Concert of Niibori Guitar Ensemble <NE> in 2004
Live Recorded DVD "Kalinka" was put on sale

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Concert of NE (Niibori Guitar Ensemble) held at Tokyo and Yokohama in last May, where Dr. Niibori, a parent and the musical director of NE conducted after a few years, inviting recognized authority of Italian song, tenor singer, Mr. Kousuke Taguchi, called high reputation and too much audience to take seat.
High reputation kept so long time to decide to make DVD with the special effort of Dr. Niibori and his PLERA project (research and production of image and sound software of Niibori group), in spite of lacking initial plan and budget to make DVD.
Now, the DVD was put on sale. Contents are as follows.
[Disc 1]
1. "Spring" from Japanese Four Seasons in Baloque Style (1.Hana 2.Sakura-Sakura 3.Harugakita)
Composed by Masaaki Hayakawa, Arr. by NE,Conductor: Kiyoshi Koyama

Regular conductor Mr. Kiyoshi Koyama conducted "Spring" in Baloque style "composed by Masaaki Hayakawa. This piece of music appeals charms of guitar ensemble continuously in well balanced manner. 1st movement ÅuHana (Sumida River)"gives points of splendid technique of Alto Guitar Solo and Bass Guitar.
2nd movement "Sakura"seems to be representing Japan and very famous to overseas listeners, and cembalo guitar plays important part. It seems to be flower petals dancing in the wind of tremolo of guitar ensemble. 3rd movement, theme music of NE, is "Harugakita(Spring has come) in Baloque Style". Thus, please enjoy, at first, baloque styled music based on Japanese one.
2. From Three Dances for two flutes "1.Easy Going""2.Coffee Nerves"
Composed by Schocker, Arr. by Masatoshi Taruishi, Conductor: Kiyoshi Koyama, Flute Solo: Yuko Koshibe and Mayumi Kubo

This is a work of American composer Gary Schocker and costarring 2 flutes and guitar ensemble.This is a very smart piece of music and you can fully enjoy charm and interest only NE is capable of.
3.3rd Movement "Presto"from Italian Concert
Composed by Bach, Arr. by Yasuko Kuroda, Performance:Cembalo Guitar Octet

Octet composed of Alto cembalo guitars, Prime cembalo guitars and Bass cembalo guitars, all of them is indigenous one of Niibori method for each sound range.
The original score was written by Bach for solo of double key board cembalo and the title meant expression of concert.
Using 8 cembalo guitars, able to express sound dynamics, for each sound range, to express more dynamically, sounds and appearances become more gorgeous.
The 1st movement of this piece of music was performed in 2003 and highly evaluated. We are looking forward to hear all movements played by this Octet in near future.
4. "Donna E Mobile Qual Piuma Al" from Opera "Rigoletto"
Composed by Verdi, Arr. by Anami Kato

5. "Catari Catari"
Composed by Cardillo, Arr by Mitsuji Nishikawa, Conductor : Kiyoshi Koyama,Tenor: Kousuke Taguchi

NE and Mr. Taguchi costar in "Donna E Mobile Qual Piuma Al" and "Catari Catari". "Donna E Mobile Qual Piuma Al" is a rhythmical aria by Duke Mantova in Act of "Rigoletto" singing "changeable female psychology" and "Catari Catari" is a song of lasting love for unsympathetic woman "Catarina". Mr. Taguchi sung two completely different kinds of song one by one and he expressed completely for each by his marvelous singing ability, performance and skillful adaptability. The sound of song and guitar ensemble merged excellently and made them in superb quality.
[Disc 2]
6. "Hoshi-zuku-yo ni Omou"
Composed by Kengo Momose, Arr. by Hiroki Niibori, Conductor: Kiyoshi Koyama

