A video tape of "Niibori Guitar Orchestra Concert 2000" has been released.

The program contains lots of concertos with the flute, the piano, the accordion, the viola da gamba, the chorus and so on. It is natural for a wind and string orchestra to play with a variety of musical instruments. But for a guitar orchestra, its volume is rather small and it's difficult to keep a music balance when other instruments are added. However, the Niibori Guitar Orchestra introduced the percussion to play 'Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald' for the first time in 1969. After that, even the flute, the clarinet and the bass were added every time the arrangement was renewed. The Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE) has positively had joint performances with a variety of music instruments since it was formed in 1975 with 15~20 players. When it played "Japan Simpre Japan" in 1975, the cello, piano, flute, synthesizer, drums and chorus were added.

Then, what was new in the concert 2000? Till then, all other musical instruments had been played by guitarists (Members are challenging and dexterous) or guests. But in the concert 2000, musical instruments except for the guitars were played by each one's professional players. Niibori Guitar Orchestra were invited them as the regular members. Without them, it was difficult to play a music such as "Die Fledermarus" that required each musical instruments a very high technique. In this meaning, we can say that the concert was worthwhile for us.

We believe that this video tape globally will develop links of communication with music fans all over the world and is suitable for the new century.


* "Old Black Joe" in Baroque Style (Masaaki Hayakawa ~ arr. Hiroki Niibori)
Conductor: Tomonori Hayashi, Performance: Niibori Guitar Orchestra
This is a performance only by the guitars. Baroque sound begins the concert cheerfully.

* "Ciribiribin" in Baroque Style (Masaaki Hayakawa ~ arr. Hiroki Niibori)
Conductor: Mitsuji Nishikawa, Performance: Niibori Guitar Ensemble S (NES)
Please enjoy the fresh debut sound of NES.

* "Prelude" from Suite in D-major BWV1012 (J. S. Bach ~ arr. Kohiro Sasozaki)
Double prime cembalo guitar solo: Kohiro Sasozaki

- Concertos by the guitar ensemble and a variety of musical instruments -
* Concerto for Piccolo (M. Naudot ~ arr. Yuko Koshibe)

Conductor: Kiyoshi Koyama, Piccolo: Yuko Koshibe, Performance: NE
In the 2nd movement, the viola da gamba joins the orchestra. Enjoy NE & the piccolo player's superb technique in the 1st & 3rd movements.

* Concerto for Piano No.23 in A-major K.488 (W. A. Mozart ~ arr. Kiyoshi Koyama)
Conductor: Kiyoshi Koyama, Piano: Natsumi Koga, Performance: Niibori Guitar Orchestra
Warm and light sound by the guitar orchestra and the piano surely captivates you.

* Cavatina from Opera "Il Trovatore" "Quanto narrasti di turbamento" "Di tale amor" (G. Verdi ~ arr. Chiho Sugimura)
Conductor: Kiyoshi Koyama, Soprano: Chiho Sugimura, Chinatsu Yoshimura, Performance: Niibori Guitar Orchestra
Niibori Guitar Orchestra challenges orthodox operas. The sound of flute is attractive.

* Tango en skai (R. Dyens ~ arr. Masatoshi Taruishi, Naoto Shibayama)
Conductor: Fumio Iida, Prime guitar solo: Masatoshi Taruishi, Soprano guitar solo: Terukazu Seto, Performance: NE
NE plays a popular guitar solo or duet number in style of a concerto. Iida's conducting is dynamic and fun.

- Enjoyable ensemble sound by N-method -
* Recife Dos Corais (S. Assad ~ arr. Masatoshi Taruishi)

Performance: Niibori Guitar Men's Sextet (DANROKU)
Rhythmical and passionate performance by the young sextet. They effectively use the tree chime in prelude. It consists of one soprano guitar, two prime guitar, one bass guitar, one prime cembalo guitar and one guitarron.

* "Part of Your World" from Little Mermaid (A. Menken ~ arr. Kengo Momose)
Performance: Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet
Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet is formed by four women and a man, and the sound is called the starting point of N-method. The mystic beautiful sound fascinates you to the dreamy world. It consists of two alto guitars, one prime guitar, one bass guitar and one guitarron.

- Joint performance by the guitar orchestra and a variety of musical instruments -
* Wonderful morning 2000 (Hiroki Niibori ~ arr. Niibori Guitar Ochanomizu Ensemble ~ Hiroki Niibori)

Conductor: Hiroki Niibori, Performance: Niibori Guitar Orchestra
This number was basically composed as the second movement (Scene 2) of a symphonic poem "The God of SAI". Lyric was added by the Ochanomizu Ensemble. The clear chorus describes a composer's image well. The imitation sounds of birds, cuckoo and cow bells are very effective.

* Overture from Operetta "DIE FLEDERMARUS" (J. S. Strauss ~ arr. Hiroki Niibori)
Conductor: Hiroki Niibori, Performance: Niibori Guitar Orchestra
The guitar orchestra challenged J. S. Strauss's masterpiece. This is a memorial first performance. On the base of the guitar orchestra (incl. the viola da gamba and the bass), various musical instruments such as the flute, the synthesizer, the accordion, the percussion (tambourines, timpani, drum, cymbals, metal phone) show a magnificent performance. The sound which is different from the original is very interesting. Dr. Niibori's matured conducting is artistic.

"NIIBORI GUITAR ORCHESTRA 2000" LIVE VIDEO TAPE 6,000 yen (Excl. tax & postage)
CD will be released soon. 2,800 yen (Excl. tax & postage)

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