Yes, here comes the season of the Niibori Guitar Orchestra's main concert.

This time, there are two big news we'd like to let you know.

Firstly, the Niibori Guitar Orchestra changed its name to "the Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra". To tell the truth, there are many groups that are called 'the Niibori Guitar Orchestra'. For example, there are the Niibori Guitar Orchestra A-group, B-group, C-group, E-group, F-group and so on. If armature groups are included, more Niibori Guitar Orchestras exist.

Usually, the Niibori Guitar Orchestra means A-group which is the top professional orchestra and consists of instructors of the Niibori Group. This time, a word philharmonic' was added to the name. Why? That's because, for the past several years, lots of musicians joined the orchestra as a regular member to pursue the ideal sound. They specialized in the piano, the cello, the flute and the vocal music and got a diploma from music academies in the world. Some of them used to belong to other ensembles or orchestras. Dr. Hiroki Niibori believed that the sound of such an orchestra would promote world peace in the future through music, and he put his idea into practice.

Anyway, the new name is too long to use here, so we use 'N-orchestra' which is familiar with us.

Another big new is, you may already know though, the N-orchestra consists of 150 players will have a main concert in America on November 6 in addition to a concert in Japan. We believe that there are people who feel Japan is too far to visit for a concert. But a concert in America will take place in the Carnegie Hall in New York from 8 p.m. People who live in Manhattan is very lucky. Even for people in Europe, it is easier to visit New York than Japan. If you are interested in the concert, please contact the the executive committee of the concert in Carnegie Hall located in the Niibori Guitar Music Academy. You can get your ticket by mail.

A concert in Japan will take place in Minato Mirai Hall (large) on September 2 from 4 p.m. The Minato Mirai area where the hall is located in, is the best sightseeing spot in Yokohama now, and it is popular as a date course. There are a number of huge buildings with shops and restaurants. The sceneries are so beautiful. Before or after the concert, you can enjoy shopping and delicious food there. Of course, the acoustic and facilities of the hall are great! It is one of the best concert halls in Japan. Unfortunately, the Carnegie Hall is enough large for 150 players, but Minato Mirai hall affords all players to play on stage. Enjoy the large scaled sound created by 150 players in Minato Mirai Hall.

People who can come to the both concerts will be able to enjoy the sound in the formal orthodox hall and the sound in the hall designed by the high technology in Japan.

As the both concerts are charity, part of the proceeds and the money collected from the audience will be donated to UNICEF. If you hope to do something for the children in the world, please cooperate in the activity.

The program is full of popular, typical and attractive repertories of the N-orchestra. It is a precious opportunity for you to enjoy such numbers only in one concert.

The masterpiece of guitar concertos 'Guitar Concert op.30 1st movement' by Giuliani will be played by a double solo in Japan, and a triple solo in America with a special guest Yoshimasa Yoshida who is a graduate of the Niibori Guitar Music Academy and is active as a professional guitarist in Germany. And, 'Overture from Operetta DIE FLEDERMARUS' will be played as showing the new attractions of the philharmonic orchestra. The performance by 150 players must be marvelous worth to listen.

Moreover, the program contains an electrical guitars double concerto 'Gold Rush', a prayer for peace NRM 'Nagashino', the Men's sextet, the Ladies' quartet, a cembalo guitar solo and so on. All of them were most popular numbers in the past concerts. For more detailed information, please refer to our web page.

Concert in Japan September 2, 2001 (Sun) from 4 p.m. in Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall (large)
S: 7,000 yen / A: 6,000 yen / B: 5,000 yen / P (in front of the pipe organ): 4,000 yen / Students: 2,500 yen

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