Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra’s Public Performance, 2006
Live DVD “Fluhlingsstimmen” was put on sale!

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

As announced in the last issue, many DVD & CD are being put on sale next by next.
A live DVD, “Fluhlingsstimmen”, recorded at the public performance in 2006 by Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.) on last September, 10 held at “Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall” is introduced here for this time.
The public performance of N-Orch. usually held in every September contains a lot of worth seeing points covering from traditional sounds (memory) to new trial (surprise!). People say “We are encouraged by hearing the sounds of N-Orch.” and seeing this DVD, you will agree.
Contents for your expectation are shown below.
1. “Ciribiribin” & “O Sole Mio” in Baroque Style (Italian Canzone arr.Masaaki Hayakawa & Hiroki Niibori)
conductor:Mitsuaki Kubota performance:Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (abbr.N-Orch.) & Niibori Guitar Cembalo Guitar Ensemble

These pieces were jointly performed with Cembalo Guitar Ensemble, treated as solo instruments, and N-Orch. “O Sole Mio” was combined with Bach’s “Brandenburg Concert” and cadence by cembalo guitars is worth hearing. “Ciribiribin” is a parody of 3rd movement of “Summer” from Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” and it is a joyful piece with speedy feeling. Performance of experienced conductor, Mr. Mitsuaki Kubota, will be worth seeing.
2. Divertimento No.17 (K.337) (W.A.Mozart arr.Hiroki Niibori)
cond.:Emiko Watanabe perf.:Niibori Guitar Ladies’ Ensemble

Commemorating the 250th anniversary of Mozart’s birth in 2006, this piece of music was selected to enjoy beautiful sound and agokik of guitar ensemble. This is a traditional repertoire and famous performance of Ladies’ Guitar Ensemble conducted by Dr. Hiroki Niibori was recorded. This time, young conductress Ms. Emiko Watanabe conducted (her debut) and fresh and youthful Mozart was presented.
3. Rain, Fantasia of Water and Light (composed by Kengo Momose)
cond.:Kyoko Momose perf.:N-Orch.

Source of life, water (rain) and sunlight----. This piece of music is an original work piece composed with magnificent image of water and light as the theme. Various expressions of “rain” were given by guitar orchestra. Imitation of start of rain fall with NRM (knock the body) at the beginning of music moved audience to look up unconsciously----. This piece was conducted by Kyoko Momose, composer’s partner (wife).
4. Gold Rush (2006 edition) (comp.:Kengo Momose)
cond.:Kazuyuki Terada perf.:N-Orch. Electric Guitar Solo:Kengo Momose,Masahiro Suzuki,Naoyuki Sawada

This is an original piece imaging era of frontier in America as the theme. This is a concert music with electric guitars and guitar orchestra, excited the audience at public performance in America in 2005, and rewritten as triple solo version of 2006 edition for this time.
5. Parade Der Zinnsoldaten (comp.:Jessel arr.:NE)
cond.:Naoto Shibayama perf.:Niibori Guitar Ensemble (abbr.NE)

Marimba solo: Nayu Niibori
This piece of music also obtained good reputation at public performance in America. Pretty marimba soloist Nayu Niibori charmingly presents splendid technique for marimba.
6. Recife Dos Corais (comp.:Assad arr.:Masatoshi Taruishi)
perf.:DANROKU (Niibori Guitar Men’s Sextet)

Elder brother, Sergio Assad, of brother guitarists composed this piece of music as guitar solo piece and arranged for DANROKU to become one of popular repertoires. Recife = town in northeast of Brazil is beautiful town called as “Venice of Brazil” and coral reef is one of the best sight. Scenery of glittering town is well reproduced by rhythmic 6 guitars and chimes.
7. La Vraie Musique de L’amour (comp.:P.Senneville & O.Toussaint arr.:Hideaki Kobayashi)
perf.:Niibori Guitar Ladies’ Quartet

Niibori Guitar Ladies’ Quartet (quintet) has excellent reputation for its sound as origin of Niibori Method and the simplest, purely beautiful guitar sound, and also has many repertoires arranged from famous pieces of Richard Clayderman. This is one of them. The last performance at the main concert was premiere performance in 1991. It sounds romantically and touchingly.
8. Marsch Aus Zigeunerbaron (comp.:J.Strauss the 2nd arr.:Kengo Momose)
cond.:Hiroki Niibori
perf.:Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Grand Orchestra (abbr.G.O.)

Start of this music is performed with wind synthesizer newly added for this time.
Performance conducted by Dr. Hiroki Niibori began from here. The first one is “Marsch” from “Zigeunerbaron”, one of masterpieces of operetta and said to be same as “Die Fledermaus”, composed by Strauss. Is he Dr. Niibori -------? You can enjoy it by this DVD.
9. Waltz “Fluhlingsstimmen” op.410 (comp.:J.Strauss the 2nd arr.:Kengo Momose)
cond.:Hiroki Niibori perf.:G.O.

“Fluhlingsstimmen” is a piece of music with full feeling of youth and happiness and you can not believe he composed this piece at his age of 58 (1883). It is said to be come from his situation in love toward his 3rd marriage? Different from Wiener Waltz of this age, it does not have grand introduction but melody is very beautiful. There is another version with soprano but instrumental version was performed for this time.
10. March “Aufs Korn!”op.478 (comp.:J.Strauss the 2nd arr.:Kengo Momose)
cond.:Hiroki Niibori perf.:G.O.

Encore began from here. “Aufs Korn!” is the work in Strauss’ later years (1898) and it is a joyful march written for Federal Shooting Festival. You can enjoy performance of N-Orch. in full of pep.
11. Bright Morning (comp.:Hiroki Niibori)
cond.:Hiroki Niibori perf.:G.O.

This piece is sister piece of “Wonderful Morning” composed by Dr. Hiroki Niibori. This is an original piece of music with rhythm of samba as the base and you can enjoy NRM only in guitar orchestra.
12. Little Waltz (comp.:Hiroki Niibori arr.:Shinji Nakamura)
cond.:Hiroki Niibori perf.:G.O.

This piece of music was arranged from a piece for Alto Guitar Solo composed by Dr. Hiroki Niibori for guitar orchestra. Not sacrificing charms of guitar solo and ensemble, it was arranged to be able to enjoy pure sound of rich guitar orchestra. Dr. Niibori explained this piece as “a small piece of chocolate” put on bed side table in European hotel room. Warm sound of this piece sets one’s mind at ease and little piece of music was praised by audience beyond expectation. This piece of music was perfectly suitable to be final one for encore of the concert of plenty of sounds.
Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra’s Public Performance, 2006
“Fluhlingsstimmen” DVD
Price 3,150yen (tax included) separate freight charge

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