N-academy spring regular concert in 2001 was held for two nights and it lasted for 3 hours and 40 minutes each day. A concert in Tokyo took place in Ishibashi Memorial Hall in Ueno on February 24 (Sat), and a concert in Yokohama took place in Kamakura Geijutsu-kan on February 25 (Sun). Each concert's programs were different. All players were the N-academy's students selected by keen preliminary screenings.

N-academy is an only educational organization for the guitar that has both a junior high school course and a college course in Japan. "N-academy" is a generic name of an educational foundation Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu campus), an educational foundation Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Joetsu campus), and U.S. foundation International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Fujisawa & Tokyo campus).
(Refer to April and May issues of this magazine in 2000 for details)

Each campus has a variety of courses, such as the classical guitar course, the electrical guitar course, the piano course, the flute course, the vocal course, the guitar manufacturing course and so on. Same with the other music colleges, a class specialized in is directed by each course's professional instructors. In addition to it, in N-academy, the orchestra class is essential for every students. And students voluntarily form ensemble groups regardless the courses and the grades.

For a long time, the players of the concert had been occupied by the classical guitar course students. But since two years ago, the electrical guitar course students have been increasing. However, they don't play rock'n roll on the stage. They play classical music by the electrical guitar. This time, "Courante" by Handel and "Spain" by C. Corea were played by the electrical guitars, and they were favorably received. We hereby would like to quote the electrical guitar course chief instructor Mr. Kengo Momose's greetings that was carried on the program.

"In the electrical guitar course, under the instruction of Dr. Hiroki Niibori, the students are learning the high artistic electrical music that can move people who are not enthusiastic electrical music fans. They learn beautiful pp sounds, agokik that doesn't rely on strong beats, and a variety of sounds making full use of the electronics. These are all difficult themes by the traditional ordinary senses in the electrical guitar field. Everyday, we are making great efforts to pursuit such themes based on the N-academy's studies accumulated for a long time..."

Their performance of this year fully showed their everyday's studies, and developed a new ground in the electrical guitar world.

At last, we would like to introduce Dr. Niibori's greetings which was carried on the program too. Please feel his philosophy.


Once, my teacher asked me "why do so many talented people gather around you?", and I couldn't answer it right away. After a moment, I answered that "If I work hard to polish them, they each begin to shine in spite of they are not all diamonds". Actually, I had spent enormous time, efforts and money to educate people.

In addition to them, very able people came to assemble in Niibori group these years. This year, graduates of 12 arts colleges and conservatories in the world and people from Germany, Austria, Italy, Australia, America, Canada, China and Taiwan took an examination to work at Niibori Group. Of course, lots of people who graduated from Japanese top-class colleges and universities for arts and music took the examination too. But in such excellent applicants, lots of people who learned Niibori Method succeeded in it and got jobs. Contrary to it, most of applicants who learned other guitar methods and specialized in rock, Jazz, popular music failed it. They were inferior in performance, dress, manner, speech, a common sense test, composition and so on. Also, people who specialized in the piano, the flute, the vocal, the cello, the clarinet, the bassoon came to Japan from all over the world to take the examination. Although we found so many extraordinary people, we didn't have enough positions for them and the examination became very keen.

Then, what kinds of applicants were rejected? In a word, they were "narrow-minded". No matter how they brush up their specialized fields, there's no meaning if they don't brush up their personalities at the same time. Otherwise, they can't be instructors who promote the heart-warming 21st century. If their study is narrow, their performance become small-scaled naturally. Of course, it is difficult for them to find a meaning of life through their work and to lead others with passion. Even if they started learning music when they were very young and went abroad to study music, they can't be the high-leveled instructor without a philosophy. Before being a musician, they have to awake as a human being on the earth. I believe that you will know the reasons that the players who learned in the N-academy are so warmly accepted in the world from today's concert.

In today's concert, students will surely show their fruits of everyday's efforts on stage with a proud as new leaders. Please enjoy promising fresh musicians' performances with a warm heart. I wish the great success of this concert from the bottom of my heart.

The photographs are carried from page 8 in this issue. Scores that newly composed or arranged for the concert will be carried in this magazine later.

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