What is Niibori (N) Method?

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

"Niibori (N) Method" is introduced here for this time.
Niibori Method is consisted of Scientific aspect‚ and Ideological aspect.

Scientific aspect
It is consisted of following 5 fields.
#1 Field of musical score
#2 Field of way of performing
#3 Field of musical instruments
#4 Field of education
#5 Field of system

#1 Field of musical score is a professional field, not easy to see from outside. It is a special field of musical score, thought and created by Dr. Hiroki Niibori as an artist to generalize (brought to practical use) equation of musical expression, new organization of musical instruments, arrangements and conducting for original guitars of each sound range resulting strong impression. It will be remarkably made sure especially in musical scores of NRM etc. Symbols, marks and indications of special way of performance for each instrument (part) were originally made. It is the most important field with continuous progress and this is the base (driving force) of Niibori Group.

#2 Field of way of performing is also not easy to note. Using new musical score of #1 to give new force and delicate feeling to charming orchestra of guitar family, ways of performing soprano guitar, alto guitar, cembalo guitar requiring somewhat different way of performing, bass guitar and contrabass guitar, and furthermore Niibori - touch of right fingers for traditional (prime) guitar, all of those ways of performing are included. Most of peoples heard solo, ensemble and orchestra performed by players learned N-Method impressed strongly, saying "felt impressive force unbelievably with guitars". The secret is: development of performing method for mainly single sound (cf. field of musical score) with giving twisting force for string using finger of rather short nail (based on Segovia's method). Special way of performing such as tremolo only in guitar orchestra was also developed.

#3 Field of musical instrument is easy to note. Original guitars developed and put in to practical use by Dr. Niibori reached 27 kinds (at present, 2007). Piccolo guitar, sopranino guitar, soprano guitar, alto guitar for high range of sound, bass guitar, contrabass guitar, guitarron (with endpin for performance with standing) for low range of sound, cembalo guitars with single and double stringed (sound ranges for alto, prime and base), alto electric guitar for high range of sound, bass electric guitar for a octave lower range of bass guitar were put in to practical use. All of those guitars standardized as Åu6 courseÅv, Åuperfect interval among instrumentsÅvand Åuinterval among strings are the same ratio of prime guitarÅvto make it possible to play solo and ensemble easily for anyone at will. Now they became popular in overseas also and guitars for each sound range are made by foreign master craftsmen.

#4 Field of education is well known. Now, Niibori Guitar performs not only guitars but also vocals, piano, recorder, flute and keyboard guitar (Taishogoto in Niibori Method) are performed with guitars to enjoy and promote music. Students of any field learn traditional guitar and ensemble, and "method enjoying all genre of music through one's life" is firmly established rather than making musician playing only one kind of instrument as in the past. The method of education to enjoy music for every one forever even for one left the team is famous.

The place to learn Niibori Method is divided into 2 kinds.
The one is Niibori Guitar Music School for one's hobby. Another one is vocational college = (Educational Foundation Niibori Gakuen) International Niibori Guitar Music Academy and Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory = N-School learning more deeply to become professionals. You can learn "conducting" for guitar orchestra including method of instruction in those vocational colleges. It is possible to get "The first grade license of guitar professional" and Japanese national certification of "Kodo-Senmon-shi" (High Grade Specialist). These colleges accept foreign students and graduates, after getting diploma, opening classes of Niibori Method in their mother country playing active part as teachers of guitar and music are increasing.

#5 System indicates all kind of system to bring up and succeed #1 to #4 eternally. Method of opening classes, planning and opening concerts, education for freshmen and instructors, life support for musicians, opening conference and tax affairs for music class, all data in the past were put in order and excellent system has been completed from repetition of bringing up and succession of past extracts. Data of each section and organization are reported and reflected in the system, and results of the field (= brought up items) will be highly evaluated. (This aspect will not be clearly seen by musicians.)

Above mentioned items are Scientific aspects. N-Method was awarded as "International Grand Prix '95" by World Scientific Council in July, 1995. (World Scientific Council, established in 1950, is world wide organization in scientific field consisted of presidents of 78 universities and doctors in 13 countries in the world.)

Ideological aspect

N-Group has been consistently operated under the motto of "serve good music to be your nourishment for your soul" since it's establishment, and that is it. That is easily understood. It is the founder's ideology, reason of establishment and the philosophy. Establishing schools in Japan, public schools will be opened or closed by national policy and increase or decrease of population, and private schools will be established by irresistible belief (Philosophy) of founders with contribution of their private properties to get approvals. Dr. Niibori had tragic experience in his primary school age and usually dreamed of "making utopia with music". Thinking "spreading music in high quality is the first step to shaking hands going beyond borders, human races, religions, poverty and wealth" and eagerly thought "spreading guitar orchestra making close cooperation of every body". Development of instruments, design of musical scores, establishment of guitar orchestra, all of these were actual process for bringing philosophy come true. It can be said that the ideology and philosophy were accepted to get many teachers and students. In 1995, Honolulu University, with official recognition by the Department of the State of U.S.A., gave Doctor of Philosophy for Dr. Niibori's ideology of world peace.

Dr. Niibori and N-Orchestra acting under the ideology of peace, awarded by United Nation's NGO (Committee of Disarmament) in 2001, "Distinguished Service Medal for World Peace" by International Academy in 2003, many other letters of thanks and prizes, and blessing by Dalai Lama His Grace (XIV) in 2006 and the Pope (John Paul II and Benedict XVI) in 2007.

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