Guide to The 43rd Niibori Guitar "Christmas (Candle) Concert"

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Although many overseas public performances commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first establishment of Niibori Guitar such as Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE) in Seoul in Oct., and Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra in Germany (Munich) & Austria (Vienna) in Nov. are going to be held, the domestic public performances will be held as usual.

Niibori Guitar Christmas (Charity) Concerts as usual annual events will be held in this Dec.

This concert, the 43rd for this time, has been enjoyed by a lot of guitar fans and music lovers under the name of "Candle Concert". The series of this concert was originated by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, being deeply impressed by heart warming concert (joyful concert with performer's explanations for familiar, old and new musical masterpieces) under candle light at Mirabel Palace in Salzburg, 43 years ago, with his intention to take music in daily life in Japan, under the name of "Charity Concert with explanations". At that time, in Japan, we did not have such a concert (performing familiar pieces of music with explanations) and many criticisms seemed to be heard, but yearly increase of audience has resulted and site of the concert has been widened all over in Japan. Continuing this concert praying for peace with all of heart for more than 30 years, Dr Niibori was awarded International Art and Culture Prize. After that, activities in long years for peace through music has been admitted in the world and awarded from many countries. In 2001, Dr. Niibori was awarded from United Nation's NGO (International Parliament for Peace Settlement) and Dr. Kopper (PhD), representative of the NGO, gave message of "Mankind was united standing aloof from the wall of nationality, race, and religion". (Dr. Niibori also received blessings and prizes from Dalai Lama His Grace and Pope, later.)

Then, since 2003, Dr. Niibori raised flag of "Praying for Peace" for theme of concert with cooperation of UN's NGO, WPPS (World Peace Prayer Society) and GOI Peace Foundation, and songs and pieces of music praying for peace were arranged in concert program. This concert praying for peace will be held in Fujisawa, Niibori's headquarter is locating.

This concert started to be awarded many prizes and the contents of the concert are familiar and joyful Christmas concert for every one even having no experience of concert can easily come to join. Popular pieces in one year's Niibori Guitar Concerts will be also performed.

The public performance titled "Praying for Peace" for this time in Fujisawa {Dec. 16(Sun.) at Fujisawa Shimin Kaikan, curtain rise at 2:00pm} will be mainly performed by Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.) and song praying for peace = Let There Be Peace On Earth will be performed. Performance of hymn will be also presented adding Carcassi Guitar, restored guitar of more than 100 years ago, to Handbells Ensemble.

Of course Dr. Niibori will take baton and perform "Overture from Die Fledermaus", highly praised at public performance of N-Orch. in Sept., and "Abschied", commemorating public performance in Munich, with chorus.

And, "Travelers of Wind", composed and conducted by Mr. Toshinori Sugihara and requested by so many peoples as it was praised highly at public performance of N-Orch., will be performed again! Musical instruments for folklore will join and it will be enjoyable to see also.

NE will perform again a new piece of music for this year = "Memory of England in Baroque Style" (Masaaki Hayakawa, arranged by NE). You will be able to fully enjoy the sound of genuine guitar ensemble only by NE.

For ensembles, Ladies' Quartet (JOYON) will perform "Theme from Fantasy of a Kitten & Tempest" and DANROKU is said as to perform a new ---------- it must be wonderful.
Furthermore, joyful Christmas music will be performed. The public performance in Fujisawa will be a concert of "Praying for Peace" with full of warmth and songs. Please join in the chorus.

N-Orch. for this time will be immediately after public performance in Europe in Nov., performed Strauss and Silent Night, such as Christmas Concert Program, in its birth place, and you will be able to hear episodes from conductors. In every times of the concert, a lot of audience is looking forward to hear explanation of the pieces of music and it will be especially worth hearing for this time.

Public performance in Fujisawa will be a big concert consisted of 2 parts (about 3 hours in total).

The 1st part will be performed by amateur performers ------they were citizen's guitar orchestras and ensembles awarded at "All Nippon Guitar Competition", held in Oct. You will be able to enjoy high leveled wonderful performance in homey atmosphere by wide range of performers in age, children to elderly. The 2nd part will be performed by professionals such as NE and N-Orch.

