@Monthly Harmony in 2007

January Zoom up corner special "Impressive events of Niibori Group in 2006"
New Year's Greetings of president, Dr. Hiroki Niibori
New Year's Greetings from the faculty
New Year's Greetings from friends in and out of Japan
New Year's Greetings from staff all over Japan
New Year's Greetings from guitar orchestras
Dream Box
February Big success of Niibori Guitar Ensemble Public Performance in Singapore!!
The 42nd Niibori Guitar Candle Concert (charity event)
[Music Score] 'Kaze no Tabi-bito (Traveler of Wind)' (Guide: Toshinori Sugihara)
Special Topics for This Month in English
March Joint Concert with Niibori Guitar Orchestra B-group & Taichung-city Children's Guitar Orchestra
New Year Concerts & New Year Lives by students 2007
Make a global start!! A general meeting of IGOA & NKG

[Music Score] Nakayoshi(means Close friend) Etude No.1 (Guide: Shigetsugu Tanaka)
Special Topics for This Month in English
[Review] International Niibori Music Academy Anniversary Spring Concert 2007

[Music Score] 'SPRING' from Four seasons in Japan by baroque style (Guide: Kiyomi Niibori)
Special Topics for This Month in English
May {Special Feature} This is the guitar academy for the 21st century!
Introduction to the 3 campuses
They're the new stars graduated N-academy this year!
Discussion by students of N-academy
Message from the graduates
[Music Score]The 2nd movement 'SAKURA SAKURA',
'SPRING' from Four Seasons in Japan by Baroque style.
Special Topics for This Month in English
June {Special Feature}"Niibori Method Original Guitars"
Why does a good guitar promote rapid progression?, Which is your BEST guitar for YOU!, Our recommended guitars, 'My precious guitar enriched my life!' , Q&A, How to enjoy and select Niibori Method original guitars
N-academy Entrance Ceremony, dedicated to the messengers of touching music in the brilliant future.
[Music Score]"Alla Hornpipe" from Water Music (Guide: Kiyomi Niibori)
Special Topics for This Month in English
July Municipal exchange project commemorating 25th year of friendly town affiliation between Maizuru and Dalian,"Joint Guitar Concert of China and Japan"
Guide for the books of Niibori method No.42,"A Nourishment for Your Soul"

[Music Score]"Flowers festival" (Guide: Reiko Arima)
Special Topics for This Month in English
August "Guitaristus Nippon" recital 2007 in Yokohama
Wonderful skill of concert fascinated audience enthusiastically! NE Public Performance 2007
Special lecture by Dr.Hiroki Niibori 2007 "Mastering Method to Enjoy Music"
The 98th Niibori Guitar Music School Recital
Highlights of Niibori Guitar Orchestra Concert 2007

[Music Score]"Home sweet home" in Baroque Style (Guide: Kiyomi Niibori)
Special Topics for This Month in English
Greetings from Dr. Hiroki Niibori
Program of the concert & program notes
Profiles of Dr. Niibori, the originator of the guitar orchestra
Introduction of conductors and soloists
Profile of the Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra
Member list
October All Japan Junior & Senior School Guitar Festival
The Izu International Guitar Festival & Summer School
Niibori Guitar Ensemble <NE> is invited to Seoul International Guitar Festival!!

[Music Score]"Londonderry Air" in Baroque Style (Guide: Kiyomi Niibori)
Special Topics for This Month in English
The Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra Public Performance 2007
All Japan Conducting Seminar in Autumn 2007
Highlights of the 43rd Niibori Guitar Christmas Concert
[Music Score] "London Bridge" in Baroque Style (Guide: Kiyomi Niibori)
Special Topics for This Month in English
December All Japan Guitar Concours '07

Big success with excited standing ovation!! Public performance by Niibori Guitar Ensemble in Korea, and Korean & Japanese Joint Guitar Orchestra with 200 members was realized.
Ms.Amaria Ramirez and Mr.Shirou Arai(president of JGA) visited Headquarters of Niibori Guitar.
Hot decisive battle of "Art & Technique" with excited cheers!! Live Energy 2007

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