Guide to 2005 Public Performance of
Niibori Guitar Ensemble <NE>

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Public performance of NE in this year, announced in last month’s issue, is introduced here.
Highlight in this time is new 3 conductors of NE ( Shibayama, Terada, Momose ) appear on stage, adding to Dr. Hiroki Niibori, natural and foster parent, conducting pieces of music making full use of each conductor's personality. These 3 conductors are excellent musicians having long career of performance in NE. Mr. Naoto Shibayama has longest career as concert master in NE and he has plentiful sensitivity. He conducts 2 pieces of music originally composed by a member of NE.
These 2 pieces of music are premiere performance. Mr. Kazuyuki Terada has outstanding technique in performance and shows outstanding sharpness in conducting. He brought big success in public performances in Germany, conducting Niibori Guitar Academy students’ guitar orchestra, in 2002 and last year. He conducts pieces of music composed by Vivaldi and Mozart in opening stage of this concert. Ms. Kyoko Momose is famous top player of Ladies' Quartet (Jo-Yon) and she is playing an active part as a conductor of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.). Adding bold and vivid expression to softness peculiar to female gender, she captivated many fan's mind. She conducts this time "Tsubasa" (Wing) composed by Kengo Momose and "Breeze in May", set piece for ensemble department of this year's guitar concours, composed by Reiko Arima.
In addition, prime guitar solo by Hiromu Taguchi, remarkable new big player, ensemble of cembalo guitars of each sound range, flute concert by Shinji Hamakawa, flutist giving warm sound of flute, and of course famous ensembles, DANROKU (men's sextet) and Jo-Yon (ladies' quartet) perform new pieces of music. And, new member Nayu Niibori plays marimba and her fine technique is worth seeing.
Dr. Hiroki Niibori conducts NE's traditional popular repertoire 'España Cani' 2005 edition and other NE sounds with full of charm.
This year, the first concert is performed in our base, "Full Harmony Studio" in Fujisawa campus of Niibori Guitar Music Academy, the second is in "Himawari no sato" in Yokohama, the third is in "Casals' Hall" in Tokyo. Thus, concerts are performed at halls having good sound effect. Please enjoy various pieces of music only NE is capable to perform in splendid hall.

(Pieces of music at NE Public Performance)
1. L'estro armonico Op.3-9 (composed by Vivaldi, arranged by NE) ,Conductor: Kazuyuki Terada
An orthodox baroque music is played after a long time by the most simply organized guitar ensemble. Alto Guitars play active part! It is worth hearing thoroughbass of Bass Guitar and Cembalo Guitar. Also it is worth seeing Terada's sharp conduct highly praised at last year's public performance in Germany.
2. First movement of Flute Concert No.2 (Mozart, arr. by NE),Conductor: Kazuyuki Terada, Flute solo: Shinji Hamakawa
This piece was well received at Christmas concert of last year. The sound woven by warm sound of flute by Hamakawa and guitar ensemble will warmly fulfills audience's heart.
3. Vivo Energico (Tedesco) ,Player: Hiromu Taguchi; Prime guitar solo
Please expect big new face, Hiromu Taguchi's passionate guitar solo. He was the top winner of "All Nippon Guitar Concours 2002", gave good performance at "JGA guitar festival" and public performance of "Guitaristus Nippon", and played soloist for Tedesco's guitar concert at public performance of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra last year.
4. Prelude (Bach, arr. by Kuroda) ,Player: Cembalo Guitar Ensemble
Magnificent gorgeous sound imagines palace! This is the third performance of Bach's musical piece with each sound range cembalo guitar ensemble. This is the only sound able to vary the stress of cembalo sound.
5. Tri (Terukazu Seto) ,Conductor: Naoto Shibayama
This is the original piece of music composed by Terukazu Seto, member of NE. You can enjoy mixed sound of classical and modern sound. It is worth seeing superlative technique of composer himself. Condutor is Naoto Shibayama, played as concert master of NE for many years.
6. From Divertimento by Bartok ( Bartok, adaptation: Mitome),Conductor: Naoto Shibayama
It can be said as an original piece using the motif of Divertimento composed by Bartok. It just picked up tasty parts of Bartok, and beat in hot rhythm (NRM) appears at half way. This is also worth hearing.
7. Tsubasa <Wing> (Kengo Momose) ,Conductor: Kyoko Momose
This piece of music was played by guitar club of Ogawara Commercial High School and won the best prize at All Nippon Guitar Concours in last year.
It was arranged for NE and will be performed at this time.
This piece of music connotes "power of each person (a feather) is gathered together to form big wing to fly over the sky". It is full of courage and hope.
The work of Kengo Momose is conducted by his wife, Kyoko Momose.
8. Breeze in May (Reiko Arima) ,Conductor: Kyoko Momose
The set piece for All Nippon Guitar Concours 2005 is premiere performed by NE.
It is a great pleasure to be performed of female composer's work by female conductor to enjoy musical expression.
9. (1)Mosaico (2)Choro Acadenuc Suite em "Re"(N.Louis arr. by Seto),Performance: DANROKU(Niibori Guitar Men's Sextet)
DANROKU's sentiment (beautiful sound) and sharpness indigenous to them are enjoyable this time.
10. Theme Music of Drama "Winter Sonata"[From Beginning to Now](Yu Haejun, O Sokjun, arr. by Kobayashi & Jo-Yon),Performance: Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet
The theme song of Korean TV Drama became a big boom last year. Excellent arrangement by Hideaki Kobayashi made it best fit to organization of Ladies' Quartet. Please enjoy in relaxation.
11. Comedian's Gallop (Kabalevsky arr. by Hiyamuta&Niibori) ,Conductor: Hiroki Niibori ,Marimba solo: Nayu Niibori
Now Dr. Niibori appears on stage! First, pleasant speedy piece of music is performed. Gorgeous technique of Nayu Niibori, joined as a member of NE, is also worth seeing.
12. España Cani (Marquina arr. by Niibori),Conductor: Hiroki Niibori
This is a passionate Spanish march and NE's traditional popular repertoire. Rasgueado in guitar ensemble is all exciting. Solo ad-lib. of each Soplano Guitar, Prime Guitar and Bass Guitar is worth hearing. Prime Guitar Solo this time is played by combination of Kazuyuki Terada and Hiromu Taguchi. Both of them have superb technique! Please look forward to hear.

Expected encores at NE's public performanceÅcbe pleasures on that day.
<Public Performance in Fujisawa>
May 16(Mon.) Curtain rises at 19:00
Place: "Full Harmony Studio" in Niibori Guitar Music Academy
(All non reserved seat) Adult 3,000yen Student 2,000yen
<Public Performance in Yokohama>
May 17(Tues.) Curtain rises at 19:00
Place: "Himawari no sato" in Culture Center of Konan Ward
Reserved seat 4,500yen non reserved Adult 3,500yen
Student 2,500yen
<Public Performance in Tokyo>
May 18(Wed.) Curtain rises at 19:00
Place: "Casals’ Hall" in Nihon University
All seats reserved; 1F 4,500yen 2F Adult 3,500yen 2F Student2,500yen
Other news
1.In the special feature article of this issue, 4 Guitar Vocational Schools, Dr. Hiroki Niibori works as president, are introduced. 3 of them are educational foundation and capable to accept foreign students. In all 4 schools, you can study guitar orchestra and also join the orchestra. Graduates, got diploma in this March, are introduced from page 12. Details are available at the address described below.
2.DVD of 2004 Public Performance by N-Orchestra is put on sale. Unit price including tax is 3,150yen and you can get with reasonable price. Details will be introduced in next issue.

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