Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

End of 2005 is not far away. Niibori Guitar Christmas (Charity) Concert will be held at various places of Japan in December. This concert, counting 41st for this year, became familiar in the name of "Candle Concert" among lots of guitar fans and music fans. This series of concert was started 41 years ago by Dr. Niibori, originator of guitar orchestra, when he visited Mirabel Palace in Salzburg, deeply impressed by heart warming concert under candle light to perform famous, familiar music in various ages with explanations by performer himself, wished to promote Japanese-Music-Life, as "Charity Concert with Explanations". Program was consisted of famous familiar music, almost all Japanese knew. In Japan at that time, authoritative classical guitar society did not have such kind of concert, play familiar music with explanations, and there seemed to be some criticisms, however, audience increased year by year and sites also expanded all over Japan. Continuing this kind of concert for more than 30 years, Dr. Niibori was awarded International Grand Prize for Art and Culture. Also, he had been awarded by many countries recognizing peace movement through music for long years, and finally, awarded by the United Nation's NGO (The International Parliament for Peace Settlement). Dr. Kopper (Doctor of Philosophy), representing the NGO, commented "It helped greatly to unite humanity standing aloof from barriers of nationality, race and religion".

Thereafter, the theme of this concert was settled as "Pray for Peace" with cooperation of United Nation's NGO, WPPS (World Peace Prayer Society) and GOI Peace Foundation since 2003 and songs and pieces of music praying for peace were taken into program of concert. Concert praying for peace in this year will be held in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Contents of this concert seizing chances for many awards are familiar and enjoyable Christmas concert for every one, even if have no experience hearing concert, to come without constraint. The hit pieces of music through Niibori Guitar Concerts of the year will be performed and children carrying future will join to perform.

"Pray for Peace" concert of this time in Tokyo and Yokohama will be mainly performed by Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.) and Song for Peace = "Let There Be Peace On Earth" will be performed. Hand Bell Ensemble with Carcassi Guitar will present "Ave Maria".

For children's performance, Ms. Yuri Furugouri and Mr. Gaku Saba, both 5th year in primary school and awarded golden prize at Student's Guitar Festival in this year, will perform Carulli's duet in Tokyo and Sor's solo for each in Yokohama.

Of course, Dr. Niibori will conduct orchestra to play hit numbers of September concert of NE, Strauss' "Plappermaulchen" (chattering little mouth) and "Rosen aus dem Suden" (Rose from the south). Enjoyable Christmas music will be "Jingle Bells" in big organized N-Orch. version and "Der Kuckuck und der Esel" (Cuckoo and Donkey).

In October, this year, NE performed in American biggest guitar convention sponsored by GFA and commemorating this event, "Foster in Baroque Style" = 1. Old Black Joe, 2. Open Thy Lattice 3. Ring Ring de Banjo will be performed.

Only Niibori's Cembalo Guitar Ensemble (with cembalo guitars of each sound range) will perform Prelude from BWV1006a.

NE will mainly perform in Odawara, Mishima, Shizuoka, Wakayama, Nagoya and Sagamioono, and "Flute Concert in D-major K314" with soloist Mr. Shinji Hamakawa will be performed. Also, from recent DVD number, enjoyable "Comedian's Gallop" with fine drumstick action worth seeing and "Espana Cani" with eye opening Rasgueado and Solo in guitar ensemble will be presented.

Popular ensemble, DANROKU (Men's sextet) will play popular repertoire "Jongo" (Debut number of DANROKU) in Tokyo and other places, and Ladies' Quartet (JOYON) will play 4 pieces, "Clavelitos" in Tokyo, "Dance of the Trojan" in Odawara, Wakayama and Nagoya, "Reginella Campagnola" in Mishima and Sizuoka, and "Triste Coeur~Mariage D'amour" by young 'Dreamers Shonan' in Sagamioono.

Guitar orchestra of each area will appear on stage at each concert.

