The Niibori Guitar Ladies Quartet is one of the most popular units by the Niibori Method. A best selection book that collected its fascinating repertories were finally issued under the supervision of Dr. Hiroki Niibori who formed the quartet.

 Although it is called 'a quartet', it is a quintet including a man in fact. It consists of 2 alto guitars, 1 prime guitar, 1 bass guitar and 1 guitarron. The formation is the most simple but basic one by the Niibori Method. The beautiful sound captivated people's hearts all over the world, and people who enjoy playing the repertories by themselves are increasing.

 Music included in the book were carefully selected so that anyone can play them regardless the guitar technique level. It can be used as a primer of ensemble using a variety of guitars by the Niibori Method. Not only music pieces, the quartet members wrote useful advice about their own part. A story of how it was started and episodes of its international tours are also interesting.

 Next is Dr. Niibori's message carried at the top of the book as a preface.

<Dr. Niibori's message from the book>
Our long-waited music book has been finally published and I feel so released now. We've been requested such a music book by so many people and they have waited in expectation for the completion of the book so long time. I don't know such a music book although I've written 57 books. It's a fruit of lots of people's efforts and knowledge accumulated for years. All music in it were actually played on international stages many times, and loved by so many people in the world. Most of them we arranged for the quartet were all well-known music. Usually, musicians don't like to arrange famous music because it is very difficult to arrange such famous music better than the originals. But the staff made every effort they could do for a long time and finally the excellent music book was completed. I'm very happy that the day I can confidently introduce it has finally come.

 If I was asked like "what is the most beautiful sound in the world?", I would immediately reply "it's the guitar". Of course, the guitar I mean is the classical guitar we can play with fingers directly and resounds delicately. Chopin declared that "there's nothing more beautiful than the guitar" and "More guitars, more beautiful". I also would like to declare that "a ladies ensemble is more beautiful". However, the ensemble should be consisted of the prime guitar, the alto guitar, the bass guitar and the guitarron, of course.

 Before 2,000 B.C., human being had established the first city state in Mesopotamia with profound wisdom. Since then, the guitar has been loved by people as a musical instrument to accompany singers. It means that the prime guitar cannot create a perfect sound without mankind's voice. Therefore, it is so natural that the alto guitar, the soprano guitar and the bass guitar are played together when the prime guitar is not used for the accompaniment.

 And after long long years, we found if women play guitars with their lithe fingers and the rich guitarron sound wraps the graceful sound, so beautiful heavenly sound is created.

 Please take a look at how a woman's arms move when she runs hard. Then we easily knew the Creator has set a softer movement to her than man as far as she is not an athlete. I noticed that point and formed the quartet. Soon, I was surprised by the unprecedented heavenly sound it created making full use of good guitars and scores by the Niibori Method. After that, the quartet succeeded to obtain a great number of fans all over the world. Especially in China, hundreds million people were moved by the sound.

 This book contains all about the quartet not only scores. As if I present my treasure to my dear friend, I am sending this book out into society.

 In conclusion, I hereby express my gratitude to all members of the quartet who have played in it by today, and the Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra, the manager and staff of the editorial office. And I know to whom I need to say thank you..needless to say that's the fans of the quartet. I would like to say thank you everyone for supporting it for years from the bottom of my heart.

Part 1: Easy repertories (from the beginners)
"Oh, my darling clementine" (P. Montrose), "Der Ietzte Abend" (Germany folk song), "Reginella Campagnola" (Di Lazzaro), "The Old Folks at Home" (S. C. Foster), "Les Champs Elysees" (M. Wilshaw & M.Deighan), "Natsu no omoide" (Yoshinao Nakata)

Part 2: From the numbers of Richard Clayderman (from the intermediate class)
"Ballade Pour Adeline ~ Lyphard Melodie" (P. Senneville & O. Toussaint), "Coup De Coeur ~ Les Reves Du Matin (P. Senneville & J. Baudlot), "Triste Coeur ~ Mariage D'amour" (P. Senneville & O. Toussaint), "Lady Di ~ Nocturn" (P. Senneville & J. Baudlot ~ Chopin)

Part 3: Popular music of the Ladies Quartet (from the intermediate class)
"Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te" (P. Donaggio), "CLAVELITOS" (Spanish students' song)

There are numbers that included only in the first edition in order to a contract of the copyright. Therefore, it is recommended to order it immediately if you are interested in it.

BEST SELECTION of the Niibori Guitar Ladies Quartet by the Niibori Method
(Supervisor: Dr. Hiroki Niibori)
Price: 2,800 yen (excl. tax and postage)

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