N-academy regular concert in spring was held over three nights this year. The first night was in Kamakura Geijutsu-kan on February 13 (Sun), the second night was in Ishibashi Memorial Hall in Tokyo on February 19 (Sat) and the encore concert in the last night took place in Live House N in International Niibori Guitar Music Academy, Fujisawa campus on February 27 (Sun).

N-academy is an only educational organization for the guitar, that has both a junior high school course and a college course in Japan. "N-academy" is a generic name of an educational foundation Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu campus), an educational foundation Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Joetsu campus), and U.S. foundation International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Fujisawa & Tokyo campus). (Refer to April and May issues of this magazine in 1999 for details)

This time, we'd like to introduce a message of the principal Niibori carried on the pamphlet of N-academy regular concert in spring here.

Nowadays, Japanese young people are said from the world that they are lazy in their studies, lack the moral sense and manners, and egocentric..."there's no bright future", even Japanese people think like that. Indeed, students who don't go to school and commit a cruel crime are increasing year by year. But we also know that is not able to say for all the young in Japan.

Everyone reading this magazine, please know their another aspect by reading Dr. Niibori's message.

(From the pamphlet of N-academy regular concert in spring)

"At first, I do apologize excellent parents for my impolite message as follows;

Recently I often hear that teachers complain like this "I found that parents are worse than children when I met them to discuss the problems of a student. They can't come on time and too self-centered." It may be the result that such parents were brought up in the society that places great importance on the academic clique after World War II. But the babble was broke up now and the sense of values they had were collapsed. From such social phenominan, some of the young are finding the real meaning of their lives and noticed the importance of creating a world-wide family. I knew that from the composition of the entrance exam, report of classes, and the test for employment over years.

They really started to think the future in the world. We the older have to show the way the young should walk from now and support them with warm heart. Words by politicians, mass media, teachers and parents are not enough for them. We must act by ourselves to show them the right way. We need to provide them a valuable experience for them. What I can do for them are, I think, to teach them how they keep promises, how to care the others through the activities of a guitar orchestra and music. The most important thing is to let them know that the others are also human as he is so. From that, they will know how to care the others and have a thought wishes world peace. Then the philosophy for the life will raise naturally in their mind.

Tonight is a compilation of students' work for a year. Students who didn't attend or late for a class by selfish reasons, or ran away from hardness, or didn't continue an intentional training, or spent much time for his leisure, can not appear on this honorable stage. Also they won't be able to appear on international stages in the future we are planning. Therefore, it is needless to say that students who won the right to play on the stage have not only a technical ability but a good personality. I believe they have enough possibilities to be a leader of people, the society and the world in the future. I can declare that they are promising people who are needed for the 21st century.

Moreover, the event of this year is a historic one. It is first time to have this event over three nights since the N-academy was established. That's a proof that so many artists were produced this year. At first, we planned an one-day concert as in other years. But till the last screening test, it turned out that there were excellent students much more than we expected and a concert in Tokyo was added in a hurry, but that was not enough, so we decided to have an encore concert in the base and center of Niibori Group, Fujisawa by the selected students at last. In the encore concert, a commendation ceremony will be held and add to the gaiety of their brilliant debut to the world.

Everyone who came to the concert, please encourage the new faces. And the new faces, try to show your best performance in your life. I hope you all appear Carnegie Hall with the Niibori Guitar Orchestra in fall of 2001 and ring the bell of happiness for the 21st century."

In the event new pieces and arrangements were played one after another. We'd like to carry the scores on this magazine later.

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