The live CD "Niibori Guitar Christmas Concert" (Candle Concert) that we introduced here last month has been finally released. It is the first time to release a CD from this concert series.

The homey concert series has been held for 35 years by 1999 without any suspend. It was started by Dr. Hiroki Niibori in 1966 under his policy 'Enjoy heart-warming guitar sounds and the world good music with players and audience together under the lights of candle'. Since that, it was held various parts of Japan during this 35 years, and has been loved by a great number of people.

The music recorded in the CD were selected mainly from a Christmas concert held in Casals Hall in Tokyo last year. In the concert, lots of fine new faces made a brilliant debut as a soloist of concertos. They were not only the guitarists but the flutists, pianists, and singers. Each one was a formal member of the Niibori Guitar Orchestra, and are active as an instructor of Niibori Guitar's schools and academy. We are sure that the listeners can enjoy various sounds by the guitars and other musical instruments. The CD proved that the guitar orchestra sound harmonizes a variety of musical instruments. It is a CD to develop links of communication with music fans. It must be worth listening to on Christmas day.


~ Classic ~
* Concerto for Piccolo in C major op.44/11 (A. Vivaldi ~ arr. H. Niibori)
I. Allegro II. Largo III. Allegro molto
Conductor: Fumio Iida, Piccolo solo: Yuko Koshibe (new face),
Performance: NE (Niibori Guitar Ensemble)
Enjoy the piccolo sound by a new face, Yoko Koshibe and an energetic performance by NE.

* Concerto for Piano No.12 K.385p, The first movement (W. A. Mozart ~ arr. A. Kawaguchi)
Conductor: Kiyoshi Koyama, Piano solo: Takako Amemiya (new face),
Performance: Niibori Guitar Orchestra

* Sarabande & Tempo di Bourree BWV1002 (J. S. Bach ~ arr. K. Sasozaki)
Prime cembalo guitar solo: Kohiro Sasozaki

~ Pleasant Christmas Songs by NE ~
* Jingle Bells '99 (J. S. Pierpont ~ arr. H. Niibori)
* Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (J. Fred Coots ~ arr. H. Niibori)
* Sleigh Ride (Leroy Anderson ~ arr. NE)
Famous Christmas songs by NE & the percussion, the flute, the recorder, and the accordion.

~ The accordion & contemporary musical instruments ~
* The Flight of the BUMBLE-BEE (N. Rimsky-Korsakov ~ arr. Yu Xi-an)
Accordion: Yu Xi-an, Synthesizer: Kyoko Momose, Drums: Nagamichi Kuronuma, Electrical base: Akira Yamamoto
Modern arrangement by a master accordion player Yu Xi-an from Shanghai. Highlight is his super high technique. All members belong to NE.

~ Electrical guitar & a guitar ensemble ~
* Concerto for Electric Guitar based on a theme of 'Simphony No.9' (L. V. Beethoven ~ arr. R. Blackmore ~ K. Momose)
Electrical guitar solo: Kengo Momose, Performance: NE

~ Merry ensembles by N-method ~
* Tango en Skai (R. Dyens ~ arr. M. Taruishi)
Performance: DANROKU (Niibori Guitar Men's Sextet)
This unit is raising in popularity these days. Their performance is rhythmic and full of passion. It consists of a soprano guitar, two prime guitars, a bass guitar, a prime cembalo guitar and a guitarron.

* Begin the Begin & Ceur Fragile (C. Porter ~ P. de Sennevill & J. Baudlot ~ arr. H. Kobayashi)
Performance: Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet
An ensemble consisted of matured four ladies & a man. Most basic formation by N-method. Delicate and beautiful sound is very attractive. They use two alto guitars, a prime guitar, a bass guitar and a guitarron.

~ Musical number by a song & a guitar orchestra ~
* I Could Have Danced All Night (Frederick Loewe ~ arr. H. Niibori)
Conductor: H. Niibori, Soprano singers: Chiho Sugimura, Chinatsu Yoshimura (new faces), Performance: Niibori Guitar Orchestra

~ A guitar orchestra & various musical instruments ~
* Japan Simpre Japan (M. Sonlucar ~ arr. H. Niibori)
Conductor: H. Niibori, Performance: Niibori Guitar Orchestra
A flamenco guitarist M. Sonlucar inspired the Niibori Guitar Orchestra and composed this number for it. In this arrangement, the piano, the cello (viola da gamba), the flute, the synthesizer, the percussion, and the chorus were joined the guitar orchestra and expressed composer's impression of Japan fantastically and magnificently.

* Silent Night (Franz Xaver Gruber ~ arr. H. Niibori)
Conductor: H. Niibori, Performance: Niibori Guitar Orchestra
All members played musical instruments each one specialized in. The heart-warming sound is suitable for the last number of this CD. Dr. Niibori's comment are included.


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