This month, we pick up N-academy as a special article. In the last issue, we touched on this subject a little, and we've introduced it in detail in April and May issues of last year. Moreover, there is a web page introduces it so that we recommend new readers to refer to them.

This year, annual "New Face Concert" by the new graduates took place in Shizuoka on March 5, 2000. In N-academy, students have to play a concerto as solo in the concert, otherwise they cannot graduate. It is a graduation examination, and it is a debut concert as a professional at the same time.

On the last issue, we carried Dr. Niibori's message which he contributed to the pamphlet of N-academy's regular concert in spring. But this time, we introduce another message he specially wrote for the graduates.

Recently, Japan is getting rid of materialism and it is gradually said that the 21st century will be the times of heart. As having a glimpse of Japan after the war, let's touch Dr. Niibori's philosophy.


(From the pamphlet of "New Face Concert" by Dr. Niibori)

"Times of heart" means that people who relate with it should become a leader to make dreams come true.

Just 12 years before I established Niibori Guitar Music School, Japan had reached the end of the war. Towns were reduced to rubble, and lots of people were walking around to get a handful of food without knowing where to go. Music came from somewhere were so decadent that it accelerated a hopeless mood.

But, at the moment I thought "I will never die by the war! I can live!", I started making efforts to make my dreams come true. First of all, I collected broken musical instruments from everywhere and repaired them. It was at my second grade of a junior high school that I finally put the first operetta on the stage. In those days, I didn't have leather shoes, and cold muddy water flowed into my ragged shoes and it made my feet numb. A stoppage of electric current often happened and we studied under the candlelight. But everyday, every nights, I shed tears with joy of peace.

However, people who played music had been looked down on. Especially guitar music was often misunderstood and it was so hard to go on the way. I hoped that someday the real value of the guitar would be admitted and guitarists could walk proudly. One day, the first revolution happened. Kunitachi Music College gave attention to my new method and formally invited me as a lecturer after my 2 years of free experimental lecture. I worked hard without any complains to other piano and violin instructors who were apt to look down on the guitar. My lecture was gradually admitted and became a 4-credit required subject at last. I worked there for 25 years, and then I became perfect on an original method that was suitable for Japanese education at school. Beyond the traditional solo and ensemble music, I made up a guitar orchestra. I accomplished world tours and we received over 30 prizes and I was conferred the degree of doctor by 2 universities. I believe such achievements will be a trust, security and proud for the students and their parents now.

After I aged enough, I thought over carefully how I could let students and staff of Niibori group be able to have their dream with relief in aspects of art, talent and finance. As a result, I decided to contribute my personal assets to a nation so that it will be succeeded as been developed in cooperation with everyone. In this way, an educational foundation Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Joetsu campus), an educational foundation Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu campus) and U.S. foundation International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Fujisawa campus) were established. N-academy (a generic name of these campuses) is an only educational facility that has even a college course in Japan. I believe we can be proud of this fact. The guitar has the longest history and is an excellent musical instrument in the music world. As well as it harmonizes with any instrument, guitar orchestras by citizens will harmonize people's hearts and foster the times of heart. Through the guitar orchestra activities, people will understand and respect each another. And the leaders who make the dream come true, are making their debut here today. Everyone, you are the leaders of coming century. Fly high to your future.

Congratulations on your graduation.

In the concert, original concertos by the graduate were played one after another. The report of this concert and the graduation ceremony are carried from page 14 of this issue. Also, each campus are introduced from page 2, so please take a look at it. N-academy welcomes students from abroad. To introduce N-academy enough here is too difficult, so if you are interested in it, please feel free to contact it for details.

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