Niibori Guitar Ensemble <NE> was determined to appear on stage of Guitar Convention sponsored by GFA as a guest! Public Performance on Oct.25,2005 in Oberlin,Ohio!

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

NE is going to appear on stage of Guitar Convention sponsored by GFA (Guitar Foundation of America) as a guest in coming October in U.S.!

GFA, the sponsor of this convention, is said to be the biggest organization in U.S. It is said to be Guitar Convention of members of a few thousands, including lectures, master classes, concours, concerts etc. and it is going to be held for a week from Oct. 21 to Oct. 26. It can be said to be the biggest event for members concerned with guitar meet together.

Lecturers and players are eminent members. Typical participants are Manuel Barrueco, Roland Dyens, Raphaella Smits, Stanley Yates, David Taunenbaum, Baroque Guitar players, Russian Guitar players, duo and quartet with violin and vocals and so on.

Here, profile of NE is introduced below.
NE, established in 1975, is the typical ensemble in Niibori Group, organized with elite members of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.) adding Ladies' Ensemble "The Dreamers" (BBC announced as "Daughters of Heaven" at that time), gave big impact to European Guitar Society by the first performance of orthodox guitar ensemble as Japanese at London, U.K. in 1974, and also adding members of men's top players' group "Solisten". Under the motto of "Serve good music to be your nourishment for your soul" advocated by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, the originator of N-method Guitar Orchestra, musical director and conductor, NE accomplished more than 4000 times of concert including domestic and overseas big concerts, appreciation of music in schools (from primary to high schools) (No.1 in quality and number of times in Japan), salon concerts, dinner parties and sometimes as volunteer concerts.

Preparing wide repertoires standing aloof from genre, NE has developed and studied musical scores, instruments and playing methods with Dr. Niibori.

Therefore, fully utilizing 27 kinds of guitars of each sound range by Niibori-method, NE has repertoires of classical music, original pieces of music, popular music and traditional folk music. NE has good mobility and it is famous in overseas by the name of Niibori Guitar Orchestra.

Overseas public performances were held in Spain, France, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Australia, U.S. (Hawaii) etc. and received highest appraisal for novel style of performance and heartily expression. Public performance in Poland in 2002, for example, audience gave explosive all standing ovation and breathed new life into East Europe Guitar Society to prepare special 'Japan-Day' at the training course in Poland in 2003.

Members of NE are not only performing but also working as teachers of Niibori Guitar Music Schools (Guitar classes for general public) in various areas in Japan and International Niibori Guitar Music Academy and Conservatoire. This time for the convention, they are going to stay during Oct.24 - Oct.26 and you will be able to have chance to ask about playing method for guitars of each sound range (Soprano, Alto, Bass, Cembalo guitars etc.).

Conductor will be Professor Kazuyuki Terada, member of NE and Chief in International Niibori Guitar Music Academy. Now he is in charge of No.1 concert master of N-Orch., soloist and conductor, obtaining high reputation and giving many public performances. Especially, in 2002 and 2004, leading the guitar orchestra organized with the students of International Niibori Guitar Music Academy to the public performances in Germany, he brought big success and you can enjoy this time.

Program is planned as follows.
(Program for Public Performance of NE in U.S.)
1. Foster in baroque style (Masaaki Hayakawa, arr. NE)
1. Old Black Joe 2.Open Thy Lattice, Love 3.Ring Ring de Banjo
Program will opened with the work of Foster, American composer, arranged in baroque style as 3 movements and played by simple guitar ensemble with N-method guitars of each sound range. Please enjoy sounds of pure guitar ensemble.

2. (Cembalo Guitar Octet)
Prelude from Suite No.4 for Lute BWV1006a (Bach, arr. Yasuko Kuroda)
Organized with 5 Alto Cembalo Guitars for higher sound range, 2 Prime Cembalo Guitars for sound range of prime guitar and 1 Bass Cembalo Guitar for low sound range, indigenous to N-method. There are 6 course single string and double strings in cembalo guitars and double strings will be used for this time.
Usual Cembalo is not be able to sound weak and strong, but Cembalo Guitars are able to sound weak and strong easily and sound qualities are also changed easily as usual characteristics of guitars. This time, players use thimbles with sewing needles to get the sound of cembalo. Sometimes it is played with bare fingers or using picks to get various kinds of sound.
This time, please enjoy magnificent and gorgeous sound with cembalo guitars.

