Regular Concert Standing Aloof from the Wall of Genre of Music
Spring Anniversary Concert of N-Schools, 2005

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

We call “N-School”, Dr. Hiroki Niibori supervises, for adding 4 campuses of Guitar Music College and High School Courses = Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory, Educational Foundation (Izu Campus), Niibori Guitar Music Academy, Educational Foundation (Jouetsu Campus) and Niibori Guitar Music Academy, Foundation (Fujisawa and Tokyo Campuses). Fujisawa Campus has the biggest number of students and enriched facilities among these 4 campuses, and it will be newly opened as College, Educational Foundation. It was already reported in February issue, this year.
By the way, 2005 Spring Anniversary Concert by students of these 4 campuses of N-School was grandly held on Feb. 11 (Fri.) at the big hall in Kamakura Geijutukan (Art Hall).
Seating capacity of about 1500 was fully occupied! The 26 pieces of music strictly selected through several times of audience were performed. Concert lasted more than 3 hours.
Now, N-School has Classical Guitar Department, Electrical Guitar Dep. and other departments such as Piano, Flute, Vocal Music, Drum and Manufacturing Musical Instruments, etc. N-Schools are originally concentrated to classical guitar, and, in this concert, classical guitar solo and ensemble (making full use of many kinds of guitars, not only for prime guitar but also for guitars of each sound range by N-method) and guitar orchestra were performed. However, a few years ago, electrical guitars appeared on stage, especially in last year, Niibori’s original alto electrical guitar and bass electrical guitar were introduced. Thus, new sounds and new organization were presented one after another. Ensembles, of course, and costarring traditional guitar orchestra with electrical guitars of each sound range called big sensation and Niibori Guitar Philharmonic orchestra (N-Orchestra) also performed in same organization in main concert (piece of music was “Pomp and Circumstance Military March” composed by Elgar, arranged by Kengo Momose. This time, “Main Theme of Star Wars” was performed and favorably received.).
N-School has department of piano, flute, drum, vocal music etc. and students of these department played actively. The big difference from usual musical college is that every student learns classical guitar. Because the guitar family has long history and they are the basis of music. It is to be said very natural because the founder is specialist of guitar (Dr. Hiroki Niibori). Thus, Flutists and Pianists etc. able to play guitar are being born one after another. Isn’t this very rare case in world’s musical college?
Spring Anniversary Concert, now, presents many kinds of sound standing aloof from genre of music such as classical music. Anyway, the organization expands in many kinds. This time, organizations of ensemble are shown below for your reference.
Sp.= Soplano Guitar, A.= Alto Guitar, P.= Prime Guitar, B.= Bass Guitar, C.B.= Contrabass Guitar, Gr.= Guitarron, A.Cem.= Alto Cembalo Guitar, P.Cem.= Prime Cembalo Guitar, E.= Electrical Guitar, Eb.= Electrcal Base,
A.E.= Alto Electrical Guitar, B.E.= Bass Electrical Guitar, Per.= Percussion.
Organization without Electrical Guitar
"The Arrival of The Queen of Sheva" from Oratorio "Solomon" ( Handel, Arranged by Kuroda)
Organization: A.1, A.2, A.Cem., B.
Triste Coeur Mariage D’amour (Seneville & Toussaint, arr. by Kobayashi)
Org.: A.1, A.2, P., B., Gr.
Lady D~Nocturne (Seneville & Baudlot Å` Chopin, arr. by Kobayashi)
Org.: A.1, A.2, P., B., Gr.
Jongo (Bellinati, arr. by Taruishi, Niibori)
Org.: Sp., P.1, P.2, P.Cem., B., Gr. Septet
Cherry Petals Fell Like Snowflakes (Satoshi Omiya~Eiichi Maruyama, arr. by Niibori)
Org.: A.1, A.2, P.(& Claves), B., Gr., Per.1(Taishogoto-Keyboard Guitar, Claves, Vibraslap, Bell), Per.2(Drum-SHIMEDAIKO, Tree Chimes, Conch Horn, Bell)
Spanish Nights Original: I remember it well(Night & Blackmore, Arr. by Taruishi, Niibori)
Org.: Song, Flute, A.1x2, A.2x2, P., B., Gr., Cajon.
Organization with Electrical Guitar
Invention No.8 (Bach, arr. by Niibori, Hirayama)
Org.: E.1, E.2.
First Movement from Divertimento K.136 (Mozart)
Org.: E.1, E.2, E.3, Eb.
Furiosa (Bellinati, arr. by Taruishi, Takagaki, Ogiwara)
Org.: Alto Saxophone, A.E., E., B.E., Per.(Djenbe, Drum-IBO-DORAMU, Chakcha)
Daichi no Uta (Taro Hakase, arr. by Iwasaki)
E.1, E.2, E.3, Eb., Per.(Cymbals, Djenbe, Birds), Drums.
Guitar orchestra and solo were also strictly selected ones and all of them should be introduced here, but it is transferred to VTR (made to order). This concert is reported with
snap shots on page 8 in this issue.
Schedule of Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE) Concert, 2005, is Determined.
NE public performance will be held in this year, also. Many conductors will appear on stage this time! Dr. Niibori also conducts NE and 3 concerts, Fujisawa, Yokohama and Tokyo, are scheduled. Many premiere performances! Details will be reported in next issue.
(Interview is reported on page 14Å` in Japanese).
May, 16 (Mon.) Curtain Rise: 19:00 Place:
Niibori Guitar Music Academy, Philharmonic Studio
(All seats not reserved) Adult 3,000yen Student 2,000yen
May,17 (Tue.) Curtain Rise: 19:00
Place: Konan Ward Culture Center "Himawari no Sato"
Reserved Seat 4,500yen(non reserved)
Adult 3,500yen Student 2,500yen
May, 18 (Wed.) Curtain Rise: 19:00
Place: Casals Hall, Nihon University
All Seats Reserved 1F 4,500yen
2F(Adult)3,500yen (Student)2,500yen

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