Public Performance 2004 by Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra Live DVD
"Kunstlerleben (Artist's Life)" was put on sale!

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Live DVD"Kunstlerleben (Artist's Life)" of public performance 2004 by Niibiri Guitar Orchestra held at Yokohama, Minato-Mirai on last September, 12 was put on sale.
Various charms of Guitar Orchestra were presented at the public performance in every year, and"Beautiful Sound" was the theme of last year. Audience enjoyed both of"Latest Sound of Guitar Orchestra" and"Traditional Beautiful Sound of Guitar" at this concert by N-Orchestra.
Recorded contents in full of expectation are introduced below.
1. All movements from"Autumn" in"Four Seasons" op.8-4
(A.Vivaldi arr.H.Niibori)

Cond.K.Koyama, Niibori Guitar Ensemble
Alto Guitar Solo: K.Terada, T.Ihara, M.Nishikawa

The first one was performed by Niibori Guitar Ensemble=NE.
The premiere performance of this piece of music was done at 24th public performance,"Vivaldi Evening", on Dec. 18, 1970, at Kanda Kyouritsu Assembly Hall, by Niibori Guitar Chamber Music Ensemble (present Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra = N-Orch.) and this is one of the traditional repertoire.

Now, CD (all movements of"Four Seasons" performed by NE) is put on sale, and the charm of guitar orchestra could be fully shown in"Autumn". This is the reason why this piece of music is one of the most popular repertoire performed so many times.

Three Alto Guitar Soloists (the first trial) and Guitar Ensemble performed this time. Technique of solo in 1st and 3rd movement is excellent and beautiful sound in 2nd movement woven by tremolo of guitar and cembalo guitar is especially worth hearing.

2. The first movement from Piano Concert No.26 in D Major K.537
"Coronation" (W.A.Mozart arr.S.Omiya)
Cond.K.Koyama, Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra
Piano Solo: M.Takeuchi

Combination of piano and classical guitar is said to be difficult. But it is easy to accept piano with organized guitars of each sound range from Soplanino Guitar to Contrabass Guitar and piano concert has been performed for many times.

Soloist Ms. Mizuki Takeuchi learned in Germany and she has outstanding technique to play piano. Furthermore, you can feel her graceful expression in this performance.

3. The third movement from"Guitar Concert in D Major" op.99
(M.C.Tedesco arr.Niibori Guitar Orchestra)
Cond.K.Koyama, Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra
Prime Guitar Solo: Hiromu Taguchi

Remarkable genius! New face, Mr. Hiromu Taguchi played as soloist in guitar concert. This piece of music was dedicated to A.Segovia by Tedesco and this is a famous piece of music, as"Concerto De Aranjues", for guitar and orchestra. Arranging needed many inventions to change the part of wind instruments to guitar orchestra and bass electrical guitar having 1 octave lower sound of bass guitar plays important part.

4. From"Pomp and Circumstance Military Marches No.1,2,3,4"
(E.Elgar arr.K.Momose)
Cond.K.Momose, Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra

Powerful new sound of costarring electrical guitars, containing newly developed Alto Electrical Guitar and Bass Electrical Guitar, and traditional guitar orchestra appeared on stage. Arranger Momose sticks to"organization with groups of each sound range guitars (including electrical guitars), flute and percussions, with no synthesizer at all" and making full use of character of electrical guitars such as overwhelming force of electrical guitar sound and suppressed possibility of sound quality of electrical guitars, wind instrument part is performed well by guitar orchestra. Thus, it became possible to add contemporary charm and utilizing"Musical Breathing of N-Method", modern sound of"Niibori Guitar Orchestra" was produced by"Strongest Instruments in Human History" developed from"Oldest Instruments in Human History".

Got No.1 reputation in enquete at the concert! Audience excited this performance. Kengo Momose has been acting as arranger, composer and electrical guitar player (& teacher), but, this time, he conducted this piece of music. It is one of the worth seeing point.

5. The first movement from"Concert for Flute & Harp K.299"
(W.A.Mozart arr.H.Niibori)
Cond.H.Niibori, Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra
Flute Solo: Yuko Koshibe
Harp Part Solo:Soprano Guitar; M.Nishikawa, K.Momose, N.Niibori,Prime Guitar; T.Seto, M.Yamamoto, Contrabass Guitar; T.Mitome

Musical supervisor and top conductor, Dr. Hiroki Niibori conducted this piece of music. Solo part was performed with flute and, 3 soprano guitars, 2 prime guitars and a contrabass guitar, for harp part. This organization was applied at Public Performance in Australia in 1996 and obtained highest praise from musicians on the spot. Gorgeous sound! This is one of the best repertoires of NE.

6. Micro Jazz (C.Norton arr.T.Seto)
DANROKU(Niibori Guitar Men's Sextet)

DANROKU performed in CD of Akira Ifukube, and in this piece of music, their romantic side was shown. Their light, brisk and spirited performance was also shown here! You would have refreshed feeling.

7. Dance of Nubians and Dance of Trojan from"Faust"
(C.Gounod, arr.H.Kobayashi)
Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet

This is the sound of origin of Niibori-Method and new piece of music of Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet (Quintet), having excellent reputation the most simple and beautiful pure guitar sound. Two pieces of music from ballet music in"Faust" were successively performed. That is very beautiful and healing sound. This seems to be acting as a prelude for next waltz in the program, don't you think so? Score of this piece of music is described in this issue and we hope you perform referring this DVD.

8. Kunstlerleben, Walzer, op.316 (J.Strauss, arr.Momose, Niibori)
Cond.Hiroki Niibori, Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Grand Orchestra

Ending piece of music in the program was performed by Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Grand Orchestra. Kunstlerleben (Artist's Life), one of masterpieces of J.Strauss was performed.
Beautiful and joyful piece of music moves one to feel pleasure of life. This is newly arranged especially for guitar orchestra and cembalo guitars play important part.

9. Polka Schnell"Vergnugungszug"(J.Strauss, arr.Momose,Niibori)
Cond.Hiroki Niibori, Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Grand Orchestra

Pieces of music here after were performed for encores. This is a pleasant piece of music, polka, reminding all audience of scene as they are having pleasant trip by train in vacation. You can see pleasant showings in later half.

10. Wonderful Morning (Hiroki Niibori, Songwriter: Hatsue Maki)
Cond.Hiroki Niibori, Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Grand Orchedtra
Read aloud: Aya Sato
This is an original masterpiece by Dr.Niibori and you can get full vigor without realizing it. Reading aloud was added at beginning of this piece of music in this concert.

Thus, this is a really enjoyable DVD. Especially, hearing later half of program Dr.Niibori conducts, you will become more vigorous. This DVD is recommended not only for appreciation of music but also for your reference.

This time, economic price was set by the business effort in excellent quality.
DVD, Public Performance 2004 by Niibori Guitar
Philharmonic Orchestra,"Kunstlerleben (Artist's Life)"
Price (including tax) 3,150yen.- Freight charge is not included.
"Musical instruments" are specially featured in this issue.
"Charm points of each sound range guitars" talked by top players of N-Orchestra is worth reading. Consultation for practical way for collecting all sorts of N-Method guitars, and how to play them will be accepted for us. Wishing all of your guitar lives will be pleasant.

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