Informing Public Performance of N-Group Guitar Orchestra, in Dec., 2006

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

<<Singapore>>NE appears on stage in the 6th International Guitar Festival 2006 (Singapore) & the 2nd International Guitar Competition
The Guitar Festival & Competition will be opened from Dec. 4 (Mon.) through Dec. 10 (Sun.), 2006. Guitarist Mr. Thomas Liauw, playing active part in Singapore, plays a key role in above festival and competition. He is the president of Niibori Guitar Singapore.
Concert, lecture, seminar, master class, competition and work shop will be opened during a week. Performers and lecturers from many countries in the world were selected and invited.
Guitarists appear on stage of evening concert are Arnaud Dumond from France, Oscar Ghiglia from Italy, Marco Pereira from Brazil, Flamenco Guitarist Juan Martin (Spain), etc. and for seminar etc., English Guitar Manufacturer Paul Fischer, Guitar Instructor Michael Macmeeken, Swedish Guitarist & Nail Care Specialist Miro Simic, American Jazz Guitarist Rick Smith & Christy Smith (Bassist), Guitar Instructor in Singapore (ex-conductor of NUS Guitar Ensemble) Alex Abisheganaden, Teacher of music and Composer Dr. Larry Francis Hilarian will participate.
Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE) will also appear on stage at this honorable Evening Concert.
Conductor will be Kazuyuki Terada, in limelight at the public performance in the U.S. last year. Program will be "Canzone in baroque style (O Sole Mio, Torna a Surriento, I Battitori di Grano)" by Masaaki Hayakawa, "Concerto for Flute in F major" by Vivaldi, "Three scenes in Japan" by Masaaki Hayakawa, "Parade Der Zinnsoldaten" by Jessel in Marimba Concerto, "Electric Guitar Concerto by the theme of Beethoven's Symphony No.9" by Beethoven, arranged by Kengo Momose, "Espana Cani" by Marquina, and so on. Also performances by Ensemble of Cembalo Guitars (for each sound range), Men's Sextet and Ladies' Quartet + Guitarron are programmed. Date of public performance by NE is scheduled on Dec. 6 (Wed.) 8 p.m. at Singapore Conference Hall.
Admission fee will be S$20, S$30, S$40, S$50 and S$60.
Other detailed information will be shown in

<<Taiwan>>Joint concert of Taichung City Children's Guitar Orchestra & International Niibori Guitar Music Academy Guitar Orchestra B-Group
Joint concert of Taiwanese Children's Guitar Orchestra (up to high school student) led by Mr. Hong Zai Tian and International Niibori Guitar Music Academy Students' Guitar Orchestra = voluntary members of B-Group is scheduled to open on Dec. 30 (Sat.), 7:00p.m. at Taichung City Zhong Shan Hall. Conductors will be Mr. Kazuyuki Terada, chief instructor in International Niibori Guitar Music Academy, Mr. Mitsuji Nishikawa, instructor in Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory, Mr. Yang Geng Hao, graduated from N-School and now working for Mr. Hong as an instructor, and Mr. Xu Wei Ting, member of Taichung Guitar Orchestra and expecting to learn at N-School.
Taiwan and International Niibori Guitar Music Academy have close relationship with Study Abroad Agreement and promoting fraternal friendship is the main purpose for this time. They are going to perform each other and also jointly. B-Group will perform Japanese pieces of music, "HARU GA KITA in baroque style", "Three scenes in Japan", composed by Masaaki Hayakawa, and others. Joint orchestra will perform "Espana Cani" by Marquina, "Wonderful Morning" by Hiroki Niibori, "Auf der Jagd" by Strauss and others.
Admission fee will be, 1st floor: 1,500Yuan, 1,000Yuan, 2nd floor: 800Yuan, 500Yuan.
Requesting tickets and inquiries will be received by Mr. Hong Zai Tian.
*TEL <Taiwan 866> l04-2236-2042/FAX 2235-7810

