Commemorating 50 years since the first establishment of Niibori Guitar

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Guide to Public Performance 2007 of "Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.)"
50 years has passed since the first establishment of Niibori Guitar Music School as reported before.
We deeply appreciate kind support from all of you. In this memorial year of 2007, "Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.) is planning to have big public performances at home and abroad, commemorating a half century since the first organization. In Japan, public performances will be held at Japanese eminent hall, "Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall (Takemitsu Memorial)", on both of Sep. 22(Sat.) and 23(Sun.). Good will public performances in overseas will be opened on Nov. 17(Sat.) at city hall of Munich, Germany, "Germering", and on Nov. 19(Mon.) at Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna = Musikverein "Golden Hall", famous for New Year Concert of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra! We are going to send full of sound of peace to the world. (Now tickets are on sale with support of Cities of Munich and Vienna.) We are looking forward to these public performances in overseas. For this time, the memorial public performance in Sep. in Japan is introduced here.

The first day (9/22) will be opened with Handel's "Gavotte" = the theme music of N-Orch. conducted by Toshio Matsumoto, the first concert master of N-Orch. Mr. Toshio Matsumoto was a live-in student at Dr. Niibori's home since early times of small class of Niibori Guitar Music School and he worked as concert master and soloist of concerts at that time (1960s). After retiring concert master, he has worked as professor of vocational college and has brought up many excellent next generations. He also cooperated with Dr. Niibori to develop alto guitar, now became popular instrument, and it is impossible to tell history of N-Orch. without him. And he is bringing up next generations now as a professor emeritus. It will be suitable to decorate the opening of concert.

Many teachers, paying their effort to spread N-Method & Guitar Orchestra, as presidents of independent, brand classes, will appear on stage. Mr. Satoshi Sakamoto (President of Nara Niibori Guitar Music School and chairman of "Guitaristus Nippon"), as a veteran, will play solo of "Las Cantigas de Santa Maria". Mr. Tomonori Hayashi (Takadanobaba Niibori Guitar) will play "La Tempesta di Mare"(Vivaldi), and Mr. Toshinori Sugihara (Shibuya Niibori Guitar) will conduct his original piece "Travelers of Wind". "Travelers of Wind" is a piece like folklore and enjoyable piece with folklore instruments = charango, quena, sampona, bombo and "melody pipe" sounding like wind.

Of course, teachers in head quarters will appear on stage next by next. "Guitar Concert No.1"(Tedesco) with Hiromu Taguchi's solo conducted by Kazuhiro Komatsuzaki and "Danza del molinero andSpanish Dance"(Falla) conducted by Kazuyuki Terada will be worth seeing for classical guitar fans.

Young players, leaders in future, will appear on stage also. Emiko Watanabe will conduct "OKA WO KOETE" (composed by Masao Koga, adapted by Kengo Momose). Electric Guitar Unit, SU.E.Q. will perform "Night of meteor Leo", one of the most popular repertoire and Ladies' Guitar Ensemble "SAINERIA" will perform "Espana Waltz" (original is Chabrier's Rhapsody "Spain"). Cembalo Guitar Ensemble and DANROKU (Men's sextet), both became very popular, will perform different pieces of music for each of 2 days. Cembalo Guitar Ensemble will play Bach's music for 2 days, the 1st day will be "Overture from Orchestral Suite No.3" and the 2nd day will be famous guitar solo piece "Prelude from Lute's Suite No.4". And DANROKU will play the piece of death metal band HELLOWEEN "Where The Rain Grows" and "Jongo" (Bellinati), to be said as hit number of DANROKU.

Dr. Hiroki Niibori, the founder, will take baton on the 2nd day. Favorite "Overture from Der Fledermaus" and "Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald" (Strauss) will be presented. These pieces of music will be performed in Munich and in Vienna, home of Strauss, so that conductor and orchestra are in full of spirit! You will be possible to enjoy the most marvelous performance.

NE (Niibori Guitar Ensemble), invited also in this year to guitar festival in overseas (Seoul in Oct.), will perform "Tango en skai" (Dyens) in concert style (solo by Hiromu Taguchi) conducted by Naoto Shibayama and "Flute Concert No.2" (Mozart) with flute solo by Yuko Koshibe conducted by Kazuyuki Terada. Both of soloists are excellent, obtained maximum hand claps of audience for "Tango en skai" at NE public performance in July and for "Flute Concert" at public performance in USA. Please look forward to the performance.

Special performance only in memorial concert will continue. "Piano Concert No.23" (Mozart) with piano solo by Marie Matayoshi conducted by pianist Satoshi Omiya and "All Movements of Concert in D-major" (Vivaldi) with solo group of teachers from many districts in Japan will be highlights! And a veteran Mitsuaki Kubota will take baton at the opening piece "O Sole Mio and Ciribiribin in Baloque Style" on the 2nd day. Kyoko Momose, top conductress, will conduct "Rain, Fantasia of Water and Light" (Kengo Momose), going to perform in overseas public performance. Realistic sound of rain only by guitars (NRM) is talked much about. Ladies' Quartet, full of beautiful sound and harmony only by guitars, will perform "Begin The Beguine and Coeur Fragile" in refreshing and romantic atmosphere.

These concerts were planned to keep 50th anniversary concert of Niibori Guitar in your mind. Do not miss if you are in Japan!

Memorial party will be prepared after the concert on the 2nd day. We hope the day will become a splendid day for all of audience and for us also.

Readers in Europe! We are looking forward to meeting you at the public performances in Europe!

Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra's Public Performance 2007
Place: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall "Takemitsu Memorial"
The 1st day Sept. 22 (Sat.), 2007 Curtain rises at 19:00
SS seat 10,000yen / S seat 8,000yen A seat 6,000yen
B seat 4,000yen Student seat 2,000yen
The 2nd day Sept. 23 (Sun.), 2007 Curtain rises at 13:30
SS seat 12,000yen S seat 10,000yen A seat 8,000yen
B seat 5,000yen Student seat 3,000yen
Common ticket for 2 days SS seat 20,000yen S seat 16,000yen A seat 13,000yen
[Memorial Party] Sept. 23 (Sun.), 2007 18:00 open
Place: Keio Plaza Hotel "Eminence Hall" fee 15,000yen

[Munich] Nov. 17 (Sat.), 2007 Curtain rises at 19:30
Place: Stadthalle Germering
Category (1) 20 Euros Category(2) 15 Euros Category(3) 12 Euros
Ask tickets: SW Kartensevice Tel.0049-(0)89-8949013
Muenchen Ticket Tel.0049-(0)180-54818181
[Vienna] Nov. 19 (Mon.), 2007 Curtain rises at 19:30
Place : Gesellschaft Der Musikfreunde in Wien
Category(1) 18 Euros Category(2) 15 Euros
Category(3) 12 Euros Standing 5 Euros
Ask tickets: Kartenburo Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde Tel.0043 1 505 81 90 32
Wien Ticket Tel. 0043 1 58885 www.

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