The special feature article of this issue is the introduction of guitar music schools & citizen's guitar orchestras in Japan. Today, lots of citizen's guitar orchestras have been formed all over Japan, and this year, they are trying to invite other musical instruments players and singers to enrich their sound more. It will develop links of communication with more people and promote to make a world-wide family.

On January 24, there was an open discussion on a theme of "the guitar in the 21st century & the citizen's guitar orchestras" in Guitar Gallery N. In that, Dr. Niibori talked about the concrete way of promoting the citizen's guitar orchestras. So we would like to quote it here for you in the world.


At first, I would like everyone to enjoy a full-harmony sound created by three guitars that have the different ranges.

Because the natural sound human thought up is made of three or four voices. In a string orchestra, the formation consists of the first & the second violins, the viola, and the cello is the most natural and perfect sound. To apply the sound to the guitar, three guitars with the different ranges, for example, the 1st alto, the 2nd alto, the prime and the bass are suitable. It is ideal these guitars were made by excellent guitar craftsmen, but it will be difficult for everyone to have such guitars because of the financial reason. It was the problem. But now, guitars made by Niibori Guitar Music Academy are available. In the academy, under the instruction of famous guitar craftsman Mr. Saburo Nogami, the students learn how to make the guitar. And after their graduation, they make the guitar as professionals. They cut down the expenses, and made it possible to provide the hand-made alto guitars by around 200,000 yen. Of course, Mr. Nogami always directs them and he is responsible for their guitars. It resolved our problem, and made it possible for everyone to have guitars with different ranges and enjoy full-sound.

I have talked about three guitars with different ranges. And from here, our dream is spreading more. In the original guitars by Niibori Method, there are guitars that have steel strings. They are the cembalo guitar family. They take a part like the cembalo in the classic music, but it also can be used for a variety of music such as a contemporary music. One of the examples is the double prime cembalo guitar that Mr. Kohiro Sasozaki plays the Bach numbers as solo. If it plays the modern music or folk songs, the sound would be very vivid and impressive. I hope everyone to enjoy the folk and the classic both by the double prime cembalo guitar.

Another wonderful guitar we can be proud of to the world is the bass guitar. In this gallery, world famous guitars are displayed, but the bass guitar has the longest reverberations and the most romantic persuasive power of all. If you haven't played the excellent bass guitar or the double cembalo guitar yet, it can be said that you haven't known the most attractive guitars existing today, and it's a kind of tragedy. But in the another way, it can be said that the great way of enjoying the guitars you haven't known yet is waiting for you. That is the starting point of the citizen's guitar orchestras.


Next, we need good instructors to make a full-harmony sound efficiently. Instructors are required lots of things. They are required to 'sing well' to lead members pleasantly. And of course, excellent ability to conduct an orchestra is required them too. A full-harmony requires conductors very high level as there are lots of parts in a guitar orchestra today. Only in a high register located in the left side, there are the sopranino, the soprano, the alto 1st and 2nd, and solo parts. And each one plays complicated music. A conductor must lead and give appropriate signs to them. Of course, he needs to know detailed construction of the number very well in advance. To meet these requirements, very high leveled professional training as a conductor is essential.

But don't worry, everyone. Such a training is available at Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory and Niibori Guitar Music Academy today. The skills that a conductor is required became too high level to study by himself alone, but anyone can acquire such skills efficiently at the facilities, and additionally the certification and a position after the graduation are ready.

The last one is very important too. That is 'singing'. Most of musics were composed by a composer's humming. So, people who are not good at singing and feel difficult to keep the correct intervals and rhythm, will find difficult to go on playing musical instruments for a long time. Therefore, it can be said that a good singer has a plenty of potential abilities to be a good player. If you mainly play rhythmic music or a part, learning singing or the flute that need to make long tones will develop your musical expression more. Contrary to it, for a singer, a flutist and a violinist, it is important to learn the guitar, the harp and the percussion. It will surely make your musical sense a well-balanced, and enrich your musical life a lot regardless the music types. People who knew a full-harmony will be able to send a well-harmonized life at the same time. Such people's lives will be always fresh and meaningful, I believe.

What I say consistently is 'Know the world of full-harmony soon and get a great happy life'. And the shortest way is to join citizen's guitar orchestras and enrich the world you live now in together.

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