@Monthly Harmony in 2002

JanuaryZoom up corner special "Impressive events of Niibori Group in 2001"
New Year's Greetings of president, Dr. Hiroki Niibori
New Year's Greetings from the faculty
New Year's Greetings from friends in and out of Japan
New Year's Greetings from staff all over Japan
New Year's Greetings from guitar orchestras
Dream Box
Special Topics for This Month in English
FebruaryLive Energy 2001, A decisive battle of brave warriors won a keen audition!
Hot & Great! Nagoya Citizen's Guitar Orchestra 5th Regular Recital
Hot news from The 9th Nara Guitar Festival
A Musical Break by Flute & Piano
The 37th Niibori Guitar Chandle Concert (charity event)
[Music Score] AME ~ Mizu to Hikari no Fantasia (Guide: Masumi Sato)
Special Topics for This Month in English
MarchDr. Hiroki Niibori received a plaque of recognition from The International Parliament for Peace Settlement at the UN!
Make a global start!! A general meeting of IGOA & NKG
Town concerts & New year concerts by students 2002.
{Spacial Feature} Introduction of Niibori Guitar Music Schools in Japan
[Music Score] FRERE JACQUES 'Sound of bells for peace' (Guide: Akiko Kawaguchi)
Special Topics for This Month in English
AprilThe 21 century model solo & ensemble concert GUITARISTUS NIPPON "Winter Edition" Salon Concert
Niibori Guitar Music Academy "Anniversary Spring Concert 2002"
Highlights of the Niibori Guitar Ensemble concert in Poland
Dr. Hiroki Niibori's special lecture in Maizuru "How to enjoy music for lifetime and how to make a heartwarming town"
"Concert that calls Spring by the Niibori Guitar Ladies Quartet" in Kamioooka CSN
[Music Score] NRM 14-01 2001 version (Guide: Michio Teshima)
Special Topics for This Month in English
May{Special Feature} This is the guitar academy for the 21st century!
Introduction to the 3 campuses
They're the new stars graduated N-academy this year!
Discussion by students of N-academy
Message from the graduates
[History of Rock'n roll] (Hideyuki Mizumoto)
[Electrical Guitar Lecture No.109] - Scale training (Satoshi Shishido)
[Music Score] HANA - Sumida river (Guide: Kiyomi Niibori)
Special Topics for This Month in English
June Special Topics for This Month in English
July Special Topics for This Month in English
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