Invitation to 2006 Public Performance of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.)

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Public performance of N-Orch., scheduled to be held on coming September 10 (Sunday) is introduced below.
You can enjoy both of the latest N-Method (novel challenge by N-Orch.!) and traditional sound = memory and surprise. As this concert is highly valuable for leaders of guitar ensembles and peoples concerning to guitar, audience will come together from all over Japan and overseas.
So, this concert is called as Main Concert.
By the way, what are memory and surprise for this year? Let's introduce here.
Dr. Hiroki Niibori, founder and foster parent of N- Orch., will conduct march "Aufs Korn!" and waltz "Fluhlingsstimmen", both composed by Johan Strauss the 2nd (born in 1825 – died in 1899) and premiere performance of N-Orch. "Fluhlingsstimmen" gives feeling of full of youth and happiness, suggesting if he was in love to his 3rd marriage, although composed by 58 years old Strauss. It is said to be composed this piece of music impromptu at a party. As you can realize, having no grand introduction usually appear in Wiener Waltzes of that time, this piece of music has very beautiful melody. It will be performed by instruments for this time and N- Orch. is planning to perform with Soprano (vocal) in near future. "Aufs Korn!" is the work in his later years and it is a joyful march. Both pieces of music give feeling of warmth and living pleasure.
Here is a description on Johan Strauss the 2nd written by Dr. Niibori.
"He was a composer of all his works were together with peoples. No matter how daily life went (they were at war), he gave them hope, friendship, love and pleasure. From 1844 (his debut) to 1899, all of his activity, regardless of social status, gave living pleasures. He never forgot love and friendship came from rhythm of rustic guitar held by a farmer in province of Alps. The unique part of Tempo Rubato surely suggests a signal of 'Are you ready? Let's take a step forward altogether as one body' to performers and dancers. It should be a "pause" or "love" which could never be written in the score. It will be "love" cultivated in soft strings of guitar and violin for hundreds of years." (quotation from "Guitar Music" magazine, Nov. 1975)
It would be easily understood the reason why Dr. Niibori loves to conduct the works of Strauss from above description. This kind of music must be possibly needed at this time. Do not miss the chance to hear charms of only guitar orchestra has (arpeggio etc.). Of course Dr. Niibori’s conducting is worth seeing.
Coming next is a must seeing for guitar fans! N-Orch. will premiere perform famous concert for guitar "Fantasia para un Gentilhombre". Conductor will be Mr. Kazuhiro Komatsuzaki having sure fundamentals with beautiful conducting and soloist will be Mr. Hiromu Taguchi, concert master of NE and became very famous in last public performance in U.S. and other concerts. This piece of music was composed as concert for guitar by contemporary composer Mr. Joaquin Rodrigo making use of "Suite Espanola" composed by 17th century composer Mr. Gaspar Sanz. It is consisted of 4 movements (performance time is about 27 minutes) and 1st movement "Villano y Ricercare", 3rd movement "Danza de las Hachas" and 4th movement "Canario" will be performed for this time. The 4th movement will be easily understood that the material is Sanz's "Canarios" favorite one for guitar fans. New musical instrument, never used in N-Orch. before, for wind instrument part will be adopted. Don't miss it!
2 original works of popular Mr. Kengo Momose will be performed for this time.
They are "AME ~Mizu to Hikari no Fantasia~" (Fantasia of Rain by its Water and Light) conducted by Ms. Kyoko Momose and concert for electric guitar "Gold Rush"conducted by Mr. Kazuyuki Terada. Both of them are arranged for N-Orch. Soloists for "Gold Rush" are composer Mr. Kengo Momose, Mr. Masahiro Suzuki and new member of NE Mr. Naoyuki Sawada. The triple solo for this time is the first trial. And "AME" is the premiere performance for N-Orch.
2 pieces of music, baroque styled "'O Sole Mio" and "Ciribiribin" (adapted by Masaaki Hayakawa), will be continuously performed as the first trial. These are favorite pieces as repertoire of NE, and cembalo guitar ensemble (ensemble using cembalo guitars of each sound range), becoming popular, costarring with N-Orch. will perform for this time. Baroque styled "'O Sole Mio" seems to be combined with canzone 'O Sole Mio and J.S.Bach's Brandenburg Concert and cadence performed by cembalo guitars rich in Bach's style will be especially worth hearing. Conductor will be experienced Mr. Mitsuaki Kubota.
2 pieces of music from healing CD "Nocturne" now on sale and much talked about will be performed. Minuetto from Divertimento No.17 composed by Mozart is a repertoire of ladies' ensemble "The Dreamers the 1st" attained great success in public performance in U.K., and performance of ladies' ensemble (2 guitarrons were performed by gentlemen) in 1991 is recorded in this CD. Conductor was Dr. Niibori. Conductor for this time will be also a lady, Ms. Emiko Watanabe, obtained top award for both of general and student department of All Nippon Guitar Concours in last year. The sound will be expectable. Also Ladies' Quartet (JOYON) will perform "La Musique de L'amour" (P. Senneville), once recorded in 1991. This piece of music was arranged by excellent arranger Mr. Hideaki Kobayashi and it will be 15 years interval for performing at big stage. You will be able to enjoy pure sound of guitar for these 2 pieces of music.
2 favorably received pieces of music at NE public performance in this year will be performed.
Costarring marimba and guitar ensemble will perform "Parada der zin sol da tin".
Marimba solo is sweet and performer will be expert Ms. Nayu Niibori. Conductor will be talented performer Mr. Naoto Shibayama. Another one will be "Recife Dos Corais" performed by DANROKU (men's sextet) adding new member. This is a very popular repertoire and arrangement is superb.
Those are all for program of the concert and please look forward to encore as NE public performance. Of course it will depend upon hand claps of audience.
This public performance with full of topics is scheduled to be held at 1:30 p.m. on Sept. 10 (Sun.) at Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall. It is a nice hall with good sound effect and audience feel very close to performers. Don’t miss! You can also enjoy dinning and shopping at Muza Kawasaki (urban complex institution). Why don't you make splendid plans together with the concert?

Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra Public Performance 2006
September 10 (Sun.) 2006 Curtain rise: 13:30 Site: Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall

S seat 7,000yen A seat 6,000yen B seat 5,000yen
C seat 3,500yen (Primary to High School Student 2,000yen)

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