President Niibori's greetings for N-School Graduation Concert,"Evening of Concerts by New Faces"

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

This issue is a special number on N-School. N-School is the only school, president is Dr. Hiroki Niibori (Ph.D.), in Japan on the university course of music centering guitar (high school course also). It includes Educational Foundation•Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu School = S-School), Educational Foundation•International Niibori Guitar Music Academy Fujisawa Campus and Foundation•International Niibori Guitar Music Academy Tokyo Campus (T-School), therefore we call N-School for all of them in total. Detailed introduction of them were described for many times and for new readers, please find in home page of Niibori Guitar (English page is also available).
"Evening of Concerts by New Faces" is the graduation concert of N-School. Regular students of university course are required to play solo for concert to graduate.
This time, "Farewell Speech" written by president, Dr. Niibori, for graduation concert is introduced here.

<Excerpted from President Hiroki Niibori's "Farewell Speech" for N-School Graduates, 2007>
I will send a message of congratulations from my heart to all of graduates, having this chance of graduation, holding highest diploma under your arm, in epoch year of 50th anniversary of establishment.
Start strongly, with feeling at ease, without worrying about, with bright eyes.
Do not worry about anything because you have N-Method.
You have the method, being encouraged by The United Nations and also blessed by the Pope and Dalai Lama His Grace. Furthermore you have a strong actual proof of creating standing ovations in many countries with your own sweat and tears.
So, I hope you start in straight forward, with feeling at ease and stately.
Angry waves will come repeatedly. Please start with anticipating them.
Following such manner, you will not be surprised, as you are ready in your mind. And you can surely overcome!
Because, N-Method is the international method, being brought up in more than 50 years, overcoming such crises.
N-Method is the method of "affection". That is the method of sympathizing with companions.
So, "harmony" will surely arise. "Harmony" will grow up to influential voice, powerful existence. Then it becomes possible to stand up to "world" and to move it.
"Wave motion of music being to be nourishment for your soul" has "power to fix your soul and body". So, "harmony among people will arise".
"Peace" is, "harmony" is the "origin to build genuine peace".
"Treble = leading part", "normally-pitched sound = supporting role" and "bass = co-star" were excellently prepared in N-Method, and its full-harmony is strong power to bring up peace.
All of you studied this perfectly.
Well, leave the nest with highest diploma under your arm, vigorously and without worries!
Congratulations for graduation, in big voice!
The affairs of this concert and graduation ceremony of N-School are described in this issue from page 10 with snap shots.
Various concerts not only with prime guitars but also with N-Method guitars of each sound range, electric guitar, vocals, piano, drums and so on as solo were presented at this concert.
The special feature articles introduced each campus and please look at it.
N-School is accepting foreign students also. (Please ask for details.)
Mr. Hong Zai-tian, teaching actively now in Taiwan (Taichung), is also graduated from N-School and after going back to Taiwan, he has been paying his effort in teaching guitar for children and passed certification examination by IGOA (International Guitar Orchestra Association) in this March at highest results together with children's guitar orchestra, each of members and conductors.
Mr. Yang Geng-hao, examinee for conductor for this time, was brought up in this orchestra and learned at N-School to graduate 3 years ago, after going back to Taiwan, he has been working with Mr. Hong to spread N-Method mainly in Taiwan. Now, Mr. Yang opened guitar class in Chang-hua Prefecture (Taichung) and official number of members of ensemble exceeds 40 to held concerts.
He also invited to Nanjing Art School as an instructor and he is teaching guitar ensemble.
Members like him are produced in every year from guitar orchestra led by Mr. Hong Zai-tian, and "Preparation School for N-School" was established in this year in Taiwan.
3 members from this orchestra graduated from N-School for this time and went back to Taiwan.
In southern part of Taiwan, Kaohsiung, Mr. Huang Pan-pei has been leading N-Method Guitar Orchestra = Huang Pan-pei Classical Guitar Ensemble for more than 20 years. Of course Mr. Huang learned conducting and guitar ensemble from Dr. Hiroki Niibori.
N-Method will spread more and more in Taiwan and China from now on.Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.)

Live DVD "Strauss Collection" was put on sale!
N-Orch., fixed to have concert at Wien Musikvereinsaal•Golden Hall on Nov. 19, this year, performed works of Strauss in past concerts are collected to DVD and it was put on sale. All pieces of music are conducted by Dr. Hiroki Niibori.
Recorded contents are as follows:
(except for proviso, all is works of Strauss the 2nd and performed by N-Orch.)
1. Overture from "Die Fldermaus"
2. Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald
3. Annen Polka (performed by Niibori Guitar Ensemble = NE)
4. Pizzicato-Polka (performed by NE)
5. Trisch-Trasch-Polka (NE)
6. Tik-Tak-Polka
7. An der shonen blauen Donau
8. Radetzky-Marsch (Strauss the 1st)
[Special image 1] Polka Schnell "Auf Ferienreisen" Op.133 (Josef Strauss)
[Special image 2] Plappermaulchen Op.245 (Josef Strauss)
Waltz "Rosen aus dem Suden" Op.388
Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra Live DVD "Strauss Collection"
Price 2,625yen (tax included) separate freight charge
Enquiries and orders will be accepted at following address.

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