Every concert will be enjoyable Christmas Concert and there is one special thing continued since the first start of the concert. It is very popular in fans and they can not see the old year out without this. That is big chorus with performers and audience of "Silent Night"! When some foreigner happened to be here in Japan, please join the concert----for your memory of Japanese Christmas of this touching harmony of performers and audience. We are looking forward to your attendance to the concerts.

The 41st Niibori Guitar Christmas (Candle) Concert
(A Program) <<Pray for Peace>>
<Conducting and Talk> Hiroki Niibori, Naoto Shibayama, Kazuyuki Terada, Kyoko Momose etc.
<Performance> Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra, NE etc.
<Special Players> Yuri Furugouri, Gaku Saba.
(Tokyo) Tokyo Tomin Guitar Orchestra conducted by Masatoshi Ishizuka
(Yokohama)Kamiooka Citizen's Guitar Orchestra cond. by Atsunori Fujie
Yokohama Citizen's Guitar Orchestra cond. by Takuji Kato
[Tokyo] Public performance in Tokyo Prelude from Suite No.4 for Lute BWV1006a (Bach, arr. Yasuko Kuroda)
Dec. 13 (Tues.), Curtain Rise 19:00, 'Art Sphere' Tennouzu Aisle
Ticket sold in advance (all reserved seat), sold on the day+500yen.
S seat 4,500yen., A seat 3,500yen., B seat 2,500yen.
(from primary to high school student 2,000yen.)
[Kanagawa] Public performance in Yokohama
Dec. 16 (Fri.), Curtain Rise 19:00, Yokohama Minatomirai Hall (small)
Ticket sold in advance (all reserved seat), sold on the day+500yen.
S seat 4,500yen., A seat 3,500yen.(from primary to high school student 2,500yen.)

(B Program)
<Conducting and Talk> Naoto Shibayama
<Performance> NE, Guitar Orchestra in each area and so on
[Kanagawa] Public performance in Odawara
Dec. 7 (Wed.), Curtain Rise 19:00, Minami Ashigara Bunka Kaikan (Small)
[Shizuoka] Public performance in Mishima
Dec. 8 (Thu.), Curtain Rise 19:00, Mishima-shi Bunka Kaikan (small)
[Shizuoka] Public performance in Shizuoka
Dec. 9 (Fri.), Curtain Rise 19:00, Shizu Gin Hall 'Euphonia'
[Wakayama] Public performance in Wakayama
Dec.10 (Sat.), Curtain Rise 13:30, Misato-cho Bunka Center
[Aichi] Public performance in Nagoya
Dec. 11 (Sun.), Curtain Rise 13:30, Shirakawa Hall
[Kanagawa] Public performance in Sagamioono
Dec. 12 (Mon.), Curtain Rise 19:00, Green Hall Sagamioono (multi purpose)
<Odawara, Mishima, Shizuoka, Sagamioono>
Ticket sold in advance (all non reserved seat)
Adult 3,000yen. From primary to high school student 2,000yen.
(ticket sold on the day +500yen)
<Wakayama (all non reserved seat) >
Adult 2,000yen., Under primary school 1,000yen.
Ticket sold in advance (ticket sold on the day +500yen)
Reserved seat 3,000yen., non reserved seat 2,500yen., student 1,500yen.

(C Program)
<Conducting and Talk> Shinji Nakamura
<Performance> Niibori Guitar Ensemble E Group, etc.
[Niigata] Public performance in Jouetsu
Dec. 18 (Sun.), Curtain Rise 14:00, Fureai Kan
(Others, Sponsored and performed in each area)
Kanazawa Public Performance
Dec. 18 (Sun.), Curtain Rise 13:30, Ishikawa-ken Music Hall(Large)
Nara Public Performance
Dec. 18 (Sun.), Curtain Rise 13:30, Nara 100Nen Kaikan
Okayama Public Performance
Dec. 25 (Sun.), Curtain Rise 14:00, Miki Kinen Hall
Niibori Guitar Christmas Concert will be also held in other places in Japan.

(NE Christmas Dinner Party)
<Conducting and Talk> Naoto Shibayama <Performance>NE
[Kanagawa] Dec. 14 (Wed.), Curtain Rise 19:30, Fujisawa, Live House N

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