Niibori Guitar Orchestra's main concert will take place in Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall 'Takemitsu Memorial' on September 3, 2000 (Sun) from 1:30 p.m.

As we informed before, Niibori Guitar Orchestra will have a concert in Carnegie Hall next year, and this concert is a pre-event of the international goodwill concert.

The highlight of the program is the first performance of 'Overture Op.362 from Die Fledermaus'. It was composed by J. Strauss in 1873, and first performed in Theater An der Wien in 1874. As he is called 'King of Waltz', he composed almost 500 waltz and 19 comic operas. 'Die Fledermaus' is a masterpiece of operetta. Originally, operetta is a simple comedy. But 'Die Fledermaus' is a very high-quality artistic piece and became popular among the general public. Strauss included a variety of dance music which were popular at that time in addition to waltz. 'Overture' is a base music through the play and it is often played as a concert music.

In Japan, 'Die Neunte Op.125' by Beethoven is played everywhere in December. But people in Austria love 'Die Fledermaus' so much that annually go to watch it on the New Year's eve.

J. Strauss's music is full of his philosophy 'joy of life'. It coincides with Dr. Niibori's philosophy that Niibori Guitar Orchestra works hard to express with their music. Niibori Guitar Orchestra has played lots of music by J. Strauss on stage. Their repertory 'Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald', and 'An der schunen blauen Donau' played in a main concert last year were especially fascinated the audience.

To tell the truth, when 'Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald' was first played, Dr. Niibori already had a plan to play 'An der schunen blauen Donau' and 'Overture Op.362 from Die Fledermaus' by his guitar orchestra. But he decided the guitar orchestra was not sufficient and efficient to play them at that time, and has been warming over the plan in his mind for over 10 years. But last year, the cello and the flute were added to the orchestra and he finally played 'An der schunen blauen Donau'. And this year, 2 viola da gambas were added to the orchestra and his long-awaited 'Overture Op.362 from Die Fledermaus' will be finally played on the stage. It must be the first time to play this masterpiece in the guitar world. Niibori Guitar Orchestra has an excellent reputation as an orchestra that can play Wiener Waltz very well. In the main concert, please pay attention to the sound and rhythm that the orchestra will create under the direction of Dr. Niibori. Overture is a music that an orchestra can show their ability even if it's opera or ballet music. Please expect sophisticated performance by Niibori Guitar Orchestra.

Of course, the orchestra will play other attractive music in the concert.

Niibori Guitar Ensemble that is a crack unit of Niibori Guitar Orchestra, will play 'Concerto for Flute' by Monsieur Naudot. It is the first time for the ensemble to play his music. This year, a flutist Ms. Yuko Koshibe will join the ensemble. They will show cheerful baroque music and thrilling technique. The ensemble will also play a concerto 'Tango en skai' by R. Dyens. The soloist is Masatoshi Taruishi who is a leader of Niibori Guitar Men's Sextet. A conductor will be Fumio Iida. Niibori Guitar Men's Sextet will play 'Recife Dos Corais' by S. Assad.

Another highlight of the concert is a debut of Niibori Guitar Ensemble S (NES) that is consisted of young selected players. NES will play 'Chiribiribin' in baroque style by M. Hayakawa. A conductor will be Mitsuji Nishikawa who attracted considerable attention as a conductor of 'Chaconne'. They will surely show speedy high technique to our hearts' content.

Niibori Guitar Orchestra will play 'Quanto narrasti di turbamento' and 'Di tale amor' from Opera 'IL TROVATORE' by G. Verdi with soprano singer Ms. Chiho Sugimura and Ms. Chinatsu Yoshimura. With an international pianist Ms. Natsumi Koga, the orchestra will play the first movement 'Allegro' from 'Concerto for Piano in A-major K.488' by W. A. Mozart. A conductor will be Kiyoshi Koyama who is a matured conductor of the orchestra. Besides, a friendly baroque music 'Old Black Joe' by M. Hayakawa (conductor. Tomonori Hayashi), noble 12-strings cembalo guitar solo 'Prelude' from 'Suite in D-major BWV1012' by J. S. Bach (soloist: Kohiro Sasozaki), and more will be played one after another on the day. The attractive program will surely take your breathe away.

Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall 'Takemitsu Memorial' is an excellent concert hall with best acoustic for the guitar music and highly praised by world famous artists. Please enjoy the acoustic as well as the guitar orchestra performance.

Everyone, please do not miss this historic concert. We are looking forward to seeing you at the concert hall on the day.

Niibori Guitar Orchestra Concert 2000
September 3, 2000 (Sun) from 13:00 p.m.
Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall 'Takemitsu Memorial'
S\7,000 A\6,000 B\5,000 C\4,000 Student \3,000 (All reserved seats)

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