In August 2000, 'The Guitar Orchestra' vol.4 has been issued. Contributors of this magazine are top players and instructors of the Niibori Guitar Orchestra, or members of International Niibori Guitar Orchestra Association (IGOA) who are active in various places in Japan. Therefore, it contains hottest news about guitar orchestras by Niibori Method. It is written in Japanese and English to introduce our know-how to people all over the world.

The first issue in 1997 introduced 'Guitar orchestras and the conductors in the world', 'What is contemporary guitar orchestra?', 'Profile of Dr. Hiroki Niibori, originator of a guitar orchestra', 'Guitar orchestra world's 40 years of great historic story tracing by photographs', 'About Niibori Method watched by all the world now', 'Advice to study Niibori Method in Japan', 'text books, music scores, video tapes and CDs for a guitar orchestra' and so on.

The second issue in 1998 was a special edition for conductors, and focused on the conductors of a guitar orchestra.

The third issue in 1999 reported a history of the Niibori Guitar Orchestra in detail in English.

Well, the new issue vol.4 was issued as a special edition for the alto guitar. Regarding the alto guitar, text books, score books and magazines have been published in Japanese, but there was no book like this magazine that contains precious literatures in English. Dr. Niibori who is an originator of the alto guitar, Prof. Toshio Matsumoto who is a vice president of Niibori Guitar Music Academy and a member of the alto guitar development project, and famous guitar craftsmen Mr. Saburo Nogami and Mr. Manuel Contreras contributed interesting essays at the beginning of the magazine.

It is also the first time to report the discussion on the theme of the alto guitar. In the discussion, Dr. Niibori and guitar instructors and a guitar craftsman talked with enthusiasm about lots of dreams, achievements and applications regarding the alto guitar.

For people who will purchase and start learning how to play the alto guitar, 'A guide to alto guitar' is highly recommended. Prof. Matsuji Nishikawa who is a top alto guitar player of the Niibori Guitar Orchestra teaches how to turn, play and practice the alto guitar in detail.

Also, 'a guide of text books and music scores for a guitar orchestra', and 'a guide of video tapes and CDs by Niibori Guitar Orchestra' are carried at the last of the magazine, so please make full use of them.

'The Guitar Orchestra' magazine wishes to comply to the requests of readers. We look forward to your opinions and comments.

'The Guitar Orchestra' vol.4 1,000 yen (1,200 yen incl. tax)
Postage to your country per a copy
Oceania, North America, Central America, Europe - 600 yen
Asia, South America, Africa - 470 yen


As in other years, the Niibori Guitar Christmas concert tour will be held in various parts of Japan. This concert series has been started by Dr. Hiroki Niibori 36 years ago to make people get close to music. It was the first music concert that a conductor himself progressed a concert as inserting explanatory comments to the program. Music loved by people and famous masterpieces are played so that people who come the concert first can enjoy the concert.T

Especially in the A program (Tokyo & Yokohama), the Niibori Guitar Orchestra and lots of stars will appear on stage one after another. This time, 'Ave Maria' (Giulio Caccini) will be first played by chorus and the guitar orchestra. And it would be enjoyable that Kengo Momose's original 'Gold Rush' played by 2 electrical guitars and the guitar orchestra. Also, comply with audience's request, 'Overture Op.362 from Die Fledermaus' that was popular at the main concert will be played by Dr. Niibori's conducting again.

This concert can be enjoyed by from children to the aged. Please come to the concert and make an unforgettable memory on the Christmas. (Refer to page 10~)

* A program

Conductor & M.C. : Hiroki Niibori, Kiyoshi Koyama, Mitsuji Nishikawa, etc. Performance: Niibori Guitar Orchestra, Niibori Guitar Ensemble, DANROKU, etc.
Concert in Yokohama
December 13 (Wed) 19:00~ Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall (small) Reserved seats \4,500
Non-reserved seats for adults \3,500 (On the day \4,000)
Non-reserved seats for students \2,000 (On the day \2,500)
Concert in Tokyo (Evening time)
December 17 (Sun) 18:00~
Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall [Takemitsu Memorial]
All reserved seats S\5,500 A\4,500 B\3,500 Students \2,500

* B program

Concert in Tokyo (Day time)
Citizen's guitar orchestras will appear on stage! December 17 (Sun) 14:00~
Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall [Takemitsu Memorial]
All non-reserved seats
Adults \3,000 (On the day \3,500) Students \2,000 (On the day \2,500)

* C program

Fresh Guitar Ensemble NES will present enjoyable performances!!
Conductor & M.C. : Mitsuji Nishikawa, etc.
Performance: Niibori Guitar Ensemble S-group , etc.
Kamioooka December 5 (Tue) 19:00~
Shizuoka December 7 (Thu) 19:00~
Odawara December 14 (Thu) 19:00~
Mishima December 15 (Fri) 19:00~
All non-reserved seats Adults \3,000 (On the day \3,500)
Students \2,000 (On the day \2,500)
Kawasaki December 6 (Wed) 19:00~
All non-reserved seats Adults \2,500 Students \1,500
Kiyoshi Konoyoru-no Sato Concert
Conductor & M.C. : Kiyoshi Koyama, etc.
Performance: Niibori Guitar Orchestra group, etc.
December 10 (Tue) 13:30~ Niibori Memorial Hall (Joetsu)
All non-reserved seats Adults \2,500 (On the day \3,000)
Students \1,500 (On the day \2,000)
Concert in Kanazawa
Dr. Niibori's special lecture 'Hints for your better life & a story of the candle concert'
Guest performance: Niibori Guitar Orchestra group
December 10 (Tue) 12:15~ Shimin Bunka Hall (large) in Kanazawa
All non-reserved seats Adults \4,000 Students \2,000

* Niibori Guitar Christmas Concert Tour will be held in Nagoya, Nara, Okayama, and all over Japan.

* Christmas special event
NE Christmas Party 'Goodbye the 20th century'
December 6 (Wed) 19:00~ Live House N
\5,000 (incl. dinner)
Performance: Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE)

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