Niibori Guitar Ensemble <NE> is invited to Seoul International Guitar Festival !
Recital will be held on Oct. 24 and 25, 2007.

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

NE (Niibori Guitar Ensemble), succeeding invited performances as a main guest in overseas International Guitar Festivals such as public performances in U.S., 2005 and Singapore, last year, is invited to "International Guitar Festival" to be held in Seoul in Oct. just before the public performances of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.) in Germany & Austria in this Nov.
This is the first festival featuring guitar ensemble in full-scale in Korea, and it is going to be held in large-scale in Seoul with the name of Seoul International Guitar Festival (SIGF).
The executive officer of this festival is Mr. Jang Yoon-Sick from Yooan Enterprise. Sponsors are KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), City of Seoul, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Korean Guitar Association, Korean Guitar Performers' Association etc.
Period of festival is a week, from Oct. 22 (Mon.) to 28 (Sun.). Concerts, Competitions, Work-shops, Seminars will be held just like ones in other countries.
Performers as ensemble and orchestra; the first one will be KBS National Symphonic Orchestra. This is a representative orchestra taking in Korean folk instruments and playing active part in overseas also. Regular conductor is Mr. Yi Jung-Ho. Next one is "World Guitar Ensemble". This ensemble, some European people will know, consists of about 10 members and they are guitarists, came from many countries, playing active part in the world. They won more than 50 prizes in total and all of them are teaching guitar as professors in universities of each country. The conductor is Mr. Helmut Oesterreich, Germany. Members are Messrs Peppino D'Agostino, Italy, David Tanenbaum, America, Sofia Kalchev and Ivo Kalchev, Bulgaria, Olaf van Gonnissen, Germany, Xiufei Jang, China, and so on, including players of not only classical guitars but also folk guitar, electric, bass, baroque, guitarron, etc. This ensemble was organized in summer of 2003 to be able to have experience for all kinds of performing style and variety of taste of guitars in an ensemble. And, Korean Joint Guitar Ensemble will also appear on stage.
Schedule of NE in this festival; NE is going to have 2 recitals. The first one will be held at 19:00 on Oct. 24 (Wed.) at Seoul Church (capacity is about 3000 seats) and next one will be at 19:30 on 25 (Thu.) at World Gloria Center (capacity is about 1500 seats). The conductor will be Mr. Kazuyuki Terada, led the public performances in overseas to great success in recent years in Germany, America, Taiwan, Singapore, and so on. He is also an excellent member of NE as a guitarist, educator as a chief, bringing up many next generations, at vocational college = International Niibori Guitar Music Academy. He was entrusted by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, musical director and conductor, receiving baton for this time.
Oct. 27 (Sat.) is the last day of concert and orchestras and ensembles introduced above will perform each for 15 to 20 minutes and joint performance is scheduled for final, under the name of "The Feast of Ensemble" at World Gloria Center.
And, on the last day of the festival, 28 (Sun.), a seminar by NE is scheduled at 10 a.m. The planned site is located in the park, vacant lot of Seoul Olympic.
Thus the wonderful International Guitar Festival is planned.
We hope this festival and NE concert will make the start of spreading guitar ensemble in Korea, as present Taiwan and Singapore.
The following program is scheduled for NE public performance in Seoul.

Program for NE Public Performance in Seoul on Oct.24 & 25.
1.Canzone in Baroque Style (composed by Masaaki Hayakawa, arranged by NE)
(1) O Sole Mio (2) Torna a Surriento (3) Battitori di Grano
3 pieces of music based on canzone finished as movements in Baroque style performed by organization of simplest guitar ensemble with N-method guitars of each sound range are presented for the opening of the concert. Please enjoy pure sound of guitar ensemble.