NE's Wine Party will be held at "Live House N" in main building of International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Fujisawa) at 19:30 on Dec. 19 (Wed.). This party is arranged for NE Fans to express 1 year's gratitude and performances of course, game corner with many presents, etc. will be programmed to enjoy together with NE.

Many other Candle Concerts sponsored by Niibori Brand Schools in many districts will be held and Dr. Niibori, NE and JOYON are invited to some of them.

The first one will be NE Dinner Show in Wakayama on Dec. 1 (Sat.). Dinner will be served at 6 pm and concert will start at 7 pm. The site will be DAIWAROYNET HOTEL Wakayama. Tickets will be sold out when 120 seats are filled. Early reservation is advised.

NE will perform in Nagoya on Dec. 2 (Sun.).

Public performance in Okayama on Dec. 9 will be held as 25th anniversary of foundation of Okayama Niibori Guitar Music School and Dr. Niibori will be invited to give special lecture. The theme of lecture will be "Short cut to master music".

JOYON, released CD in this year, will perform at public performance in Nara on Dec. 23 (Sun.) as the guest.

Every concert will be joyful Christmas Concert and we have one special performance continuing since the first concert. It is familiar for fans and it is said as no one can have New Year without this. That is the big chorus, Silent Night, of audience together with performers. When readers in overseas happened to stay in Japan at this time, please join the concert --------- for your memory of Japanese Christmas with deep impression of big chorus of audience together with performers. We are looking forward to see you at the concert.

The 43rd Niibori Guitar Christmas (Candle) Concert

Public Performance in Fujisawa -Praying for Peace-
Dec. 16 (Sun.) Curtain rise: 14:00 Fujisawa Shimin Kaikan (Big Hall)
<Conducting and Talk> Hiroki Niibori, Kazuyuki Terada,
Toshinori Sugihara, Emiko Watanabe, Masumi Sato, Masatoshi Ishizuka, etc.
Part 1 Performance Niibori Guitar Ensemble, Hiratsuka Citizen's Guitar Orchestra,Ochanomizu Guitar Ensemble, Tokyo Tomin Guitar Orchestra, etc.
Part 2 Performance Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra, NE, etc.
Ticket in advance/All non reserved seat: Adult 3,000yen, Student 2,000yen

NE Wine Party <Cond. and Talk> Kazuyuki Terada, Performance by NE
[Kanagawa] Dec. 19 (Wed.) Curtain rise: 19:30
Fujisawa Live House N 4,000yen (wine is served)

Followings are sponsored in each district
[Wakayama] NE Dinner Show Dec. 1 (Sat.) 18:00 Daiwaroynet Hotel Wakayama
15,000yen (Dinner is served) Need Reservation (before Nov. 20)
Application will be closed at capacity (120) is filled.
Sponsor: Yamanaka,Phone:073-487-1283
[Aichi] Public Performance in Nagoya
Christmas Concert commemorating NE came back from Vienna
(The 11th Regular Concert by Nagoya Citizen's Guitar Orchestra)
Dec. 2 (Sun.) 13:30 Telepia-Hall \3,000 (all non reserved seat)
Sponsor: Nagoya Niibori Guitar Music School,Phone:052-775-8338
[Okayama] Public Performance in Okayama
Okayama Niibori Guitar Concert commemorating 25th year since foundation
(and special lecture by Dr. Hiroki Niibori)
Dec. 9 (Sun.) Art & Cultural Hall in Kurashiki, big hall
Ticket in advance 1,500yen (on the day 1,800yen)
Sponsor: Okayama Niibori Guitar Music School,Phone:086-232-8098
[Nara] Public Performance in Nara
Nara Niibori Guitar Candle Concert (guest performer: JOYON)
Dec. 23 (Sun.) 13:00 Nara Centennial Hall (medium hall)
Ticket in advance Adult 2,000yen, Student 1,500yen (on the day +500yen)
Sponsor: Nara Niibori Guitar Music School,Phone:0742-23-6680

Furthermore, Niibori Guitar Christmas Concert will be held in other various places in Japan.

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