Guide to Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.)Public Performance(2)

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Wiener Waltz (Strauss) and N-Orchestra (Dr. Niibori)
"Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald" was performed and brought big success by N-Orch. with more than 70 members after more than 10 years' study in 1976, as described in previous issue. The premiere performance was in 1969 and number of members counted a few more than 10. And one of the member's document at that time showed it was impossible to play all percussions written in musical score. Actually, in 1969, guitars for each sound range now used in N-Orch. were developed in basic design to use at the concert and became possible to perform "Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald".

Niibori Guitar Music School was established in 1957 and Alto Guitars and Bass Guitars were not yet developed at that time. Starting point was duet and trio of Prime Guitars by teacher, Mr. Niibori, and his students. At that time, Mr. Niibori possibly thought of Quartet of Violins and Guitars by Johann Strauss the 1st and Joseph Lannner completing the style of Wiener Waltz. Because, you can often see the description, "Guitars started on a trip to the ocean of music", in Dr. Niibori's old (and new ?) writings. Inferring entirely, "How can Guitars start on a trip to the ocean of music?" i.e."How can Guitar Ensemble perform Wiener Waltz?", this could be said and Musical Instruments and many kinds of components of N-Method were developed for this purpose. Wiener Waltz by Strauss seems to be related to Dr. Niibori's philosophy. At the time of Strauss the 1st and Strauss the 2nd worked actively and also Wiener Waltzes were performed enthusiastically, Austria was multi racial nation lacking in unity and left behind as agricultural nation, Europe was disturbed for more than 20 years by the French Revolution and Napoleon, Wiener citizens suffered from tyranny of autocracy, and sometimes defeated wars, peoples forced to have uneasy days. That was Wiener Waltz by Strauss to give "Courage to Live" for Wiener citizens. "Music giving courage to live" closely fit to "Good music nourishing your heart", philosophy of Niibori.

"Rosen aus dem Suden" 2005 version
Now, N-Orch. conducted by Dr. Niibori will perform "Rosen aus dem Suden" for this time. This piece of music was arranged by then member of N-Orch. (Masaaki Adachi) in 1970s following to "Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald", and rearranged by Dr. Niibori and performed in 1980s. Basic ideas of arrangement were Cembalo Guitars perform theme (waltz) and Guitar Orchestra responded, and percussions used fully adding synthesizer, 2 flutes and 2 clarinets.

However, "Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald" was performed so many times afterwards and this piece of music was performed only a few times (twice). The arrangement of Strauss' Waltz had not been done afterward until "An der schönen blauen Donau" in 2000. There had surely been some cause. Seeing at VTR of performances at that time, although guitars were vividly utilized but grandeur climax was somewhat unsatisfactory. This is the most important point of the piece of music. That should be the limit of then organization of N-Orch. 20 years has passed and now it changed to have the name of Philharmonic Orchestra. This time, synthe.? trumpet is used. Piccolo & Flute group plays active part. Bass Electrical Guitars are used in lower sound range, this time. Guitars are big organized to compete with above and it has no meaning without utilizing delicacy and beautifulness of guitar orchestra to be performed by N-Orch. Many inventions will be practiced toward the concert, and please look forward to the concert.

Well, composer of this piece of music is Johann Strauss the 2nd (his mother, Anna Strehm had Spanish grand father and Anna, said to be, loved and played guitar) and he was born in 1825. So, 2005, this year is 180th year since he was born.

N-Orch. is challenging again in this specific year for "Rosen aus dem Suden", and it is not to be an accidental happening. Don't you think so?

More worth seeing points of N-Orch. Public Performance
Dr. Niibori will conduct one more piece of music. Traditional repertoire, praised highly at overseas concert, "1st Movement from Guitar Concert op.30" (M. Jiuliani) is the one. Soloists and their guitar technique are also worth seeing. This time, soloists are Mitsuji Nishikawa and Kazuyuki Terada, presented many good performances for this piece of music before. Of course, conductor Dr. Niibori is worth seeing, needless to say.

Introduction of other pieces of music:
The concert will start with the first piece of music, "Music for Royal Fireworks for Orchestra, Overture" composed by Handel. This piece of music is said to be composed for celebration event, fireworks sponsored by George the 2nd , king of England.

Wind instruments played actively in original piece of music and no string instruments used for some arrangement. It is suitable one for opening of concert.

You can enjoy specific sound quality of guitar with simple organization of guitar orchestra and it has speedy passages to enjoy. Conductor will be Mr. Kazuhiro Komatsuzaki. He is a beautiful conductor having firm basic ability and counted in the top 5 conductors in N-Group.

The second piece will be "3rd Movement from Brandenburgische Konzerte 5" (J.S.Bach). Flute and violin solo and cembalo as thoroughbass give pleasant exchange in original piece. In the arrangement for this time, 2 flutes (players are Yuko Koshibe and Shinji Hamakawa) play solo part of violin and Cembalo Guitar Ensemble = Cembalo Guitar Octet, well received recently, plays cembalo part. Sound quality, of course, and good looking gives splendid feeling and worth seeing. Conductor will be Mr. Mitsuaki Kubota, having top experience on stage as a conductor of NE and supported by big number of fan. He always give audience to talk about when he stands on stage and his performance will be full of expectation.

NE, conducted by Mr. Naoto Shibayama, will perform "Divertissement from Theme of Bartok" originally composed by Takeki Mitome, a member of NE. This piece of music was well received at public performance by NE in this year, and "knock the body (NRM)" & ad lib. are also worth to see.

Last one in first half of concert will be "Theme from Star Wars" (J. Williams), arranged by Kengo Momose, the 2nd piece of costarring group of electrical guitars of each sound range with guitar orchestra. "Pomp and Circumstance Military Marches No.1,2,3,4" played with electrical guitars and guitar orchestra in last year got top reputation in enquete, and how about this time? It is surprising to perform "Theme from Star Wars" by guitar-----members of N-Orch. will be surely astonished. Conductor is of course Mr. Kengo Momose. Please look forward to the concert.

DANROKU and Ladies' Quartet will also appear on stage. (This time, many grandeur pieces of music are scheduled, and a pause will be delighted.)

Please look forward to encore, not disclosed here. Of course it depends upon request and hand claps-----.

Anyway, Public Performance of N-Orch. this year is really worth seeing. Don't miss the chance!!

"Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra"Public Performance 2005
Date: Sept.4 (Sun.) Curtain rises at 1:30 p.m.
Place: Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall
Tickets: S-seat 7,000yen. A-seat 6,000yen. B-seat 5,000yen. C-seat 3,500yen. (Primary, Middle and High School Students C-seat 2,000yen.)

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