Introducing Public Performance of Niibori Guitar Ensemble <NE>

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Public performance of NE in this year is introduced below as notified in last issue.
Public performance in last May, conducted by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, musical director, and 3 conductors among the members of NE, Mr. Naoto Shibayama, Mr. Kazuyuki Terada and Ms. Kyoko Momose, showing each personality for the most suitable piece of music, was highly praised. This public performance became so popular that DVD named "Espana Cani" was put on sale. These 3 conductors will play actively in coming public performance again.
Mr. Kazuyuki Terada, highly praised at last public performance in the U.S., will conduct all movements of the opening piece "Eine Kleine Nacht Musik" and the last piece "Hungarian Rhapsody" (Liszt). Mr. Naoto Shibayama will conduct 2 pieces of music played by guitar ensemble and other instruments, "Parada der zin sol da tin" (Jessel) with xylophone solo by Ms. Nayu Niibori and "Tears of EOS" (2006 version) newly arranged for double solo of 2 electric guitars. Ms. Kyoko Momose will conduct 2 Japanese contrastive pieces of music, famous "Kagura" with manly strength composed by Mr. Urato Watanabe and "Nanatsu-no-ko, in baroque style" (Masaaki Hayakawa) with full of gracefulness and nostalgia.
For solo and ensemble, first of all, Mr. Hiromu Taguchi, concert master of NE, will challenge solo of "Caprice No.24" composed by Paganini. DANROKU will play "Recife Dos Corais" with new members, and for cembalo ensemble, highly praised at concert in the U.S., will play "When You Wish Upon A Star & Sleeping Beauty" recorded in healing CD "Nocturne". And cembalo guitar ensemble, highly praised at the concert in the U.S., will play "'Allegro di molt' from Symphony Wq 182 no. 2" composed by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach in nonet for the premiere performance (octet in the past).
By the way, you can fully enjoy sounds of pure guitar ensemble at public performance of NE.
Therefore, enjoying the costarring with other instruments will be also another charm of this concert. For this time, specialists will be also invited to the concert, flutists Ms. Yuko Koshibe and Mr. Shinji Hamakawa, electric guitarists Mr. Kengo Momose and Mr. Masahiro Suzuki, percussionist Mr. Hiromitsu Hagiwara and so on. "Hungarian Rhapsody" played for finale of the concert will be an all-star cast and worth seeing.
The concert hall for the first evening, in Yokohama, will be "Small hall of Minato Mirai" and the second evening, in Tokyo, will be "Casals Hall in Nihon University". Both of the halls have excellent sound effect. We hope you enjoy charming and colorful sounds of NE at excellent concert halls.

[Program of NE Public Performance]
1. Eine Kleine Nacht Musik with all movements (composed by Mozart, arranged by NE)
conductor: Kazuyuki Terada

Please enjoy pure sound of guitar ensemble at first. Commemorating 250 years since Mozart was born, all movements will be performed after an interval of a few years. This is a typical traditional repertoire highly praised at overseas concert, they are going to challenge in original key (played in fourth lower key tuned for alto guitar in the past).

2. Allegro di molt from Symphony Wq182 no.2 (comp. Emanuel Bach, arr. NE)
performed by Cembalo Guitar Ensemble

Gorgeous sound reminding palace! This is the 4th performance of ensemble with cembalo guitars of each sound range. Cembalo sounds of variable stress exist only in N-method! You will be able to hear only in here. The biggest organization in the past was octet and this time will be nonet.

3. Caprice No.24 (comp. Paganini)
perf. Hiromu Taguchi, guitar solo

This piece of music was composed by Paganini, the greatest violinist, and this variation requires fierce technique to perform. Brought the concert in the U.S. in success as the concert master, and grew up bigger in music and human nature, Hiromu Taguchi will challenge.

4. Parada der zin sol da tin (comp. Jessel, arr. NE)
cond: Naoto Shibayama, xylophone solo: Nayu Niibori

Ms. Nayu Niibori, a member of NE, is a guitarist and she is a very good player of xylophone, obtaining good reputation at the last concert in the U.S.

