New Year's Greetings

Hiroki Niibori

I sincerely thank you that we can greet a memorable new year of 2000 in peace with everyone in the world.

Nowadays, the earth is full of severe trials, sadness and heartlessness. However, I have a confidence that human being's profound wisdom will surely excel them as the same as ever.

Today, people on the earth have not been a family yet. But the language called music that the infant can use at ease has already started creating a worldwide family. Let's think about this again in this fresh and memorable morning and walk this way together with proud.

We have a method to make everyone on the earth a family. That is a "citizen's guitar orchestra" that takes root the communities.

Why a citizen's guitar orchestra can do such a great thing? That's because the guitar has been nested against people's breast and walking with people's chorus, wish and dreams before Christ. I developed the guitar that children can play at ease, I developed the guitar that people with weak hands can play at ease, and I developed the guitar that very tall and strong men can play to his heart's content. The guitar family I developed reached 24 types, but they can be played with only one method of playing. As you are the unique existence on the earth, each type of the guitars is the unique existence and has an important part in a guitar orchestra. Moreover, when they unite with each another in sound, they become a family beyond the boarders. I believe that to bring up citizen's guitar orchestras in the world is the very my mission and wish.

Performance, education, composition, books and facilities are all for the enrichment of the citizen's guitar orchestras as promoting the people's communication. And the sound created in cooperation with each other, plants a wish for a peach in everyone's heart. People can find even a meaning of their lives in music.

I have a dream of sending a guitar orchestra sound from Carnegie Hall in 2001. I wish your New Year is peaceful and prosperous in conclusion, and end my New Year's greetings.

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