This is an original piece of music by Kenngo Momose. It reminds us old-good Japan, Taisho-era's romanticism with 3 beats but dramatic piece of music.
Originally composed for big orchestra but, this time, it is worth hearing delicate expression by small NE.
7. "Black Cat's Dance"
Composed by Ineko Arima, Arr. by NE, Conductor: Kiyoshi Koyama

"Black Cat's Dance"composed by Ms. Ineko Arima was a set piece for last year's All Nippon Guitar Concours and premiere performance was done by NE.
It is a joyful piece of music with Southern European styled rhythm. Cat's voice, mew mew, is expressed by glissando of guitar and this is a factor of joyfulness.
8. "Micro Jazz"
Composed by Norton, Arr. by Terukazu Seto, Performance: DANROKU(Niibori Guitar Men's Sextet)

DANROKU performed in CD of Akira Ifukube and nimble / rhythmical performance makes you feel refreshing.
9. "Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te"
Composed by Donaggio, Arr. by Satiko Hiemuta, Performance: Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet

Sound of origin of Niibori Method, excellent reputation for simplest, pure and beautiful guitar sound, ladies' quartet performed this piece of music mourning for former member Ms. Satiko Hiemuta, she arranged this piece, in this concert.
It will be slightly different from usual performance, perhaps.
10. "Natsu no Omoide"
Composed by Yoshinao Nakada, Arr. by Masayoshi Ikeda~Hiroki Niibori, Conductor: Hiroki Niibori

It's here, Dr. Niibori appeared! Performed one of the repertoires of ladies' ensemble "The Dreamers", commanded 1970's with beautiful sound. NE was originally organized with "Dreamers" and men's group "Solisten". Last year's slogan of N-group was "Full of harmony with the best tone quality" and this piece of music was selected to express beautiful sound and delicate beautifulness of guitar ensemble. Simple arrangement makes you easy to realize tone quality.
How NE sounded!?
11. "Waltz Op.64-2"
Composed by Chopin, Arr. by Hiroki Niibori, Conductor: Niroki Niibori

This piece of music was performed at NE public performance 2002 in Poland and highly praised. ItÅfs leader, Dr. Niibori conducted this time. His superb agokik and beautiful conducting were highly praised at many concerts before.
The expressions indigenous to guitar ensemble should not be missed to see.
12. "Kalinka" Memory of Russia
Russian Folksong, Arr. by Hideaki Kobayashi, Conductor: Hiroki Niibori

Performed many times before by conductor Niibori and highly praised every times, and this was selected by hot request for this time. This arrangement takes in other Russian Folksongs and guitar tremolo like balalaika will be worth hearing. Performed at final of concert and audience was excited, thus became the title of DVD.
13. "Pizzicato Polka"
Composed by Joseph & Johan Straus, Arr. by Syunichi Kikuti ~ Hiroki Niibori, Conductor: Hiroki Niibori

The 1st piece for encore. Cute and joyful polka and conducting of Dr. Niibori is full of charms. Accurate agokik with pizzicato is attained only by NE conducted by Hiroki Niibori. This is a small piece but a gem, which should not be missed to see.
14. "O Sole Mio"
Composed by Di Capua, Arr. by NE ~ Hiroki Niibori, Conductor: Hiroki Niibori, Tenor: Kousuke Taguchi

Typical masterpiece of Napoletana, glorifying one's lover as "My Sun", made us possible costarring. Skilled conductor and
singer, guitar ensemble in perfect tune with each other, brought us to hear again and again.

Thus, this DVD will be joyful to see and to hear. NE is guitar ensemble consists of about 20 members, and there are many guitar ensembles to perform these pieces of music. This DVD will be recommended not only for enjoying but also for your reference. Soon after put on sale, we had too many requests to deliver. Recommending sooner approach for us.
°Niibori Guitar Ensemble Concert 2004 "Kalinka"DVD
Price 3,150yen(with tax) freight charge : separately charged
This DVD uses DVD-R disc. Please use player suitable to DVD-R disc.

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