sometimes with TASUKI (tie back sleeves with cord), happi coat, women wearing fascinatingly elegant style with FURISODE (long sleeved Japanese Kimono) walking properly for the piece of music of traditional Japanese piece to express exquisite world. Of course, program includes pieces of middle ages to classical period, modern times and present age, and originals.

These pieces are performed next by next in solo, ensemble and concert, not to be tired to hear. It is world's best "orchestra performing colorful expression".

Furthermore, we haveÅuNRMÅv(Niibori Rhythm Method), no others have. All 27 kinds of guitar, I developed, were successfully put into actual use, and we can perform marvelous drum (percussion) orchestra by knocking bodies of these small, middle and big sized guitars. We can change sound quality widely by changing knocking points (front, back and side surfaces) of guitars, different from general drums. By changing form of hands (fist, palm, finger tip, nail etc.) to knock the body of guitar, and combining them, tremendous kinds of sound will be generated to perform limitless art. I announced this specific method in the world in 1988 and won grand prix in arts and science (Niibori Method won grand prix from World Scientific Council in 1995).

First year students, their first appearance on the stage, and of course upperclassmen are all students learning systematically these contents of world's No.1. Please give your warm hand claps for your son, daughter, friend, acquaintance, perhaps your parents or grandparents (students of above age of 70 are learning in 2nd department), grown up surprisingly in spirit and skill in short period. And in next year, let us go up on stage together. It is said to be "Man's life is a trip to enjoy bright evolution".

The sentence by Dr. Niibori, president, is shown above. International Niibori Music Academy is accepting foreign students.

'Joyful Guitar Text'(written and edited by Hiroki Niibori) DVD was completed!

DVD of beginner's text =Joyful Guitar Text was completed! Details will be introduced in this corner soon.

Now, text books in Niibori Method and music collections produced as CD &DVD are "Rock Guitar Text" =DVD, "New, Contemporary Guitar Text"=CD, "Famous music selection of Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet 1"=CD.

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