As in other years, the Niibori Guitar Christmas concert tour will be held in various parts of Japan.
  This concert was started by Dr. Hiroki Niibori so that audience and players enjoy guitar music together under the candlelight. The program which is full of our familiar numbers and famous masterpieces is approachable for anyone. As candles (imitation lights though..) are displayed on stage, it is known as "Candle concert" and has been loved by lots of people for 37 years. It was the first music concert that a conductor himself proceeds a concert as inserting explanatory comments to the program. The unique trial was very successful, and audience were increased year by year. Soon, it became a charity concert to express our gratitude.
  Recently, schools all over Japan that belong to the Niibori Group respectively started to hold Christmas concerts in their local area and it became a nationwide charity event. By the brilliant achievements, Dr. Niibori received the decoration of the 'International Arts and Culture Prize' by the Japan Culture Promoting Association in 1990, and 'Golden effective prize' from the Red Cross Japan in 2001.
  As we have informed, Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra concert in Carnegie hall was unfortunately postponed. But we would like to make donation for the victims in New York through the Red Cross Japan by this Christmas charity concert.

  This year, a main performer in the most of Christmas concerts is the Niibori Guitar Ensemble. Niibori Group employed musicians who learned music in overseas this year too. In program A (Tokyo & Yokohama), Mizuki Takeuchi who learned music in Germany for years and Arisa Ichikawa who learned music in Japan will take a part of piano solo and play the first movement from 'Piano Concerto No.12 K.414' by Mozart. A delicate pianist, Mizuki Takeuchi will play in Yokohama and a dynamic pianist, Arisa Ichikawa will play in Tokyo. To compare their performance may be interesting.
  A great tenor Takuya Mimura will sing the famous number 'White Christmas'. He is so versatile that he plays opera, has recitals and won prizes in concours. In program B, a concerto for electrical guitar based on a theme of 'Symphony No.9' by Bach will be played instead of the piano concerto. This is an original arrangement by Kengo Momose. His another work 'Gold Rush' was favorably received in a main concert in summer. He himself will play a soloist in Hongodai, Funabashi and Nara. Another soloist Michio Teshima is an electrical guitar player who played 'Gold Rush' as a soloist with Momose in the main concert.
  'Concerto in Do maggiore per 2 Flauti, Archi e Cembalo' is the first performance. Soloists are Yuko Koshibe and Mayumi Kubo who are raising in popularity recently. Basso continuo (thoroughbass) by the cembalo guitar family is very attractive. From the baroque series composed by Masaaki Hayakawa, 'Santa Lucia' 'Catari Catari' and 'I Battitori di Grano' will be played. In 'Catari Catari', a cellist Norimitsu Fukaya will present a heartwarming performance with the guitar ensemble.
  'Ave Maria' by Schubert will be played by the hand bells with the accompaniment of the soprano guitars. You may feel that the sound purifies your heart.
  Of course, pleasant Christmas songs will be played. Also, popular DANROKU and the Niibori Guitar Ladies Quartet will appear on stage. At the end of concert, people in a hall will sing 'Silent Night' all together according to the custom that has been kept for 37 years.
【Program A】 Conductor & M.C.: Kiyoshi Koyama and the others
Performance: Niibori Guitar Ensemble, other local ensembles, citizen's orchestras, Takuya Mimura (Tenor), Arisa Ichikawa (Piano, in Tokyo), Mizuki Takeuchi (Piano in Yokohama)
・ TOKYO: December 9 (Sun) from 13:30 in Casals Hall
{All reserved seats} S: 5,000 yen / A: 4,000 yen / Students: 2,500 yen
・YOKOHAMA: December 10 (Mon) from 19:00 in Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall (Small) {All reserved seats} S: 4,000 yen / A: 3,500 yen / Students: 2,500 yen

【Program B】 Conductor & M.C.: Kiyoshi Koyama, Mitsuaki Kubota and the others
Performance: Niibori Guitar Ensemble, other local ensembles, citizen's orchestras, Kengo Momose (Electrical guitar in Honagodai, Funabashi, Nara), Michio Teshima (Electrical guitar in Odawara, Mishima, Shizuoka)
・ODAWARA (Kanagawa): December 11 (Tue) from 19:00 in Minami Ashigara Bunka Kaikan (Small)
・MISHIMA (Shizuoka): December 12 (Wed) from 19:00 in Mishima Shimin Bunka Kaikan (Small)
・SHIZUOKA (Shizuoka): December 13 (Thu) from 19:00 in SA-RUNA-TO Hall
・HONGODAI (Kanagawa): December 14 (Fri) from 19:00 in Sakae Koukaido
・FUNABASHI (Kanagawa): December 15 (Sat) from 19:00 in Funabashi Shimin Bunka Hall {All non-reserved seats} Adult 3,000 yen / Students 2,000
・NARA: December 16 (Sun) from 13:30 in Nara 100nen Kaikan (Middle) {All non-reserved seats} Advance ticket for adult 2,500 yen (3,000 yen on the day) Advance ticket for students 1,500 yen (2,000 yen on the day)

< Other areas >
・OOMIYA (Saitama) in December 2 (Sun)
・JOETSU (Niigata) in December 6 (Thu)
・OKAYAMA (Okayama) in December 9 (Sun)
・TSUYAMA (Okayama) in December 24 (Holiday)

* Niibori Guitar Christmas Concert takes place in various parts of Japan. Please contact Niibori Guitar Music Academy mentioned below for other concerts.

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