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Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

World-wide readers of Harmony celebrated New Year in high spirits, we believe.
This is the first column of this year and news of N-group during last November to January will be introduced here.

Approved as Educational Foundation! The New International Niibori Music Academy will be opened on April 15.
Kanagawa Prefecture approved last November to open the Educational Foundation of International Niibori Music Academy, Fujisawa in April (Japanese new school term begins in April). Niibori-group already have 2 educational foundations, Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory in Izu, Shizuoka Pref. and Niibori Music Academy in Jouetu City, Niigata Pref., and the president is Dr. Niibori for both of them. The approval of educational foundation of this time is the first one in metropolitan area in Japan. This is the heroic achievement in N-group and the big news in Japanese educational culture for obtaining the approval of music academy (musical college), subjected to the art of guitar music, founded by guitar specialist, Dr.Niibori. Thus, it becomes possible in Japan to learn history of human music through the genera of guitar having 6000 years’ history.
The approval was quickly obtained taking only 1 year in spite of extraordinary application. One of the reasons was said to be worldwide letters of appreciation, awards, letters of appraisal, and especially award of United Nation’s NGO were impressive for judges requesting necessary proofs of achievements and necessity of N-method for great many persons. Here we appreciate for all of you.
By the way, there is wonderful news for all of you in the world that privately managed school (private property of Dr.Niibori) became a school managed by national organization, and the capability for receiving foreign students was substantially enriched. Fujisawa campus is originally having a large number of students and they can learn philharmonic guitar orchestra at superb environment of course, and electrical guitars are very popular with classical guitars. At the electrical guitar course here, using alto and bass electrical guitars, original ones of Niibori method, they are performing masterpieces for classical guitars. Jazz and Rock music etc. are learned of course passing the border of genre.
Courses for piano, flute, drum, and singing & vocal music are provided and conducting, composing, arranging, PA and CD-making are also possible to learn. Thus, the contents of lessons are ranging various fields. Moreover, Fujisawa is the home of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra and as all players of each sound range guitars of N-method are available here that professional professorate is the best in the world.
Facilities are marvelous. “Philharmonic Studio” used for practicing big guitar orchestra, recital and salon concert, “Segovia Studio”, “Live House N” with a counter bar, “Practice rooms for musical band”, “Individual lesson rooms”, and “Library & Museum N” carries all sort of materials of N-method are available. Reception of foreign students is enriched also. We hope with all our heart to raise guitar orchestra to spread peace and happiness around the world by studying here standing aloof from nationality for all people in the world. Foreign students are welcome.
(Dr.Niibori was commended as excellent entrepreneur for another school by the prefectural and the municipal government on a few days after the approval.)

Success of The 2nd Public Performance in Germany by Niibori Guitar Music Academy Students’ Guitar Orchestra
We had another good news in last November. The 2nd public performance by students’ guitar orchestra in Germany as introduced before in this column succeeded with all standing ovation and big chorus of “bravo!” in the hall. The performances were held at Fellbach (11/13) and Schwäbisch-Gumünd (11/14), near to Esslingen, the first public performance was held, and audience was consisted of audience of first performance to first comers and many musical specialists also. All of them appraised the concerts and newspapers criticised very good. Appraisals were continuously sent to sponsor of the spot and it was said to be widely talked in Germany. The state of affairs of the concert is reported in this issue and please take a look at photographs.

The 40th Niibori Guitar Candle Concert (Christmas Charity Concert) held at many places

The 40th Christmas Charity Concert = Candle Concert was held at many places in Japan. (Details are described in this issue as a special feature article.)
The main places where the concert was held are many places in Kanagawa Pref., the headquarters is located, of course, Tokyo, Chiba, Shizuoka, Jouetu, Saitama, Kanazawa, Okayama, Nara and so on. Collected money at the concerts and profit of concerts are contributed to charity through Japanese Red Cross.
In last year, our first public performance at the big hall in Fujisawa was held and peace song = “Let There Be Peace On Earth” was heartily sung as the 2nd event of “Wishing for Peace”, hanging flags of all nations above the stage. (Mr. Takuya Mitumura, tenor singer, conducted chorus of audience.) Niibori guitar philharmonic orchestra (N-Orchestra) also performed “Artist’s Life” composed by Strauss and Dr. Niibori showed beautiful conducting.
And the original piece “Bird’s Song” composed by Mr. Kengo Momose was performed by Ms. Kyoko Momose’s conducting, causing favorable reputation. The musical score is described in this issue and looking forward to challenger. (N-Orchestra added Niibori’s original bass electrical guitar to reinforce bass range of sound.)

The View Points of Education 3” was issued!

In this January, “The View points of Education 3” was issued collecting 41 essays of “Viewpoint” (during 10 years) from serial column of monthly Harmony.
Serial essays from April, 1994 to April, 2004 are collected and this is the most proper material to know Dr. Niibori’s philosophy. It is disappointing thing that English version is not issued and we recommend you to read if you can read Japanese.
We are going to pick up the points in this column one by one.

General Meeting of NKG (IGOA) and Commemorative Party with Celebration Performance for Approval of Educational Foundation, International Niibori Music Academy
On January 6, annual general meeting of NKG and Dr. Niibori’s lecture were held.
After the meeting, commemorative party was held on a grand scale inviting celebrities of various fields, related peoples of school, contributors for the approval, administrative officers, musicians, teachers, students, reporters, and many peoples.
More than half time of party was occupied by commemorative performance and this was typical way of International Niibori Music Academy. This will be reported in next issue.

Anniversary Spring Concert of Joint N-School

Above mentioned International Niibori Music Academy, Fujisawa and International Niibori Music Academy, Tokyo, Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory, Izu and Niibori Music Academy, Jouetu are going to hold Anniversary Spring Concert of Joint 4 N-school on February 11, Friday, 3 p.m. at Kamakura Art Hall, big hall. Performance of guitar orchestra of each school, classical guitar (prime guitar), alto guitar, bass guitar etc., these are each sound range guitar of N-method, in solo and ensemble, of course, solo of classical piece of music by electrical guitar, newly organized ensemble, performance of original piece of music, and harmonized sound by various instruments and so on, it will be joyful concert transcending wall of genre. Soloists and players of ensemble are winners of strict audition. The 4-school joint orchestra will be very impressive to your heart. You would have precious chance to hear new sounds. This will be reported in this issue later but attending to hear will be the best, needless to say.

That is all for this time and please remember for your reference.
We are going to report latest news of N-method here after, also in this year, and please feel free to ask questions and requests for us.

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