A video tape with full attraction of the Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra was finally released. It contains U.S.-Japan international goodwill charity concert which took place in Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall in September 2, 2001. Last year, Dr. Niibori received a plaque of recognition for his outstanding contribution to bring peace through music from the International Parliament for Peace Settlement, which is a NGO based committee on disarmament at the United Nations.

  Since the concert was held as part of his work for world peace, the video tape was made to commemorate the recognition. We hope that lots of people all over the world watch it and form or join a guitar orchestra.

  It became a very rare video tape that shows a variety of attractions of Niibori Method at a time, so it must be a worthy one for people who learn the method. Also, it is interesting to see each conductor's individuality on stage.


* "Old Black Joe" in Baroque Style (Masaaki Hayakawa ~ arr. H. Niibori)
Conductor: Norihiro Uemura
Performance: Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (NPO)
  Fresh conducting of Norihiro Uemura starts the concert. Pleasant baroque sound and energetic conducting are suitable for the beginning.

* Flute Concerto op.10-1 &。 (A. Vivaldi ~ arr. H. Niibori)
Conductor: Kazuhiro Komatsuzaki
Flute solo: Yuko Koshibe Performance: NPO
  On grand waves by the large-scaled guitar orchestra, a boat of the flute dances elegantly. This performance proves how the guitar orchestra and the flute match very well.

* Passagio & Presto BWV996 (J. S. Bach ~ arr. K. Sasozaki)
Double prime cembalo guitar solo: Kohiro Sasozaki
  This number won unprecedented praise from local professional musicians when the orchestra held a concert in Australia. Enjoy a Bach music created by Kohiro Sasozaki, an expert player of the cembalo guitar.

* NRM "NAGASHINO" [ Prayer for peace] (M. Ishizuka ~ arr. T. Sugihara)
Conductor: Toshinori Sugihara Performance: NPO
  This number describes a battle between Takeda using horses and Oda using rifles in the Warring States period of Japan. The calm sound in the end expresses a prayer for peace after the battle. This is a masterpiece making full use of Niibori Method. You can surely enjoy it visually too.

* Electrical Guitar Concerto "Gold Rush" (K. Momose)
Conductor: Kiyoshi Koyama Performance: NPO
Electrical guitar: Kengo Momose, Michio Teshima
  The introduction makes us feel the atmosphere of the wilds in America. Soon, the banjo lets us know a start of a passionate drama in the West. Two electrical guitars, the African traditional drum 'Djembe', the banjo and the guitar orchestra play rock, Jazz, ballad and NRM. It is the original by a soloist Kengo Momose.

* NRM18-01 "Hymn of Shaka" (H. Niibori)
Conductor: Mitsuji Nishikawa Performance: NPO
  Especially the tone chimes played as walking through on stage are very effective to express the mysterious and religious atmosphere. A continuous fixed rhythm, chorus in shomyo (sutra) style and a variety of the Eastern and the Western drums invites you to a world of another dimension without noticing it. This is the original music by Dr. Niibori that exquisitely expresses the soul of Japanese and his prayer for peace.

* Variations on SAKURA (M. Miyagi ~ arr. H. Niibori)
Conductor: Kiyoshi Koyama Performance: NPO
Alto guitar solo: Tomonori Hayashi, Yasuko Kuroda, Hayato Matsuura, Anami Kato
  The composer, Michio Miyagi fused the Western music and a world of sober refinement, mellow and mysterious profundity peculiar to Japan in this number. The guitar orchestra plays the masterpiece more dramatically.

* Michelangelo '70 (Piazzola ~ arr. M. Taruishi)
Performance: DANROKU (Niibori Guitar Men's Sextet), Yu Xi-an (accordion), Yuko Koshibe (flute), Norimitsu Fukaya (cello)
  DANROKU is a men's sextet consists of the soprano guitar, 2 prime guitar, the bass guitar, the prime cembalo guitar and the guitarron. In this number, the accordion, the flute, and the cello join it and they present a very passionate performance.

* Begin the Biguine & ホeur Fragile (C. Porter ~ P. de Sennevill & J. Baudlot ~ arr. H. Kobayashi) Performance: Niibori Guitar Ladies Quartet
  This unit which consists of 4 women and a man, and the sound is called the starting point of Niibori Method. Light sound in the first half and emotional sound in the latter half fully show the real attraction of the guitar.

* Guitar Concerto op.30 1st movement (M. Giuliani ~ arr. H. Niibori)
Conductor: Hiroki Niibori Performance: NPO
Prime guitar solo: Mitsuji Nishikawa, Kazuyuki Terada, Terukazu Seto
  This is a popular repertory loved by fans for years. In the 2001 version, the triple solo was finally realized. Kadenz is worth listening to.

* Overture from Operetta "DIE FLEDERMAUS" (J. Strauss ~ arr. Yu Xi-an & H. Niibori)
Conductor: Hiroki Niibori Performance: NPO
  This is a very famous masterpiece of J. S. Strauss that Seiji Ozawa conducted Wiener Philharmoniker in the new year concert of 2002. On the base of the guitar orchestra sound with the viola da gamba and the string bass, a variety of musical instruments such as the flute, the synthesizer, the accordion and the percussion (the tambourine, the timpani, the drums, the cymbals, the metal phone) show brilliant performance. You will find another "DIE FLEDERMAUS" different from the original. Dr. Niibori's conducting is one of the highlights in this concert.

* Wonderful Morning (H. Niibori)
Conductor: Hiroki Niibori Performance: NPO
  This is a very popular number dispels all bad things. You will be more cheerful as listening to it.

* Hawaiian Wedding Song (King ~ H. Kobayashi)
Conductor: Hiroki Niibori Performance: NPO
  It was applauded by people in Hawaii so much. Gentle sound by the orchestra heels your mind. Dr. Niibori's soft and flowing conducting is beautiful.

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