From August 4 to 6, a summer school will be held at Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory on a large scale.

This annual event is held by Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (president: Dr. Hiroki Niibori). Therefore the curriculum is constructed based on Niibori Method. Lecturers are all professors and instructors of Niibori Group, and a variety of lecture and an experience of full-scale guitar orchestra are available.

This event will take place in Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory and Izu Nirayama Jidai Gekijo. The conservatory is located in a summer resort area at 400 meters above and the magnificent panorama through the windows are so beautiful. In the daytime, Sacred Mt. Fuji and lots of mountains appear clearly in front of us, and in the night, innumerable stars cover the whole sky and lights of the towns in the foot of mountains move everyone deeply. In the conservatory , there is a hall called "Tarrega Hall" that was designed specially for the guitar music. It is wonderful to study or listen to the guitar sound in such environment. In the evening, concerts and a party will be held in Tarrega Hall, so the students will be able to enjoy night life too.

Well, let's introduce the curriculum for this year.

*** August 4 (The first day)***

* Special Lecture by Dr. Hiroki Niibori "What is the performance that moves people in the world" (13:00~15:00)
His lecture is very popular every year. With London tour as a start, he accomplished lots of overseas tours in world-famous halls in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Australia and so on. He lectures from his experience as a conductor.
* Elective Classes (15:30~17:30)
(1) English conversation class for musicians
(2) Classical guitar basic technique lesson "Quick Level Up by Niibori Method"
Group lesson according to grades (introduction, intermediate, advanced, instructor) that solves your troubles about technique.
(3) Electrical guitar basic technique lesson
(4) Interesting theory of harmony
Practical but easy lecture of theory of harmony with humorous.
* 'Guitaristus Nippon' Salon Concert in Izu (19:30~21:00 in Tarrega Hall)
Concert by 'Guitaristus Nippon' that is a solo performance group making full use of Niibori Method original guitars. You can enjoy professional guitarists' stunning technique in a hall with excellent acoustic.

***August 5 (The second day)***

* Special Lecture: You can play on the international stages! "Niibori Guitar Orchestra / Road to Carnegie" (Lecturer: Kiyoshi Koyama, 10:00~11:30)
Lecturer Kiyoshi Koyama is a concert master and a conductor of Niibori Guitar Orchestra. He explains about the audition of the members for a concert in Carnegie Hall in 2001.
*Elective Classes (13:00~18:00)
(1) The most advanced conducting method of a guitar orchestra
In the master class, the instructors are Kiyoshi Koyama and Tomonori Hayashi who are active as a conductor of Niibori Guitar Orchestra. Introduction class is available.
(2) Practical performance method of a guitar orchestra
Lesson that places importance on set pieces of this year's All Japan Guitar Concours.
(3) Original guitar solo performance course
Original guitars lesson according to grades. In Baroque-Renaissance repertories class, the instructor is Toru Sakurada who is an active lutist in Europe. After he graduated from Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory, he got his diploma from The Royal Conservatory in the Hague, Holland.
(4) Original guitar ensemble performance course
Besides the standard ensemble classes, Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet repertory class is held. The class's instructor is Kiyomi Niibori who is a leader of Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet.
(5) Rock guitar course (6) Jazz guitar course (7) Percussion course
You can be a super musician! Those are courses for electrical bands.
(8) Acoustic guitar course
instructor is Rie Maekawa who is a vocal of her band 'Kujira'. She writes words and composes.
(9) Piano course (10) Flute beginners course (11) Vocal course
Those musical instruments match a guitar orchestra very much.

***August 6 (The third day)***

* Elective classes (10:00~12:00)
(1) Original guitars performance method by top guitarists
Instructors are top guitarist of the Niibori Guitar Orchestra. They instruct NRM 'Valencia' that is a set piece of All Japan Guitar Concours, orchestra section.
(2) Solo & ensemble stage practice
Rerehearsal using the real stage. Representatives who have attended the elective classes on the second day can entry.
*Premium concert for the stage experience & Grand Guitar Orchestra Practice (18:00~15:00)
Representatives from the second day's program play on the stage, and the grand orchestra consists of all attendants play NRM 'Valencia'.
*Niibori Guitar Ensemble Salon Concert & Party (17:00~19:00 in Tarrega Hall)
A enjoyable concert in Tarrega Hall with the best acoustic for the guitar music to congratulate each one's completion of all curriculum. Attendance will enjoy a wonderful music, dinner, night view and pleasant chat at the same time.

Students who attend all curriculums for 3 days can get a certificate of the completion. Tuition fee for 3 days including lunch and concert fee is 45,000 yen. It is possible to attend only a single day as you like. If you need, we can introduce accommodations near the site.

Also, guitar-craft seminar will be held in Nihon Guitar Music Academy (Joetsu campus) on August 5 & 6.

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