Coaching School in Taiwan to enter International Niibori Guitar Music Academy & Attestation Ceremony
for Mr. Hong Zai-tian inaugurated as President of IGOA Headquarters in Central Asia

Joint Concert with Niibori Guitar Orchestra B Group & Mr. Hong Zai-tian Children’s Guitar Orchestra

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Taiwanese children’s (younger than High School students) guitar orchestra lead by Mr. Hong Zai-tian and International Niibori Guitar Music Academy students’ guitar orchestra = voluntary B-group held a joint concert at Zhong Shan Hall in Taichung city on Dec. 30 (Sat.), 2006. The conductors were Mr. Kazuyuki Terada, professor in International Niibori Guitar Music Academy, Mr. Mitsuji Nishikawa, professor in Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory, Mr. Yang Geng-hao, graduate of N-School and now working under Mr. Hong as an instructor, Mr. Xu Wei-ting, belonging to Taichung orchestra and expecting to learn at N-School, etc.
The main point was to promote exchange and friendship between Taiwan and International Niibori Guitar Music Academy under existing Study Abroad Agreement, and performance of each group and together. B-group performed Masaaki Hayakawa’s “Spring has come, in baroque style” and “Three scenes in Japan”, and joint orchestra performed “Espana Cani” (Marquina) and “Wonderful Morning” (Hiroki Niibori) etc.
Here, impression by Mr. Kazuyuki Terada, conducted NE Singapore Public Performance in last year and also conducted at this time, is introduced below.

Finishing public performance in Taiwan
Conductor of Niibori Guitar Orchestra B-group Kazuyuki Terada

Warm exchange of hearts of both countries’ young persons at public performance in Taiwan for this time was realized. Experiencing so many overseas public performances, exchanges among "compatriots", thinking it’s a matter of life and death for guitar orchestra, were splendid rather than exchange with audience, for this time, and felt a different meaning from public performance in Europe and America. Some deeply moved member burst into tears at the wing of stage after the performance.
Also for this time, attestation ceremony for Mr. Hong Zai-tian, making effort to popularize the guitar orchestra (N-method) in Taiwan, inaugurated as president of Central Asia Headquarters of International Guitar Orchestra Association (IGOA) was held at the stage. Coaching School to enter International Niibori Guitar Music Academy was also officially started and splendid system to learn guitar orchestra with N-method was fully prepared.
These were announced at press conference and students, came from Japan, of International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Niibori Guitar Orchestra B-group) gave live performance for reporters. Newspapers reported with banner headlines of the concert, Taiwanese students learning at International Niibori Guitar Music Academy and Mr. Teruhide Sakurai, 2nd year regular student, 63 years old, member of B-group, in his own name.
Mr. Hong Zai-tian was graduated from N-school (Nihon Guitar Music School = present International Niibori Guitar Music Academy) and soon after he went back to Taiwan, he continued to pay effort in accordance with his beliefs to bring up high standard of guitar orchestra, trained for long time from childhood, in Taiwan organizing “Hong Zai-tian Children’s Guitar Orchestra”. Now, his grown up students coming next by next to Japan to learn and playing active part in Taiwan after graduation to give birth of new generation of guitar orchestra is started. I had actual feeling of 50 years’ history of N-method from above. Guitar Orchestra will become more popular from now on in Taiwan to form go-between for both of Taiwan and Japan.

Highly praised Niibori Guitar Ensemble Live 2006CD “Hungarian Rhapsody” Now On Sale!
New live CD of NE (Niibori Guitar Ensemble), highly praised at public performance in Singapore last year, is put on sale and become famous in Japan.
Public performance in Tokyo at “Nihon University Casals Hall” on last May 18 was recorded. The worth hearing points of 13 pieces of music were introduced in this column of last May issue for your reference. This CD contains encore pieces in addition to main program. These are introduced here.

Encore pieces
14. Camptown Races [2006 issue] (composed by S.C.Foster, arranged by Hiroki Niibori & NE)
This is joyful arrangement only for NE performing not only guitar but also various instruments. Violin (played by concert master, Hiromu Taguchi), ukulele, banjo, flute, electric guitar, snare drum, and shout of “Doo-da” were performed. Short solos of various instruments and guitars of each sound range were presented and you can enjoy as introduction of instruments. This piece is suitable one for encore.
15. Spanish Coffee (F.Mills, arr. by NE)
This is famous repertoire, said as “I can not go home without hearing this piece” by many fans.
The original piece composed by Mills are performed in slow tempo with piano and NE adopting Spanish way “rasgueado” performs in cheerful tone and thrillingly.
16. Nocturne (P.Mauriat, arr. by Hiroki Niibori)
This piece was performed as an encore piece in memorial concert of N-orchestra (Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra) in 2002 for 45th year since Niibori Guitar was established and conductor was Dr. Hiroki Niibori. This splendid performance became the name of CD and talked much about. This piece is often performed at the end of concert expressing a feeling of “farewell”. The arrangement is simple one with melody in arpeggio and obbligato and you will be healed with beautiful sound of guitar ensemble.

Niibori Guitar Ensemble Live CD 2006 “Hungarian Rhapsody”
Price 1,575yen (with tax) separate freight charge

Other new CD and DVD such as CD “Baroque Collection”, DVD “N-orchestra Live Selection 2006”, DVD “N-orchestra 2006, Fruhlingsstimmen” and CD “Contemporary Guitar Method” with exemplary performance in guitar solo and ensemble are put on sale. These will be introduced in this column.

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