5. Tears of EOS, 2006 version (comp. Kengo Momose)
cond: Naoto Shibayama, Electric guitar solo: Kengo Momose and Masahiro Suzuki

This is a ballad styled original work of Kengo Momose, and it is originally written for a electric guitar with guitar orchestra. Arranged for double electric guitar solo at this time and it will be premiere preformed. Soloists are Kengo Momose and Masahiro Suzuki, both highly praised at the concert in the U.S.

6. Kagura (comp: Urato Watanabe, arr. Hiroki Niibori)
cond: Kyoko Momose

Conductress will challenge manly Japanese piece of music. Japanese percussions = Wadaiko (Japanese drums) in big, middle and small sizes, Surigane and Shinobue will play important part. Inviting Mr. Hiromitsu Hagiwara as Wadaiko player and Mr. Shinji Hamakawa as Shinobue player, this piece of music will be performed. This is said to be only for Japanese.

7. Nanatsu-no-ko in baroque style (comp. Masaaki Hayakawa, arr. Hiroki Niibori)
cond: Kyoko Momose

Contrastive to Kagura, Japanese heart warming children's song is the motif of this piece.
This piece is arranged like baroque style (just like Pachelbel's Canon) by Masaaki Hayakawa and you can fully enjoy beautiful sound of guitar ensemble.

8. Recife Dos Carais (comp. S.Assad, arr. Masatoshi Taruishi)
perf. DANROKU (Niibori Guitar Men's Sextet)

This piece was composed by elder brother, Sergio, of guitarist brothers, Assad, for guitar solo and it was arranged for DANROKU. It became one of the popular repertoires of DANROKU.
Town of Recife, located north-east of Brazil, is so beautiful to be called as "Venice of Brazil" and coral reef is a highlight. Scenery of shining town is well expressed by 6 rhythmic guitars and tree chimes.

9. When You Wish Upon A Star & Sleeping Beauty (comp. Harlin & Tchaikovsky, arr. Hideaki Kobayashi)
perf. Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet

This piece is one of recorded pieces of music in healing CD "Nocturne", put on sale just before and talked about so much, and it will be performed. "When You Wish Upon A Star" is arranged just like a lullaby and later half is fantastic "Sleeping Beauty", arranged to be enjoyed beautiful graceful sound of guitars played only by ladies. Please enjoy relaxing yourself.

10. Hungarian Rhapsody (comp. Liszt, arr. Kazuyuki Terada)
cond. Kazuyuki Terada

All performers for this concert including invited performers will appear on stage and perform this piece composed by Liszt, magician of piano. It will be organized with guitar ensemble, xylophone (Nayu Niibori), 2 flutes (Koshibe, Hamakawa), bass electric guitar (Kengo Momose), cymbals (Masahiro Suzuki) and tympani (Hagiwara). Solemn first half and rhythmical later half give good contrast in this piece of music. Guitars of each sound range and solo of xylophone and flute appear in the first half, and the later half will be half-crazed as title shows! All performers in NE have superb technique but it will be very hard to express this piece of music without performing passionately, half-crazed, whirling up the dust. Last piece of concert will be this piece of music and stamina of NE will be worth seeing. Is it possible to accomplish? Your passionate hand clapping will be expected when they reached goal.
Many performers will be invited and splendid encore will be expected for this time.
Don’t miss the chance!

[Yokohama] May 17 (Wed.) Curtain rise; 19:00 at Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall (small)
[Tokyo] May 18 (Thu.) Curtain rise; 19:00 at Casals Hall in Nihon University
Both of above; S-seat 4,500yen, A-seat (adult) 3,500yen, A-seat (student)2,500yen

Other News
This issue is featuring introduction of 4 Guitar Schools, Dr. Hiroki Niibori works as president. 3 of them are Educational Foundations and foreign students will be accepted. You can study guitar orchestra in Niibori-Method and it is possible to join the orchestra. Graduated students got diplomas are introduced from page 12 and after.
Please ask details for address shown below.
Healing CD "Nocturne" was put on sale for the first time in N-Group.
Details will be introduced in next issue.

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