Commemorating 50th year since Niibori Guitar was established
Public performances 2008 in Europe (Munich & Vienna) by "Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.)" resulted in great success!

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

As already reported in January issue, N-Orch. public performances in Munich, Germany on last Nov. 17, and in Austria, Vienna, big hall of Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien on Nov. 19, both resulted in great success with standing ovation. Especially the success at traditional Wien Musikfereinsaal became big topic and now we are still hearing so many voices of appraisal from the world after celebrating New Year. Mr. Masayuki Kato, worked as on-the-spot director for the public performances of this time, also played as soloist for concert, sent his message for the public performances of this time in Dec., and it is introduced here.

50th anniversary since the establishment of Niibori Guitar Music School, commemorative public performances in Germany & Austria
50th anniversary of N-Orch., Public Performances in Germany & Austria, Director / Guitarist: Masayuki Kato
On some day, 2 weeks after commemorative and impressive concert closed with 4 encore pieces of music, resulted in great success with all standing ovation by full of audience at "Germering City Hall", Munich, and "Musikfereinsaal", Vienna, when I came back to Munich, I received a FAX from a German. It was sent from famous manufacturer of Gear (string winder), Mr. Reischel. The FAX was written as follows.

"I would like to express my appreciation from bottom of my heart for the public performance by Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra in Munich. That was very impressive experience for me and my family. Even now I can feel like hearing the sound of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra. It is unforgettable for me.
Please send my affectionate greetings to all members of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra. Music moves the world!
May worlds in peace! (written in English and others in German) Gear manufacturer, Germany, Reischel"

After sending this FAX to me, Mr. Reischel called me on the phone for 30 minutes earnestly appealing how he was moved. The sound of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra, exceeding far beyond their expectation, paid careful attention for sound making, highly completed, did not feel weak point of guitar, plucked string instruments giving diminishing sound, for audience.
Thoroughgoing performance would come next. The concert gave strong joyful feeling of performing music, with supreme ability of ensemble and accompanying sound.
Although it was a long concert (with 30 minutes performance of Zupf Orchestra before Niibori), audience did not feel so long with insatiable programming and performance including 4 pieces of music for encore, and he could not find words to express how he was moved. He was looking forward to having next chance to come. He sent his best wishes for all of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra.
I just moved to Munich and not acclimated, same as Vienna, but 30 members of sports club, I just joined, came to the concert. All of them, including classical music fans went many times to concerts, and first comers for guitar and concert, told me same impressions as Mr. Reischel. Mr. Reischel's FAX seemed to represent voices of all audience.

By the way, a German carefully watched all of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra from the rehearsal.
He was impressed by many points as:
All of members were marvelously courteous.
All of members seemed to have spirit as famous saying, "all for one, one for all".
Dr. Niibori, professors and all of members were modest.
All of them looked for points to improve carefully and continuously even just before performance.
The relation among Dr. Niibori, professors and members were tied up with deep respect and strong trust.

There is a different social affairs between Germany (Europe) and Japan. It is just the same way as doing business, Germans way is to determine idea, direction and method by leaders and order to work in the corresponding department and Japanese way is to exchange opinions freely and leaders summarize and lead the work. The German, operating a company, said that he could understand clearly those affairs with watching exchange between Dr. Hiroki Niibori (Musical Director of N-Orch. & Conductor) and members of orchestra.

At the closing time of concert in Munich (on Nov. 17 at the concert hall), Mr. Wildner, Hauser Foundation, said at his greetings that he was moved so much by the concert, he realized again of guitar, splendid instrument, and he would like to take Niibori-Method into educational curriculum in Europe.
Mr. Hauser, guitar manufacturer, came with all of his family and told wonderful concert, Ms. Illner, representative of UNICEF Munich, celebrated success of the concert and excited by guitar orchestra for her first time to hear, and Ms. Barbara Polasek, guitarist, a disciple of maestro A. Segovia and always criticize severely, said she moved so much and "it's me shouted biggest BRAVO" in her greetings.
I had phone call also in this morning from a guitar teacher in Nurnberg appealing the big effect of concert, saying "students are talking about the concert of N-Orch. still now".
Great conductor Karl Bohm said "I hate sentimentalism" and afterwards he said also "Music from mind to shape, and to heart". Music originates from mind, sent from heart through shape of sound and reaches to other one's heart. I, during the concerts of this time, became aware of that is heart, not technique, to move people.

Providing pure state of spirit, numerous careful preparations, programming, each one's limitless polishing up of technique for performance, detailed tremendous amount of works to make ensemble by all of members, thoroughly worked out performance to entertain audience, and concentrating to perform to unite with audience's heart, then audience will be moved from heart.

Many impressions were borne in the concerts of this time.
"I had goose pimples for the first time at guitar concert" (Mr. Reischel said.)
"I have nothing more joyful and more touching experience."(Ms. Illner)

These 2 concerts in Munich and Vienna were not only the commemorating concert for Niibori Guitar Orchestra but also the meaningful events for guitar society in Germany and Austria.
For the next concert by Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra in a few years later, audience for this time will mobilize many new audiences with them. As many peoples in various cities already informed of the big success of 2 concerts in Munich and Vienna, the audience for this time came from within 2Å`300 km and the circle will be expanded to more wide area for the next time.

The concert introducing excellent performers (Solo & Ensemble) of Niibori Guitar to Germany will be started from this autumn. Concerts will be held at splendid church of Rococo styled building in central area of Munich and now negotiating.

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