<<Japan>>The 42nd Niibori Guitar Christmas (Candle) Concert
We are going to have Niibori Guitar Christmas (Charity) Concert at many places in December, this year also. This concert was started by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, deeply impressed by concert at Mirabel Palace when he visited Vienna and Salzburg in 1965, to promote to take music into people's daily life in Japan. Favorite pieces of music and famous old and new pieces of music are performed magnificently with easy to understand, even for the first comer, explanation for each piece of music in this concert. ("International Art and Culture Prize" was awarded and also it acted as trigger to be awarded by United Nation's NGO)
This concert has grown up to be held at many places in Japan and sub title of "Wishing for Peace" was put up to be performed peace hoping songs in every year since 2003.
N-Orchestra and stars of Niibori Guitar will appear one after another on stage in specially offered A-Program (public performance in Tokyo, part 2). This concert will be held at Suginami Public Hall (remodeled in this year) where the Candle Concert started first. Enjoyable Christmas music of course and favorite pieces of music performed in public performance of N-Orchestra in September will be also presented.
Each public performance has different program and it will be enjoyable for first comers, children and aged audience. Closing piece of music for concert is big chorus with audience of "Silent Night". Be the deep impression of unified performers and audience for a memory of Christmas in Japan. We are looking forward to seeing you at the concert.
Tokyo Public Performance in Tokyo ~Wishing for Peace~

Dec. 17(Sun.) at Suginami Public Hall
D-Program Part 1 Curtain rises at 14:00 Admission free (Entrance Ticket is needed)
<Performance> N-Method Guitar Ensembles (by students) in Tokyo, etc.
Part 2 Curtain rises at 16:00
A-Program <Conducting and talk> Hiroki Niibori, Kazuyuki Terada
<Performance> Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra and NE etc.
Public Performance in Tokyo Part 2
Ticket in advance *additional 500yen for day ticket
Adult 3,500yen Primary to High School Student 2,500yen

B-Program <Conducting and talk> Kazuyuki Terada
<Performance> NE and Guitar Orchestra in the area etc.
Kanagawa Public Performance in Hiratsuka
Dec.3 (Sun.) Curtain rises at 14:00 Hiratsuka Chuou Public Hall
Shizuoka Public Performance in Shizuoka
Dec. 12(Tue.) Curtain rises at 19:00 Shizu Gin Hall "Euphonia"
Shizuoka Public Performance in Mishima
Dec. 13(Wed.) Curtain rises at 19:00 Mishima Citizen’s Bunka Kaikan (small hall)
Chiba Public performance in Funabashi
Dec. 14(Thu.) Curtain rises at 19:00 Funabashi Citizen’s Bunka Souzou Kan “Kirara Hall”
Ticket in advance for Hiratsuka, Shizuoka, Mishima and Funabashi (non reserved seat)
Adult 3,000yen, Primary to High School Student 2,000yen *additional 500yen for day ticket

C-Program <Conducting and talk> Shinji Nakamura etc.
<Performance> Niibori Guitar Ensemble E-Group etc.
Niigata Public Performance in Jouetsu
Dec. 3(Sun.) Curtain rises at 14:00 Kibou Kan

Other districts, sponsored and performed by N-Method Guitar Orchestra
Aichi Public performance in Nagoya
Dec. 10(Sun.) Curtain rises at 13:30 Shirakawa Hall
Ishikawa Public performance in Kanazawa
Dec. 17(Sun.) Curtain rises at 13:00 Kanazawa Bunka Hall (big hall)
Nara Public performance in Nara
Dec. 24(Sun.) Curtain rises at 14:00 Yamato-gun Yamashiro Reception Hall
Okayama Public performance in Okayama
Dec. 24(Sun.) Curtain rises at 14:00 Miki Memorial Hall
*Niibori Guitar Christmas Concert will be opened in other places in Japan also.

NE Christmas Wine Party <Conducting and talk> Naoto Shibayama
<Performance> NE
Kanagawa Dec. 20(Wed.) Curtain rises at 19:30 Fujisawa-Live House N
4,000yen (1 drink included)

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