The Niibori Guitar Orchestra built a bridge of peace beyond borders! Tears and applause! Musical messages by students in both countries moved the audience deeply.

On September 27, the Taichung City Children's Guitar Rhythmic Orchestra and the International Niibori Guitar Music Academy Guitar Orchestra held an international goodwill charity concert in Oota-kumin Hall 'Aprico' in Tokyo.

By a great earthquake in Taiwan which occurred on September 21 of 1999, Taiwan was heavily damaged. Over 2,000 people died and over 10,000 people were injured, and more than 100,000 houses collapsed. The central part of Taiwan where was the base of the Taichung City Children's Guitar Rhythmic Orchestra, was damaged most.

Mr. Horng Tzytian who is a musical director of the orchestra, studied Niibori Method in International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (ex. Nihon Guitar Music Academy, whose president was Dr. Hiroki Niibori), and after his graduation, he went back to Taiwan and established a guitar school and formed guitar orchestras. Especially the Taichung City Children's Guitar Rhythmic Orchestra consists of from 9 year-old children to a high school students, successfully received lots of prizes in concours in and out of Taiwan. However, after the earthquake, the inside of a building they had used for their training was broken to pieces, and a half of the members lost their houses.

Japanese rescue party that experienced a Hanshin Awaji great earthquake, immediately rushed to Taiwan and did rescue operations. Three days after the earthquake, Mr. Horng visited Tokyo as a judge of a concours. At that time, he saw Japanese collecting contributions for Taiwan everywhere. As soon as he arrived a building of International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (a headquarters of International Guitar Orchestra Association), he received lots of words of encouragement and a contribution.

Mr. Horng was moved so much and decided to express his gratitude someday. And in cooperation with International Niibori Guitar Music Academy, this concert came true.

The Taichung City Children's Guitar Rhythmic Orchestra lost a half of the members after the earthquake, but it almost restored till the day. Their excellent performance didn't make us feel that a half of them were new members from last October. Their united breathing was amazing. In the first half of the concert, the Taichung City Children's Guitar Rhythmic Orchestra played Taiwan's traditional numbers such as "Tian Hei Hei" and "Xi-Hu's Spring". The climax was "Wish to bring back our Taiwan after the earthquake 9.21" that was composed by Mr. Horng for the concert. The first movement was "Call to the victims", and he expressed his sympathy with sentimental melody. At that time, by Mr. Horng's appeal, the audience all stood up and offered a moment of prayer for the victims. The second movement was rhythmical music that expressed their strong will for reconstruction, and the third movement was a pure music to pray for coming happy and peaceful days. At last, he said loudly that "No more war, we want peace", and played the last number "For the peace of our two nations".

In the latter half part of the concert, students of Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory and International Niibori Guitar Music Academy played original numbers. A player shouted "Cheer up, everyone in Taiwan!" on stage before performance.

And Mr. Yu Xi-an who came from Shanghai and was a member of the Niibori Guitar Orchestra, played an accordion solo.

The highlight of the concert was "Wonderful morning" composed and conducted by Dr. Niibori. It was played by all players there on the day. Every Japanese shouted "Cheer up, Taiwan!" in Chinese to the music. The hall was full of applause, and there were people who even shed tears. On the day, the contribution to Taiwan was collected a lot and it was given to Mr. Horng. Later, the contribution and the profits of the concert were passed to Taichung city.

On the day, a presentation ceremony was preceded the concert. In the ceremony, the delegate of Taipei China-Japan Economical Culture Office sent a letter of appreciation from the executive Yuan of the Republic of China and Taichung city government to Dr. Niibori, a representative of a Japan rescue party in Kansai, Mr. Kazuhito Oosawa a president of Japan Junior Guitar Education Association, and Mr. Shiro Arai a president of Japan Guitar Association (JGA). And Dr. Niibori presented Mr. Horng the alto guitar and text books and contribution.

By the appeal of Mr. Kiyoshi Koyama who was a chief of Niibori Guitar Music Academy overseas dept., the concert was well advertised through major papers, TV and radio. The result will be reported in guitar and music magazines.

This concert surely became an unforgettable event not only for the audience but for students in both countries. It is not so far future that some of them will form guitar orchestras and contribute to World peace. We sincerely wish that the 21st century would be a century full of love and peace.


The Niibori Guitar Orchestra Main Concert 2000 that we picked up in August issue, was so successful and new attempts were announced one after another. And the video tape that recorded the impressive performance will be on sale soon. The fusion by the guitars and other musical instruments is very interesting to listen. Details are announced here later.


On October 16, 2000 (Mon.) from 17:00~20:30 at Capitol Tokyu Hotel, Pearl room, a lecture by the vice president of Honolulu University, Dr. Arthur Yamada and a lecture by the president, Dr. Lee Gladden will be held. Dr. Yamada's theme is "Educational revolution in the 21st century with the global view points", and Dr. Gladden's theme is "Sense of values of human in the 21st century and the necessity of music". For people who are interested in the education, they are highly recommended.

After the lectures, with the vice president and the president, a commemorative party and the first meeting of the alumni association of Honolulu University will be held. The Niibori Guitar Orchestra will play a commemorative performance. Party fee is \18,000. Anyone will be welcomed. For more information, please contact below.

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