New Year's Greetings

Hiroki Niibori

At the beginning of the 21st century, I sincerely extend my new year's greetings to everyone in the world.

At the end of the 20th century, human finally took a wall between the east and the west away not with weapons but with a power of culture. The light of 'a world-wide family' was surely shown in front of us.

The top leader that has been promoting world peace was a music field in fact. 'Do Re Mi Fa...' has been bringing lots of happy smiles to people with various ideologies, people with various school educations, the sick and the healthy, the infants, the young and the old, the poor and the rich and so on.

I developed a variety of unique original guitars, and formed guitar orchestras (I believe it's an epitome of the society), and perfected Niibori Method that enabled a guitar orchestra to play with any musical instruments. Guitar orchestras by the method can create the best moving sound immediately. We researched the method and worked hard to promote it in the last century, and established a system to succeed it as a culture to this new century.

Looking back on the long history, lots of musical instruments were born and disappeared. Why could the guitar survive for thousands years? The guitar has been nestled against human's breast, and sometimes it was called the instrument of God. It has been a treasure of the human and loved for a long time. That is to say that it was an essential musical instrument for the human. One of the keys that it survived was that it harmonized with any musical instruments and human's voice very well. The guitar orchestra is the most advanced style of the guitar that was improved to suite for the 21 century.

A concert held on September 3, 2000 convinced me my thought was right. The program was full of concertos which were composed in a variety of eras. Guitar orchestras played them with 1) the flute 2) the piano 3) the chorus 4) the percussion 5) the keyboard instruments such as the accordion and 6) the guitar family. Also there were performances in style of solo, ensemble, and orchestra. And five characteristic conductors appeared on stage one after another. The success of the concert was brought by a hard training that we had many times in a room with all members and conductors together. I feel very honored that they all secure their livings by International Niibori Guitar Music Academy.

The dreamy sound will resound in the Carnegie Hall in New York this fall, and convey a prayer 'The earth is a family' to the world. The world has reached the era of internet. I have a confidence that our ardent wish would be spreaded over the world much faster than before.

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