@Monthly Harmony in 2001

JanuaryZoom up corner special "Impressive events of Niibori Group in 2000"
New Year's Greetings & introduction of staff in 2001
New Year's Greetings of president, Dr. Hiroki Niibori
New Year's Greetings from Overseas and the faculty
New Year's Greetings from Niibori Guitar Music Schools all over Japan
New Year's Greetings from staff and freshmen
New Year's Greetings from guitar orchestras all over Japan
Dream Box
Special Topics for This Month in English
FebruaryA classical guitar museum was born in Ochanomizu where is the No.1 guitar town in Japan!!
"Guitar Gallery N" Grand Open Memorial Party
A German Famous Guitar Craftsman Kazuo Sato Guitar Lecture & Clinic
Dr. Hiroki Niibori Special Memorial Lecture "Two tips for the rapid progress!!"
Hearty communication with the audience, "An Enjoyable Guitar Evening" by students in the evening division of International Niibori Guitar Music Academy.
Special Topics for This Month in English
March Special Topics for This Month in English
AprilExcellent works by the top guitar craftsman showed at once!!
Recital by guitars made by Sumio Kurosawa
Composition lecture by Masatoshi Ishizuka who composed lots of NRM originals.
Luxurious music resounded in Guitar Gallery N
"Salon Concert by songs & Lute"
Viva new century! Niibori Guitar Ensemble New Year Concert
"A Great Musical Journey in 2001"
[Music Score] "Oka wo koete" (1) - (Guide: Masumi Sato)
Special Topics for This Month in English
May{Special Feature} This is the guitar academy for the 21 century!
A thousand pieces of orchestra by Niibori Method won the grand prix by NHK (National TV station)!
Nayu Niibori made a brilliant debut on TV!!
[History of Rock'n roll] (Hideyuki Mizumoto)
[Electrical Guitar Lecture No.101] - Scale training (Satoshi Shishido)
[My Guitar No.36] - Sascha Nowak (Germany)
[Music Score] "Oka wo koete" (2)
Special Topics for This Month in English
June Special Topics for This Month in English
JulyThe 4th All Japan Conducting Contest in Spring 2001
'Hiratsuka Concert Salon N' completion commemorative special lecture by Dr. Hiroki Niibori and Salon Concert & Party
NE special concert dedicated to new students of the N-academy
A splended evening of the flute and the guitar
Special Salon Concert by the world famed guitars
[Music Score] "Tirichiki" (a shining moon) from a theme of KIPUZOU (Reiko Arima)
Special Topics for This Month in English
AugustGuitar recital by guitars made by Yukinobu Chai, who developed a variety of musical instruments.
Special lecture by Dr. Hiroki Niibori "A shorter way to progress: Detour"
Niibori Guitar Piano course instructor, Natsumi Koga took responsibility for music of opera "Yu-zuru".
New oasises in your town! Five Niibori Guitar Music Schools were open simultaneously.
[Music Score] "Les Champs Elysees" (Waterloo Road) (Kiyomi Niibori)
Special Topics for This Month in English
Greetings from Dr. Hiroki Niibori
Program of the concert & program notes
Profiles of Dr. Niibori, the originator of the guitar orchestra
Introduction of conductors and soloists
Profile of the Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra
Member list
OctoberReport of the Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra Concert 2001
(U.S. - Japan International Goodwill Charity Concert)
Guitaristus Nippon 2001
All Japan Junior & Senior High School Guitar Festival
The Izu Nirayama International Guitar Festival & Summer Seminar
Guitar Manufacturing Seminar in Summer 2001
[Music Score] NRM "Sky drive" (Terukazu Seto)
Special Topics for This Month in English
NovemberBe a professional musician on the real live stage!
"Live Energy Audition 2001"
All Japan Conducting Seminar in Autumn 2001
Niibori Guitar Ensemble in Wakayama
"Pleasant Guitar Evening" by students of International Niibori Guitar Music Academy
"Evening of the Flamenco Guitar " by Hiroshi Iwao in Konandai Concert Salon N
[Music Score] NRM "Take Off" (Masatoshi Ishizuka)
Special Topics for This Month in English
DecemberA hundred thousand of people came together and N-group participated in for the first time, "Musical Instruments Fair 2001"
The 4th Niibori Guitar Orchestra B-group Concert, moved deeply the audience.
Full audience & heartwarming applause!! The 24th Niibori Guitar Orchestra G-group Concert
Nayu Niibori in a townsfolk's festival "Hayama Furusato Hiroba"
Guitaristus Nippon Salon Concert "Autumn Edition", raising in popularity year by year!

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