@Monthly Harmony in 2006

January Zoom up corner special "Impressive events of Niibori Group in 2005"
New Year's Greetings of president, Dr. Hiroki Niibori
New Year's Greetings from the faculty
New Year's Greetings from friends in and out of Japan
New Year's Greetings from staff all over Japan
New Year's Greetings from guitar orchestras
Dream Box
Special Topics for This Month in English
February Public performance by Niibori Guitar Orchestra C-group - remembering late Mr.Matsuura
Audience fascinated by Japanese original music! Mr.Kouhiro Sasozaki's Guitar recital 2005
Kindly and carefully from the beginning,"Music lessons for adults - Guitar course"
Guest performance by Nara Niibori Guitar Ensemble in Nara Citizen's Culture Festival
The 41st Niibori Guitar Candle Concert (charity event)
[Music Score] 'Ring Ring de Banjo' in baroque style(Guide: Kazuyuki Terada)
Special Topics for This Month in English
March Dr. Hiroki Niibori received a plaque of recognition from The International Parliament for Peace Settlement at the UN!
Make a global start!! A general meeting of IGOA & NKG
New year concerts& New year lives by students 2006.
{Spacial Feature} Introduction of Niibori Guitar Music Schools in Japan
[Music Score] 'LITTLE WALTZ' for Guitar Ensemble(Guide: Shinji Nakamura)
Special Topics for This Month in English
April Dr. Hiroki Niibori's special lecture at the17th regular concert of Tsu-Guitar Ensemble & Tsu Citizen's Guitar Orchestra
Near at hand for Opening! Shinjou Niibori Guitar Music School & CSN(Concert Salon N)
Niibori Guitar Music Academy "Anniversary Spring Concert 2006"
Highlights of the Niibori Guitar Ensemble concert 2006
[Music Score] NRM Nobunaga (Guide: Masatoshi Ishizuka)
Special Topics for This Month in English
May {Special Feature} This is the guitar academy for the 21st century!
Introduction to the 4 campuses
They're the new stars graduated N-academy this year!
Discussion by students of N-academy
Message from the graduates
[Music Score] NRM Nobunaga (2)
Special Topics for This Month in English
June N-academy Entrance Ceremony, dedicated to the messengers of touching music in the brilliant future.
The most advanced healing oasis, Twin-Concert-Salons were completed! Shinjou Niibori Guitar Music School was newly opened!!
Special lecture 2006 by Dr.Niibori "Shortcut for mastering music"
German new star visited to Japan! Guitar Recital by Takeo Sato
[Music Score] 'Open Thy Lattice, Love' in baroque style'(Guide: Kiyomi Niibori)
Special Topics for This Month in English
July Big success with never ending hand claps! Public performance 2006 by Niibori Guitar Ensemble.
Niibori Guitar Shinjou School: Lecture by President & Celebration Party for completion of Twin Concert Salons.
2006 Springtime All Nippon "Conducting Course"
Invitation to 2006 Public Performance of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra(N-Orch.)
[Music Score] 'Sylph's lullaby'(Guide: Reiko Arima)
Special Topics for This Month in English

"Guitaristus Nippon 2006" fascinated audience with traditional and newly arranged sound at the public performance in Yokohama!!
Special lecture on "Healing by music and hints for healthy long life" by Dr.Hiroki Niibori.
The 97th Recital by Niibori Guitar Music School.
[Music Score] The Hukilau Song(Guide: Chikako Shimazu)
Special Topics for This Month in English

Greetings from Dr. Hiroki Niibori
Program of the concert & program notes
Profiles of Dr. Niibori, the originator of the guitar orchestra
Introduction of conductors and soloists
Profile of the Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra
Member list
October Festival with hot soul of musicians! "Shounan Festival 2006" in Fujisawa Campus of International Niibori Guitar Academy
All Japan Junior & Senior High School Guitar Festival
The Izu Nirayama International Guitar Festival & Summer Seminar
Guitar Manufacturing Seminar in Summer 2006
[Music Score] The 1st movement from Serenade in G, K.525 (Guide: Mitsuji Nishikawa)
Special Topics for This Month in English

Pre-opening school! Niibori Guitar Music School, Kamata class, Concert Salon N, "SAINERIA(cineraria)" Hometown Concert
The Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra Public Performance 2006
All Japan Conducting Seminar in Autumn 2006
Highlights of the 42nd Niibori Guitar Christmas Concert
[Music Score] "Deja vu" (Guide: Ishizuka Masatoshi)
Special Topics for This Month in English

December {Special Feature} All Japan Guitar Concours '06
Niibori Guitar Music School in Kamata, Tokyo and in Sakuragi-cho, Yokohama were opened one after another!!
Public performance of Niibori Guitar Orchestra B-group, commemorating public performance in Taiwan
Traditional public performance of Niibori Guitar Orchestra G-group
Hot encouragement-Storm of Diversification, Decisive battle of "Art and Technique"!! Live Energy 2006

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