3. 1st Movement from Flute Concert in D-Major K-314 (Mozart, arr. Hiroki Niibori)
Flute Solo: Yuko Koshibe
Using guitars of each sound range, it became possible to play concert with other musical instruments in natural sounding. As it is easy to express delicate nuance, especially these flute concert by Mozart brought high reputation in overseas also.

4. España Cani (Marquina, arr. Hiroki Niibori)
This is a passionate Spanish march and NE's traditional, popular repertoire.
Rasgueado in guitar ensemble is all exciting! Castanets, tambourine, snare, cymbals etc., percussions are added. Solo ad lib. of each Soprano Guitar, Prime Guitar and Bass Guitar is worth hearing.

5. Three Scenes in Japan (Masaaki Hayakawa)
1. Song (from ESASI OIWAKE) Lento 2.Drums (from GOJIMSHO DAIKO and ISHIKARI DAIKO) Allegro 3. Dance (from YAGIBUSHI) Allegretto
This piece of music was composed for NE. Each piece is composed by using old Japanese folk music in various areas as the motif. 1st movement is nostalgic one and it will be nice to use SYAKUHACHI, but flute will be used for this time.
2nd movement is music by drums and it will be played only by knock the body.
3rd movement is high spirited music. You will be able to enjoy scenes peculiar to Japan as title shows.

6. (Sextet by guitars of each sound range =DANROKU)
Jongo (Bellinati, arr. Masatoshi Taruishi)
Men's ensemble with Soprano Guitar, 2 Prime Guitars, Prime Cembalo Guitar with double strings, Bass Guitar and Guitarron. This Group uses NRM (Niibori Rhythm Method) effectively, and has repertoires of contemporary music. Unique performance is never before and their style fascinated audience considerably.
This piece of music usually played by solo and this time their performance will be worth seeing.

7. (Quintet by guitars of each sound range =Ladies' Quartet)
Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te (Donaggio, arr. Sachiko Hiyamuta)
Ladies' guitar quartet (2 Alto Guitars, Prime Guitar and Bass Guitar) plus Guitarron (played by a man) is the organization that will give the original sound of N-method. Warm, beautiful sound and rich musical sensitivity evaluated highly in domestic, of course, and also in overseas area such as China, Australia and Hawaii. You can entrust yourself to gentle sound of guitars and please enjoy familiar music.

8. Comedian's Gallop (Kabalevsky, arr. Hiyamuta and Niibori)
Marimba Solo: Nayu Niibori
Costarring marimba and guitar ensemble! Pleasant speedy piece of music!
Gorgeous technique of marimba is worth seeing. NE has many players can play other musical instrument and joke- 'guitar player can play any other musical instrument'- is easily believed by audience.

9. Gold Rush (Kengo Momose)
Electrical Guitar Solo: Kengo Momose and Masahiro Suzuki
Costarring 2 Electrical Guitars and Guitar Ensemble!
This is the original piece of music composed by Kengo Momose describing America in the era of Gold Rush. Niibori Guitar has been performed from baroque to these original pieces of music as electrical guitar concert frequently from 1990s. Building no partition for every things such as genre of music, various musical instruments, borders, races, distinction of sex and ages, 'Serve good music to be your nourishment for your soul' is the spirit of Niibori.

The public performance will be held in Oberlin, Ohio on the day before final day of festival, Oct. 25 (Tues.) at Oberlin Conservatory of Music and curtain rises at 1:00 p.m.

It is very rare for NE to play at concert of daytime, but participation for this convention was once turned down due to scheduling. Sponsor of the convention eagerly offered and requirement of guitar society made NE to participate the convention. Late determination made NE to play at that time.

We hope many peoples come to concert.

The year of 2007 will be the 50th anniversary of establishment of Niibori Guitar, and going to have public performance at Carnegie Hall with big organized N-Orchestra to send 'Message for Peace by Music' to the world.

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