The 97th Recital by Niibori Guitar Music School

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Recital by Niibori Guitar Music School is reported on and after page 8 in this issue.
Niibori Guitar Academy, university and high school courses giving priority to guitar, were reported for several times in this column, and Niibori Guitar Music Schools, classrooms for hobbies at the street corner, are introduced for this time.
Niibori Guitar Music Schools, established by Dr. Hiroki Niibori in 1957, are the classrooms for hobbies centering with guitars. Curriculum for lessons are; classical guitar, folk guitar, electric guitar, base guitar, guitars for each sound range indigenous to Niibori-Method such as alto guitar, bass guitar, cembalo guitar etc., instruments similar to guitar such as ukulele and Taishogoto (Key Board Guitar), and other instruments depending upon facilities and area of classroom such as flute, vocal, piano, drum, cello and so on.
Classrooms within the jurisdiction of head office are mainly in Metropolitan Tokyo, Kanagawa Pref., Shizuoka Pref., Chiba Pref. and Niigata Pref. Others are Branded Class (big classes are in Nagoya in Aichi Pref., Kanazawa in Ishikawa Pref., Nara Pref., Okayama Pref., Shiga Pref., and Tsu-shi in Mie Pref.) and friendly classes with Niibori-Method (from Hokkaido to Okinawa) are in many places in Japan.
Recital for this time was performed by students of classes within the jurisdiction of head office such as Tokyo, Kanagawa and Shizuoka.
Many snap shots of students are carried in this issue and they are only small part of students.
Only small part of students could have chance to perform. We have so many students and they are selected students through New Year Concert and Spring Concert held prior to the honorable stages of recital.
Snap shots show width of player’s age. From the preschoolers to seventies, eighties of age, 3 generations, 4 generations in some cases, gathered altogether to present their results of daily effort for practice. Age of fifties is quite natural for new students of Niibori Guitar Music School and age of seventies, eighties in some case, having no experience, entering Niibori Guitar Music School is increasing. Why is this possible-----? Let’s introduce the greetings of Dr. Hiroki Niibori (President of Niibori Guitar Music School) for this recital.

<Dr. Hiroki Niibori’s Greetings for Program of the Recital>
“The biggest feature of Niibori Guitar” is that every one can enjoy “Full-Harmony” at once.
Even for amateur beginners, it is possible to enjoy “Full-Harmony” soon after entering school, and that is truly surprising. For your better understanding, “Full-Harmony” means that you can learn and enjoy sophisticated “High”, “Medium” and “Low” pitch of sound in well balanced order. It does not mean the selected high-medium-low pitch of sound from Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Flute, Piano etc. It means the fundamental group of musical interval.
That is, in drama, the distinction among “leading actor”, “supporting actor” and “co-star”, and it means also you can enjoy all of them. Niibori Guitar, Niibori-Method, will make you possible to enjoy those quite different parts in the twinkling of an eye! That is the Niibori’s biggest charm and exceptional difference from others! The reason for the biggest charm and feature is that “all peoples’ life changes and develops with time, “does not stay stable”, and Niibori-Method can keep up with trend. Conclusion is you can enjoy through all of your life.
You will encounter in your life to play “Leading Part”, “Supporting Part” and “Co-Starring Part” time to time and finishing it will be an evolution and pleasure, which is your raison d’etre.
“High pitched sound” is bright, showy and feel like in high spirits, “Medium” is interesting to go between, and “Low” plays as accelerator and has full of affection to taking all in. Thus each has different function.
“Alto Guitar = High pitch of Sound”, Prime Guitar = Medium” and “Bass Guitar = Low” in Niibori Guitar are veritable epitome of life. Learning fundamentals of only one guitar, you will be possible to play and enjoy all of charming 27 kinds of guitar (guitars for each sound range in Niibori-Method), and you can do anything you want. That is Niibori’s system, Niibori = Method (Awarded many prizes from many countries).
When every thing sounded in Full-Harmony, pleasure of friendship among all peoples = mind for peace began to grow brightly, and that is Niibori – Method. Entering to Niibori Guitar, it is wasteful to learn only one personal lesson for a guitar. It is desirable to join ensemble and band to sail out to ocean of music, and meeting players of flute, piano and vocalists to fully enjoy your life.
This evening, you can see a page of tasteful life of students began above mentioned life style.
Do not miss the chance to have such a life.
There are many progressing Guitar ensembles and guitar classrooms adopting Niibori – Method in the world. It will be very happy to adopt Niibori – Method into your class to increase guitar & music fans, to grow up people’s raison d’etre, making chance to touching, and contributing to make world peace and worldwide family.
As reported earlier, classrooms having concert salon to enjoy music easily are increasing in Niibori Guitar Music School. These salons are contributing to town as an oasis, and bringing up players and audience. These salons are used for concerts, seminars and also for parties.
“View Point 61” in this issue written by Dr. Niibori, titled as “Preparing for Increasing Population” states that Japanese tendency for less children, aged society, increasing music fans and preparation for them.
Dr. Niibori says necessity for peoples exchange and conversation through music in aged society especially, recommends having dinner party after the practice of ensemble, and actually they were done already in Niibori Guitar and Academy obtaining good results.
It is recommended for some one interested in to translate the description.

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