@Monthly Harmony in 2000

JanuaryNew Year's Greetings & introduction of staff in 1999
New Year's Greetings of president, Dr. Hiroki Niibori
New Year's Greetings from Overseas and staff
New Year's Greetings from Niibori Guitar Music Schools all over Japan
New Year's Greetings from instructors who made a debut in the Candle Concert '99
Dream Box
Special Topics for This Month in English
FebruaryTo take the chance of making your debut on the stage!!
The 1st concert on "Live House N" by Niibori Guitar Orchestra C-group
Niibori Guitar Orchestra B-group held a Christmas Concert
A Salon Concert "A Pleasant Guitar's Evening" was given by International Niibori Guitar Music Academy
Christmas Special Talk & Wine Party by Dr. Niibori
Christmas Party & Auction in Intenational Niibori Guitar Music Academy
Special Topics for This Month in English
MarchNew Year Commemorative NE Dinner Show "The Sound of New Spring"
Dr. Niibori's Open Lesson in International Niibori Guitar Music Academy
A Evening of Popular Music by Guitar Duo
Live Revolutions Leftovers
New Year Concert by students of Niibori Guitar Music School
The Niibori Guitar Orchestra Concert in Carnegie Hall was determined!!
Special Topics for This Month in English
AprilInternational Guitar Academy Regular Concert in Spring
Wonderful World of the Flute & the Guitar
Live House N Concert "Heavy Metal Special"
Brilliant Ensemble Evening by the performance of NE with the original guitars
Live Revolution Leftovers
Passion & Impression!! Evening of guitar concert by new faces
Professional Debut Concert by the graduates of International Guitar Academy
Special Topics for This Month in English
MayThis is the guitar academy for the 21st century!
Tokyo campus & Fujisawa campus, Izu campus, Joetsu campus
"National specialist" authorized by the Ministry of Education of Japan, "Bachelor of arts in music" authorized by U.S. Foundation, Conferment of the international degrees.
Text Book "Rock Guitar Text Book" (Rie Maekawa)
"New Instructors" Ms. Rainbow Marina & Mr. Abdollahi Arman
[Music Score] "Recuedos de la Alhambra" (Guide: Kiyoshi Koyama)
Special Topics for This Month in English
JuneN-academy Entrance Ceremony, dedicated to the messengers of touching music in the rilliant future.
The very best conductor was finally born!! All Japan Conducting Seminar in Spring 2000 & The Third Conducting Contest
NE celebrated with the beautiful sound!! "Kawasaki Concert THE 1st" was held to commemorate the establishment of the Western music section of Kawasaki Ward Culture Association.
[Music Score] "Tarantella of Noir" (Guide: Reiko Arima)
Special Topics for This Month in English
JulyAmanda Live in Live House N!!
Splendid solo & ensemble evening
N-academy athletic meet. Izu campus won the first prize this year again!
Renaissance & Baroque sound echoed in Live House N! "Masterpieces of Musical History" by songss, the lute & the recorder.
Guitar Festival Kanazawa in Spring
Nagoya Niibori Guitar School 8th Recital
[Music Score] From Musical "My fair lady", "I could have danced all night" (Guide: Kiyoshi Koyama)
Special Topics for This Month in English
August"Guitaristus Nippon" recital 2000 in Yokohama
The 91th Niibori Guitar Music School Recital
Highlights of Niibori Guitar Orchestra Concert 2000
Electrical guitar basic lesson (Satoru Shishido)
[Teacher of this month] Chiho Sugimura, Kouichi Ozaki
[Music Score] "Chicks" in Komagaeri 2000 (Guide: Michio Teshima)
Special Topics for This Month in English
SeptemberThe seething stages! The preliminary contests of Live Energy 2000 in Tokyo & Kanagawa areas are starting!
The guitar ensemble "KAKKO" gave a concert on the stage of "The Fantasy Garden" in Korakuen Night Festival.
A famous Songs' Evening, singing to the guitar.
A Fine Refreshed Beer Party was held by Niibori Guitar Ensemble.
Station concert & Kashiwazaki center's family concert
[Music Score] NRM "PARASITE" for spanish and improvisation (Guide: Noriyuki Tamai)
Special Topics for This Month in English
OctoberA Japan-Taiwan International Charity Concert was held by the Guitar Orchestras from our two nations.
Niibori Guitar Orhcestra Concert 2000
All Japan Junior & Senior School Guitar Festival
The Izu Nirayama International Guitar Festival & Summer School
Niibori Guitar Music School in Mishima Renewal Open
[Music Score] NRM "PARASITE" for spanish and improvisation No.2 (Guide: Noriyuki Tamai)
Special Topics for This Month in English
NovemberA countdown before the main election!! The Live Energy Audition Part 2
A welcome party to a famous guitar craftsman, M. G. Contreras
A series of practicing Niibori Method "Anyone can play the guitarron"
The TRULI Band First Live
Yoshinori Takeuchi Guitar Recital "Memories of California"
"A Fascinating Guitar Evening" was given at the Riverside Hotel in Okayama
[Music Score] NRM "Jomon" - Message for happiness - (Guide: Masatoshi Ishizuka)
Special Topics for This Month in English
DecemberHonolulu University new president inauguration special lecture & party
Full audience & warm applause!! The 23rd Niibori Guitar Orchestra G-group Recital
Beautiful sound resounded in his alma meter..., Yoshimasa Yoshida Guitar Recital
Excellent performance of Barrios's music! Masayuki Kato Guitar Recital
Non-stop passion! "CURVE" triumphant return live in Live House N
Kannai Niibori Guitar Ensemble showed a heartwarming N-method sound in Naka-ku Music Festival!
Special Topics for This Month in English

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