2. [Cembalo Guitar Ensemble]
Prelude from Suite for Lute No. 4 BWV1006a (J.S.Bach, arr. Yasuko Kuroda)
The organization is peculiar to Niibori-method such as 6 alto cembalo guitars for high pitch of sound, 2 prime cembalo guitars of same sound range as prime guitars, and 1 bass cembalo guitar for low pitch of sound. There are 2 kinds of cembalo guitar having single string and double strings for each of 6 courses. Double string type will be used for this time. You will not be able to control the loudness of sound in usual cembalo but it is possible to control loudness and even for timbre, intrinsic feature of guitar, in cembalo guitar at will. Performers use finger sacks with needles to get the sound of cembalo for this time. Sometimes they play with their own fingers or picks to obtain various sound qualities. Please enjoy gorgeously beautiful sound of cembalo for this time.

3. The 1st movement from Flute Concert in D Major K.314
(W.A.Mozart, arr. Hiroki Niibori)
Flute solo : Yuko Koshibe
It became possible to get natural sound reverberation in concert with other instruments by using guitars of each of many sound ranges. We obtained high appraisal also in overseas for such as flute concert composed by Mozart as its capability to express delicate nuance easily.

4. Tango en Skai (R.Dyens, arr. Taruishi & Shibayama)
Guitar solo : Hiromu Taguchi
This is very popular as guitar solo piece and NE will present in guitar concerto version.
It is worth hearing solo and cadenza by Hiromu Taguchi, concert master of NE.

5. Csikos Post (H.Necke, arr. NE)
Guitarron solo : Shigetsugu Tanaka
It is a joyful concerto with Guitarron = instrument of low sound pitch and very good at expressing humorous sound among N-method guitars for many sound ranges.

6. Three Scenes of Japan (Masaaki Hayakawa)
(1) Song (by Esashi Oiwake) Lento
(2) Drums (by Gojinba Daiko and Ishikari Daiko) Allegro
(3) Dance (by Yagi-Bushi) Allegretto
These pieces of music were originally composed for NE. They were composed with the old Japanese musical pieces in many places as the motifs. The 1st movement is song in deep feeling and Japanese instrument = Syakuhachi is also used. The 2nd movement is music by drums and performed by knock-the-body technique. The 3rd movement is a high-spirited piece of music. As the title shows, you will be able to enjoy 3 scenes only in Japan.

7. [Quintet with Guitars of each sound range]
"Choumbuto Jikumkaji", theme music of TV drama "Winter Sonata"
(Yu Hae Jung, Oh Seck June, arr. Hideaki Kobayashi, Ladies' Quartet)
This organization is said to be the sound of origin of N-method with ladies' guitar quartet (2 alto guitars, prime guitar, and bass guitar) and additional man's guitarron. They were highly praised in domestic and overseas for warm beautiful sound and rich musical expression. Please entrust yourself to beautiful sound and enjoy this piece of music.

8. [Sextet with guitars of each sound range]
Recife dos Corais (S. Assad, arr. Masatoshi Taruishi)
This is the men's ensemble with a soprano guitar, 2 prime guitars, a prime cembalo guitar with double strings, a bass guitar, and a guitarron. This group effectively uses NRM (Niibori Rhythm Method) and has repertoire of many modern pieces of music. Unique performance style, nothing was seen before, fascinates a lot of audience. This piece of music was originally composed for guitar solo and it will be interesting to enjoy their performance for this time.

9-1. Espana Cani (P.Marquina, arr. Hiroki Niibori) [wiil be performed on 24th]
This is a passionate Spanish march. This is a popular traditional repertoire of NE. Rasgueado with each sound range guitars' ensemble will be a highlight! Percussions such as castanets, tambourines, snare, and cymbals will be joined. Each solo and ad lib of soprano guitars, prime guitars, and bass guitars will be worth to hear and it is the sound of only Niibori's original organization of instruments.

9-2. Souvenir de Russie "Karinka" (Russian Folk Song, arr. H.Kobayashi) [wiil be performed on 25th]
This is a popular traditional repertoire of NE. Tremolo of guitar, reminding you a Russian instrument = Balalaika, and ad lib by soprano guitars, bass guitars, and accordion will be worth hearing. You can enjoy both of melody of sorrow and rhythm with gradually heating up.

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