New Year's Greetings

Hiroki Niibori

 From a Far Eastern small country with a plenty of green and surrounded with mountains, I sincerely send my new year's greetings to everyone all over the world.

 As you know, last year, a very sad event occurred in New York. I pray the victims' souls may rest in peace at first. I promise that our Niibori Group will go on our charity activities positively to contribute to fund-raising campaigns for them over years. Also, I swear that I will do anything I can do to return the earth in peace which is a duty of a member of a world-wide family, I believe. The postpone of our concert in Carnegie Hall was very disappointing and regrettable for me, but I still intend to have a concert in New York with my 150-piece philharmonic orchestra and ring bells of peace loudly to the world when the time is come. And, I would like to express my deep appreciation to people in America who supported our concert tour. It was very honorable for us that all members were provided a performance visa which is given to a national first grade musician only.

 One of the best news in the last year was that we received a plaque of recognition for our contribution to peace through music from The International Parliament for Peace Settlement. Today, it is needless to say that the most reliable and promising organization in the world is United Nations, and a committee on disarmament plays a very important role in it. The International Parliament for Peace Settlement is a NGO belongs to the committee. It was a very worthy and bright news for everyone who are trying to create a heartwarming 21 century.

 We have been working to serve good music to be a nourishment for people's souls for half a century, and the Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra and the Niibori Group reached the 45th anniversary this year. I developed lots of guitars and educational materials, but such a prosperity would not exist today without good workers with me. Fortunately, lots of talented people came to me and they've become excellent musicians under my direction. However, training conductors was especially difficult as a comprehensive musical abilities and suitable characters were required to be a conductor. This year, we are planning to have two commemorative concerts in Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall and show a result of my work for a long year. Under the direction of 14 conductors, veteran and fresh players will present enjoyable performance using a variety of musical instruments such as the piano, the flute, the cello, the accordion, the lute, the viola da gamba, the percussion, the keyboard, the Japanese drums, in addition to the original guitars. Not only masterpieces of all ages, we will play NRM (performance by Niibori Rhythm Method) and PLERA (player's opera = players themselves express music with their body action) which are very popular and attracting considerable attention in the world recently.

 This year, I would like to enrich special facilities to pursue our unique original fields more. I believe that it is the time we are aware of that music is "the best thing to unite people in peace" transcending borders among countries again. Let's proudly walk a way to "a world-wide family" together!

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