Niibori Guitar Singapore Started in Full-Scale!

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

World's devoted readers of Harmony celebrated a Happy New Year in good health, we suppose. As reported in last December issue of Harmony in Japanese, the establishment of “Niibori Guitar Singapore” was announced.
In Singapore, in 1981, the public performance of NE (Niibori Guitar Ensemble) at Victoria Memorial Hall, invited by Singapore Yamaha, brought big success. The performance was broadcasted as radio program and lots of people came to know the guitar ensemble by N-Method. After that, a short course of N-Method by professors of administrative office of Niibori Guitar was held frequently and N-Method spread widely giving the birth of N-Method Guitar Ensemble in Singapore University. Requests for teaching at schools in Singapore, inquiries for musical scores, inquiries for observation trip to International Niibori Guitar Music Academy are increasing every year proves the increase of N-Method.
"Niibori Guitar Singapore” was born by signing contract between “Administrative Office of Niibori Guitar” and Singapore’s famous guitarist Mr. Thomas Liauw, and it will become the base to import mainly N-Method instruments to Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia etc.
Mr. Thomas already running splendid shop of musical instruments in Singapore and "Niibori Guitar Singapore” is newly started in separate building.
Mr. Thomas was one of audience in public performance of NE in Singapore in 1981 and moved deeply. He visited Niibori Guitar about 10 years ago and he came again last year. He studied for a few days concentrating N-Method, observing the practice of N-Orchestra conducted by Dr. Niibori, and deeply moved.
Niibori Guitar will dispatch a staff member of Niibori Guitar (instructor) in near future.
Public performances of NE and N-Orchestra are planned. Now we have many foreign students from Taiwan and receiving more foreign students from Singapore, and increasing international exchanges will support the students could work easily in their homeland after the graduation. Reinforcing Niibori Guitar Singapore will be expected to be great help to spread N-Method in Asia setting foothold in Singapore, just like Dr Niibori spread N-Method in Japan.
Then, let us introduce profile of Mr.Thomas Liauw – indispensable person to realize the dream.

<< Biography of Thomas Liauw >>
Thomas Liauw obtained his M.A. (music) as a research scholar at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He graduated with a B.A.(Honours) Degree in music from Kingston University (London), obtained his Licentiate Diploma in teaching from the Trinity College of Music (London) and a Music Diploma from LaSalle College of the Arts (Singapore). His works include arrangements and composition for solo guitar and ensembles such as publication like “Favorite Collections For Solo Guitar” (Books 1&2), a Christmas collection, "Jingle Bell Rock” and for ensemble pieces, “Guitars in Harmony”.
He successfully completed his first recording in 1990, an album entitled “Time For Romantic Guitar” which turned out to be a sell out. Besides recording Thomas performed numerous recitals in countries as far away as Iceland, London, Italy and Poland, while closer to home he performed in Indonesia, Malaysia, and also in Singapore. His other achievements include being a prizewinner when he represented Singapore in the Golden Kite World Song Festival 1991 as well as other notable classical guitar competitions.
Thomas is also known for imparting his love of the classical guitar. He taught at the Yamaha Music School (Singapore) for over a decade and currently teaches at the local universities and other tertiary institutions, guiding budding guitarists. Under his tutelage many have gone on to win numerous awards. Besides teaching he is involved in conducting music examinations, judging at music competitions and increasing music awareness locally. This includes a 13-part series titled "Strings Attached" which covers guitar history, technique, artistes and was aired over Radio FM 99.5 (Singapore) throughout the week from Oct. 2002. Following the success of the first series, a second 13-part series was added on but this time focusing mainly on guitar music appreciation.
To promote and enhance guitar music in his home country, Singapore, he set up Tomas Music Consultants Pte Ltd in 1994. His music consultancy has organized numerous notable recitals and performances including the famous John Williams & Friends, Manuel Barrueco, Kazuhito Yamashita, Jorge Morel, Paco Pena, Roland Dyens, Julian Byzantine, Uto Ughi, I Solisti Veneti, Tango 2000, Flamenco Passion and the annual International Guitar Festival (Singapore). Of all the achievements, he organizes the annual International Guitar Festival which has entered 5th year and also the International Guitar Festival in Singapore. In 2001, he expanded his music business with Tomas Music Centre which stocks quality guitars, books and accessories.
Thomas is eclectic in his interpretations of both classical and contemporary music.
Not only is he an exponent of the guitar, he is also in demand as a teacher and performer.

The 41st Niibori Guitar Candle (Christmas Charity) Concerts were held in many places.
In December, Christmas Charity Concert = Candle Concert, continued for 41 years, were held in many places in Japan. (These articles run as special feature of this month.)
Typical sites were in many places where we have our bases in Kanagawa, of course, Tokyo, Chiba, Shizuoka, Jouetsu, Kanazawa, Wakayama, Shiga, Nagoya, Okayama, Nara and others.
Collections of contributions at these concerts and income of concerts were contributed through Japan Red Cross.
And, the 3rd “Wishing for Peace” concerts in last year were held in Tokyo and Yokohama.
Peace Song = "Let There Be Peace On Earth” was heartily sung by Ms. Ayano Watabiki with N-Orchestra. N-Orchestra conducted by Dr. Niibori performed Strauss’ “Rosen aus dem Suden” and “Plappermaulchen”. NE, brought big success in the U.S. in last Oct., performed “Foster in Baroque Style”, the same pieces of music performed in the U.S.
The 3rd piece of this music “Ring Ring de Banjo in Baroque Style” should be found in this issue, and please challenge it.

Joint N-School Spring Anniversary Concert
International Niibori Guitar Music Academy in Fujisawa, International Niibori Guitar Music Academy in Tokyo, Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory in Izu and Niibori Guitar Music Academy in Jouetsu are joined to have Spring Anniversary Concert on coming Feb.11 (Fri.) at 3 p.m. in the big hall of Kamakura Geijutsukan. Performances of Guitar Orchestras of each school, and classical guitar (Prime guitar), Alto guitar and Bass guitar etc., N-method guitars of each sound range will be performed in solo or ensemble, of course, electrical guitar solo for classical piece of music, new organization, original pieces of music, you can enjoy various performances. Furthermore, harmonized sound of various instruments will be presented. Wall of genre were transcended to give concert with full of joy of guitar. The performers all passed strict auditions. Joint N-School Guitar Orchestra will be so powerful to move your heart. You can possibly encounter brand new sounds. Results will be reported later in this column but seeing is the best.
Various news was reported above. Latest news of N-Method will soon be reported to you in world wide, also in this year. We will answer questions or requests on N-Method.

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