Guide to Public Performance by Niibori Guitar Ensemble <NE>

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

NE was talked much about in the world's guitar society on the success at public performances as the guest performers at guitar festivals in overseas such as in America, Oct., 2007, in Singapore last year! In this year, 50th anniversary of Niibori Group, we are invited to Guitar Festival in Seoul, Korea, in Oct. Recital of NE is scheduled on July, 4 (Wed.) for this year at "Minato-mirai Hall" in Yokohama. This public performance is introduced here for this time.
3 conductors from member of NE = Mr. Kazuyuki Terada, Mr. Naoto Shibayama and Ms. Kyoko Momose will conduct actively again for this year.
Mr. Kazuyuki Terada attained excellent results in conducting at public performances in America, Germany, Singapore and Taiwan, and he was appointed as "chief conductor" of N-Orch. = Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (including NE) by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, musical supervisor, in this spring. Mr. Naoto Shibayama took up "regular conductor". At first, we announce above.
Features for the public performance of NE for this time are containing concerts with guitars of each sound range by N-method, many original and newly arranged pieces of music. Every pieces of music will be familiar and enjoyable for NE fans of course, lovers of music and guitars, and beginners. Many can be performed by orthodox organization of N-method guitar ensemble, and it can not be missed for ones performing guitar ensemble! Piece by piece of music are introduced here.

<Program of NE Public Performance>
1. "Recollections of England" in baroque style (English folk songs adapted by Masaaki Hayakawa, arranged by NE) conductor : Kazuyuki Terada
(1) Home Sweet Home (2) Londonderry Air (3) London Bridge

Please enjoy pure sound of guitar ensemble, first of all. These pieces of music were arranged to movements' style from works of Mr. Hayakawa for NE based on Mr. Hayakawa's recommendation. Each piece of music is based on English song you would have heard of. 1st and 3rd movements present solo technique of Alto and Bass Guitars and it will be worth hearing. You can enjoy arpeggio of Cembalo Guitars and beautiful sound of guitars of each sound range in 2nd movement.
2. Concert for 2 Bass Guitars (Vivaldi, arr. Hiroki Niibori)
(Original: Concert for 2 Oboes and thoroughbass)
cond. Kazuyuki Terada, Bass Guitar Solo: Ryou Osada (solo.1) Hisako Yamamoto (solo.2)

As this piece of music has been originally a repertoire of NE and performed in 30th anniversary concert of N-Orch., this piece is one of repertoire showing full utilization of N-method guitar orchestra. 2 Bass Guitars act beautifully. Technique of course, sounds only with Bass Guitar and beautiful contrast with the sound of Cembalo Guitars as thoroughbass are also worth hearing. Soloists are Ryou Osada, newly added to NE, had been performing as chief bass guitarist in students' guitar orchestra of International Niibori Music Academy, and Hisako Yamamoto, an expert.
3. Overture from BWV 1068 Suite No.3 (J.S.Bach arr.Yasuko Kuroda)
performance: Cembalo Guitar Ensemble

This is the first piece of 5 pieces of music of Suite for orchestra. The second one is well known in Japan as "Air on G-string" and the 3rd Gavotte had been used as BGM of TV-CM. All of them are musical masterpieces. This piece of music consists of grandeur beginning and ending and rhythmical middle part, beautiful baroque music only by Bach to fit Cembalo Guitar Ensemble.
This is the first performance with newly arranged by Yasuko Kuroda.
4. "Tango en Skai" for guitar solo and ensemble (Dyens arr.Taruishi & Shibayama)
cond. Naoto Shibayama, Prime Guitar Solo: Hiromu Taguchi

Soloist is Hiromu Taguchi, now becoming more popular as soloist and concert master of NE!
He performed solo in NE public performance in last year and he will perform "Tango en Skai" arranged as concert for this year. "Tango en Skai" is popular piece of music for guitar solo and arrangement for this time increases joyfulness and dynamism. Performed also in 2000 N-Orch. public performance resulting favorable reputation and solo by Hiromu Taguchi will be a pleasure for this time.
5. Concert for Guitarron "Csikos Post" (Necke arr. NE)
cond.Naoto Shibayama, Guitarron Solo: Shigetsugu Tanaka

This concert will give full utilization of Guitarron, as bass instrument, with funny sound.
Soloist is Shigetsugu Tanaka, the most joyful performer in NE. Please enjoy. Conductor is Naoto Shibayama, showing good conducting and body performance.
6. Hana no En (Feast of flowers) (Kengo Momose)
cond. Kyoko Momose

