Commemorating 50th year since N-Group was found, healing live CD "Nocturne" is on the market !

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

N-Group, reached 49th year, pre 50th year, since the foundation, and many commemorating works started to be published and/or put on sale. This CD became available for the first of them.
The contents of this CD, pieces of music suited for healing were strictly selected by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, Musical Director, and Mr. Kouhiro Sasozaki, PLERA Project (abbr. P.P.), from many concerts of N-Group during 1991 and 2004. Concert of N-Group, enjoying established reputation for encouraging and cheering up audience, performed many joyful, rhythmical, cheerful pieces of music, and this CD, musical selection from live performance, will be precious one of no precedent.
Readers will expect the recording of calm, BGM like performance for healing CD, or selection of gentle pieces. Although they were recorded from actual concert, different from studio recording, you will be impressed deeply by enthusiastic intention to convey, breathing of performers, atmosphere of audience and aroused sympathy.
Guitars play a key role, of course, in the recorded pieces and you can also enjoy the sound of flute, cello and hand bells. It will be said as an encouraging CD in a sense.

<<Recorded pieces of music>>
1.Nocturne (composed by P. Mauriat, arranged by Hiroki Niibori) performed in 2002
This piece of music, as the title of CD, was performed at the last of encore. Feeling of farewell will be realized by agokik.
Arpeggio and tremolo of guitar were performed beautifully.
2.Dance of Nubians~Dance of the Trojan from 'Faust' (comp. C. Gounod, arr. Hideaki Kobayashi) 2004
3.La Musique de L'amour (comp. Seneville and Toussaint, arr. Hideaki Kobayashi) 1991
4.When You Wish Upon A Star and Sleeping Beauty (comp.Leigh Harline and Tchaikovsky, arr.Hideaki Kobayashi) 1996s
5.Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te (comp. P.Donaggio, arr. Sachiko Hiyamuta) 2004

From #2 to #5 are performed by Ladies' Quartet. Each a guitar for each sound range was used and you can enjoy charm of each sound of guitar.
6.Concerto for Flute in F Major, 2nd Movement (comp. A.Vivaldi, arr. Hiroki Niibori) 1997
7.Concerto for Flute No.2 in D Major K.314, 2nd Movement (comp.W.A.Mozart, arr.NE) 1998
#6 and #7 are performed costarring with flutist Ms. Chie Nagasaki, world wide player, and NE
8."Minuetto" from Divertimento No.17(comp.W.A.Mozart, arr.Hiroki Niibori) 1991
9."Serenade" from Don Giovanni (comp.W.A.Mozart, arr.Hiroki Niibori) 1991
#8 and #9 are repertoires of ladies' ensemble "The Dreamers", brought big success at public performance in England in 1974, and these pieces were also performed by female members and a guitarron (male performer).
10.Le Cygne (comp.C.Saint-Saëns, arr.Hiroki Niibori) 1991
You can fully enjoy charm of tremolo of guitars of each sound range in big organization.
11.Birthday Cantata BWV208 "Sheep May Safely Graze" (comp.J.S.Bach, arr.NE) 2000
Organized with 2 flutes, viola da gamba and guitar ensemble for this piece of music, performed at Christmas charity concert resulting very good reputation.
12.Waltz op.64-2 (comp.F.Chopin, arr.Hiroki Niibori) 2004
Only Dr. Niibori is capable of conducting! Guitar ensemble became possible to express this high leveled motif and agokik. This piece of music obtained highest praise at overseas concert and also from pianist.
13."Catari Catari" in Baroque Style (adapted.Masaaki Hayakawa, arr.Hiroki Niibori) 2001
Cello plays impotant part in this piece.
14."Gavotte" from Concert Grosso op.6-10 (comp.G.F.Handel, arr.Hiroki Niibori) 1991
This piece of music is said to be the origin of N-Orchestra in history, organization and spirits.
15.The Forest's Waltz ("Ohshima Village" A Musical Pageant) (comp.Hiroki Niibori) 2003
This is the original work of Dr. Niibori. The effect sounds of birds' singing in forest will be enjoyed in this arrangement.
16.The Hawaiian Wedding Song (comp.C.E.King, arr.Hideaki Kobayashi) 2001
This arrangement and motif were highly praised in Hawaii as "The best performance ever heard".
17.Recuerdos de La Alhambla (comp.F.Tarrega, arr.Hiroki Niibori) 1998
You can enjoy both of solo and orchestra in this arrangement.
18.The first Noel (Traditional, arr.Mitsuji Nishikawa)1996
Performed by guitar (old instrument made in 1816) and hand bells to decorate the finale of the CD. You will surely be healed.

Conductor: Hiroki Niibori #1,7,8,9,10,12,14,16,17 /Kiyoshi Koyama #6,11,13 /Kyoko Momose #15
Performance: Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (NOrch.) #1,10,14,15,16, 17
Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE) #6,7,11,12,13
Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet (L.Q.=Quintet of guitars of each sound range) #2,3,4,5
Dreamers (Ladies' Guitar Ensemble) #8,9
Niibori Guitar Hand Bells Ensemble #18

It became a form of one point messages in this column, and detailed explanation will be attached to CD.
CD "Nocturne" price 1,575yen (tax included) separate freight charge

This issue is specially featured musical instruments (Guitars). World's famous guitars N-Method Guitars for each sound range such as Soprano Guitar, Alto Guitar, Bass Guitar, Cembalo Guitar, Contrabass Guitar and Guitarron are possible to purchase at Niibori Guitar Academy.

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