Kyoko Momose, top conductress of N-Orch. and NE, will conduct the work of her husband, Kengo Momose, for this time also. This piece of music was named from 8th story of famous novel "Genji Monogatari" written by Murasaki-Shikibu. This story tells elegant love of a lady named Oborozukiyo, flowery, lovely, wise, sensual and fascinating, said to be devilish woman, with Hikaru-Genji. Thus, this piece of music describes gorgeous Japanese world different from austere refinement and quiet simplicity. Special version with newly added middle part expressing "Gagaku" (court music of Japan) will be presented for this time.
7. Andante and Rondo for 2 flutes (Doppler arr. Kazuyuki Terada)
cond.Kazuyuki Terada, Flute Solo: Yuko Koshibe, Miki Yamamoto

Doppler brothers, Franz and Carl, French composers and flutists in 19th century, wrote many pieces of music for their concert and they are enjoyed by many peoples now. This piece was written for 2 flutes and piano, and Kazuyuki Terada, conductor, arranged for 2 flutes and guitar ensemble. It has elegant and splendor motif. N-Orch. has many excellent flutists and Miki Yamamoto and Yuko Koshibe will costar for the first time for this time. And also it will be the first time for NE to perform Doppler's piece of music.
8. Where The Rain Grows (M. Weikath arr.Naoyuki Sawada)
perf.DANROKU (Niibori Guitar Men's Sextet)

DANROKU, giving enjoyable rhythm with outstanding sharpness, has been announcing solo pieces arranged for sextet of N-method guitars of each sound range and original pieces composed by members, and it is the first time for them to challenge heavy-metal piece of music.
This piece of music is the one of German heavy-metal band named "HELLOWEEN" and arranged by Sawada, member of NE. Sawada played as a soloist in electric guitar concert last year and he was originally a member of death-metal band. Please look forward to the sound for this time.
9. Un Blanc Jour D'un Chaton & Tempest (R.Stolz & Beethoven arr.Hideaki Kobayashi)
perf. Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet

It will be 11 years absence to perform in big public performance for regular members of Ladies' Quartet, having excellent reputation for beautiful sound! Last time was public performance in Australia in 1996. This piece of music has interesting structure having "Tempest" composed by Beethoven in the middle of Theme of Fantasy of a Kitten. Animation movie "Fantasy of a Kitten" is a story of little kitten having human consciousness to live among human world with spreading wings of imagination. Theme music was composed by Robert Stolz and expressed fantastic world of dream, kitten liked to see. The other side, "Tempest" came from Tempest written by Shakespeare and it was fantastic, rural, pastoral fairy tale.
Composer is German, story is fantastic, rhythm is triple time, these are common but it is the feature of this arrangement to combine now and past, popular and classic, two completely different pieces of music in original feeling. It will be said as the piece of music expressing gracefulness and violence (!?) of women.
10. Sabre Dans (Khachaturian arr.Hiroki Niibori & NE)
cond.Kazuyuki Terada

Talking about Khachaturian, this piece of music will come first! This is a violent and strong piece of music of Kurds go into battle. Middle part expresses sadness of peoples seeing off the warriors! This piece of music will be said as violent and charming piece.
It was performed by N-Orch. in past time but revised for NE for this time. Percussions play active part and Hiromitsu Hagiwara, selected as a member of NE for this time, a star player in his age of student of academy (faculty of drums), will play actively. Conductor will be Sabre---Kazuyuki Terada, outstanding sharp conductor.
11. Dark Eyes (Russian folk song arr.Hiromu Taguchi)
cond.Kazuyuki Terada

Sad and painful passion for a lady having fascinating dark eyes! This is a Russian folk song with feeling of chest being compressed and full of passion. Wandering people came to Russia from India = Roma (Gypsy) with dark eyes and hair would be so mystic and charming to be fascinated for Slavic Russians. The arrangement for this time by Hiromu Taguchi, famous Russian folk song "2 Guitars" will appear on the way in the piece of music. Having solo of each guitar, the arrangement will be fully enjoyable with charm of guitar. This will be the first performance.

Encore for NE public performance will be-----------pleasure of the day.

<NE Public Performance>
July, 4 (Wed.)
Curtain rise: 19:00 at Minato-mirai (small) Hall, Yokohama
All seats reserved S-seat 4,500yen. A-seat (adult) 3,500yen. A-seat(student)2,500yen.

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